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  1. Hello, earlier this year we privately purchased a 2018 Swift Quattro EB. Last month I took it to our local dealer (who supplied the van new to the person we purchased it from) for the 1st annual service to keep within the warranty. Amongst some other bits we asked them to fix the entrance door. When the van is locked (from the outside or inside) if you pull on the outside handle afterwards the door will pop open a crack, allowing the door limited freedom but still on the catch.This was disconcerting for us and obviously not fully secure, the slight gap will be enough to slip a knife or somethingto jemmy the door completely open. I wanted to load a video but the size limit on attachments doesn't allow it. When you try to open any locked door there should be no movement at all and it should hold fast. However when I raised this with the dealer he shook his head and declared it is a known design fault in Swifts and nothing could be done to fix it. He insisted that all of the new Swifts in his dealership were the same. I was a bit incredulous at this but gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought I'd do a bit of 'home research'. Has anyone else come across this issue and if so was it fixed? Many thanks.
  2. Thanks Stevan, the hose is definitely fully submerged and I can't hear any obvious air leak. The latter is probably less likely because of the age of the van?
  3. New van (to us) and we are on site in Cornwall. I have attached pump to housing and other end in water barrel (please see pics). When I switch on the pump via the control panel I can hear the onboard flo-jet whirring round but no water! No water is being sucked up from the water barrel and there is no noise from the filter to suggest water is being sucked either... I'm sure I'm missing something obvious (!) any ideas please? Very many thanks
  4. Hi all, first post and looking for recommends please. We plan to upgrade our 1990s compass to a new fixed bed model but have been struck with how few manufacturers appear to cater for taller caravanners (I'm 6' 2"). Any other lofty members out there who have found their perfect caravan bed? Many thanks.
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