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  1. Many thanks to you all appreciate your help I’ll give Alde a phone tomorrow 😉
  2. Hi and thanks , yes I’m still using boost icon but nothing seems to work it just clicks on then clicks off straight away Thanks JTQ it has to go back for work in may so if I can’t sort it before the dealers will hopefully sort it just a pain as we can’t use shower
  3. Thanks for your answers, when I first got the van the water lasted a lot longer than it does now only lasts 2’half mins in the shower mixed with cold water ,It used to be enough for two of us to shower not enough for one now
  4. Hi all I own a swift conqueror 570 2011 and have been having problems with the hot water it’s got the Alde 3010 heating system in it . The only way I get a short amount of hot water is by the electric boiler once gone it takes 25-30 mins to heat up nothing works on the boost at all fuses ok , but sound like it clicks on then off , hopefully someone can help many thanks
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