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  1. Just been on a site where there was no toilet or shower facilities. Therefore for the first time ever - we used our on-board toilet to its full potential !!! About halfway through our holiday - the following happened ........ Removed the Dometic Saneo Toilet Cassette to transport it to the Chemical Waste for disposal. Started to wheel it across the gravel road using the integral extendable handle. Suddently one of the wheels collapsed and the contents started to poor out of the hole in the tank onto the gravel road. This was followed by a little bit of swea
  2. We have the same Fridge Freezer in our Coachman Laser. Just submitted a Product Support Request to Dometic - but no reply yet. Freezer compartment has an iceberg forming after only 2 weeks of use. Door appears to open / close OK but there is obviously something wrong. Another issue that you may have noticed is that the water is constantly dripping from the defrost pipe and running down the outside of the caravan, Considering that this fridge freezer costs in excess of £2000 I am not happy with its performance !! Hopefully Dometic will come up
  3. Blind replaced on the rooflight above the bed last October. Guess what !!! holes appearing in the one above the living area now. I was on a site last weekend and a guy with a 2019 VIP has also had one of his blinds replaced due to holes in the material. I am going to contact Coachman Customer Services to see if I can have the existing ones replaced with the pleated ones.
  4. 2019 Laser 675 - one of ours fell off too. Cheap and nasty rubbish. Just one of many minor issues with our caravan. It seems that every time we go away on a trip we find another problem.
  5. Cannot understand why Coachman carry on fitting these blinds when it must be a pain to be constantly replacing them under warranty . Still plan to change mine for the pleated type if I can.
  6. Dave Still trying to get this problems sorted. Up to now have had the battery charger replaced and the leisure battery replaced but I am still having problems with the battery charger fan cycling on and off. Last time I took the caravan back to the dealer for investigations they took some power draw readings to supply to BCA (The PDU manufacturer). I am still waiting for feedback from the dealer as to the outcome of these investigations. Apparently BCA tried to claim that this cycling on and off is normal. Don't accept this at all. Will be contacting the dealer th
  7. Same thing happened to the bathroom door on my new Laser. Luckily I was able to repair with superglue but not sure how long it will last.
  8. Benny Have you changed your blinds for the pleated ones? Asked the dealer this morning if it would be possible to replace the damaged flat blind with a pleated one, but he told me that under the warranty Coachman will only replace like for like I will Talk to my local caravan medic to see if replacing the blind is a possibility Gary
  9. I own a Coachman Laser 675 (2019) and in general I am pleased with the quality of the caravan apart from one annoying thing. According to the Coachman brochure / website the rooflights fitted to Coachman Laser's are called Dometic Midi Heki. These are fitted with a light grey coloured flat blackout blind made from a very flimsy material. A few weeks ago I noticed that very small holes were appearing in the rooflight above the bed. These appear to be getting worse and I suspect something in the mechanism is causing these holes to appear. Tomorrow the caravan is going back to the dealer to hope
  10. Thanks for the posts Sent the mp3 file to the dealers so that they can hear what is happening with the charger fan
  11. I have added a short sound file to let anyone who is interested hear the noise the charger fan is making. Charger Fan Noise.mp3
  12. Brecon Thanks very much for your response, the information that you have provided is very useful (and interesting). Will be getting back in touch with the dealer to see if I can get this issue sorted. Off to Cornwall for a couple of weeks, hopefully it won't cause us any problems until I get chance to Talk to the dealer. Sounds like this problem is not specific to my caravan (or other Coachman models) and is a bit of a design fault!! Gary
  13. Brecon Thanks for your reply. I can appreciate that what you are saying is correct, but this fan issue starts immediately I switch on the lights and the stopping and starting of the fan is every couple of seconds. The technician told me that the fan was there to keep the charger cool, but it's strange that this cycling happens when I turn the lights on and off. Gary
  14. Recently purhased a 2109 Laser 675 and I am delighted with it, but....I have a fault that others may have experienced. When I switch on all of the lights in the lounge area I start to hear a fan within the power supply unit constantly stopping and starting. If I switch on all caravan lights the fan then runs constantly, Contacted the dealer and they sent a technician out who determined the fan was faulty and replaced it with a new one. The techician informed me that the fan is to keep the battery charger cool. This appeared to have fixed the fault but noticed this week
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