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  1. Thanks for the posts Sent the mp3 file to the dealers so that they can hear what is happening with the charger fan
  2. I have added a short sound file to let anyone who is interested hear the noise the charger fan is making. Charger Fan Noise.mp3
  3. Brecon Thanks very much for your response, the information that you have provided is very useful (and interesting). Will be getting back in touch with the dealer to see if I can get this issue sorted. Off to Cornwall for a couple of weeks, hopefully it won't cause us any problems until I get chance to Talk to the dealer. Sounds like this problem is not specific to my caravan (or other Coachman models) and is a bit of a design fault!! Gary
  4. Brecon Thanks for your reply. I can appreciate that what you are saying is correct, but this fan issue starts immediately I switch on the lights and the stopping and starting of the fan is every couple of seconds. The technician told me that the fan was there to keep the charger cool, but it's strange that this cycling happens when I turn the lights on and off. Gary
  5. Recently purhased a 2109 Laser 675 and I am delighted with it, but....I have a fault that others may have experienced. When I switch on all of the lights in the lounge area I start to hear a fan within the power supply unit constantly stopping and starting. If I switch on all caravan lights the fan then runs constantly, Contacted the dealer and they sent a technician out who determined the fan was faulty and replaced it with a new one. The techician informed me that the fan is to keep the battery charger cool. This appeared to have fixed the fault but noticed this weekend that the stopping / starting issue has returned. I am sure all Coachman's are fitted with the same power supply unit, Does anyone know if this is a common fault? Has anyone experienced the same issue? Gary
  6. Griff Thinking of making a wheel arch cover similar to yours for my TA Coachman. What do you mean when you mention the adjustable legs at the back to cope with sloping pitches? and where do you attach the bungee? Gary
  7. Mark Ok thanks for your reply. Will have trip to Machine Mart to get myself a trolley jack and keep the Lock N Level for use on site. Gary DrBob Lock N Level is a great bit of kit that has multiple uses, but I can see your point of using a lightweight trolley jack for jacking purposes and fitting the dreaded Alko wheel locks. Will have to have one of those as well. Boys and their toys !! as the wife would say !! Gary
  8. Mark thanks for the reply will do the same, as I can imagine getting the trolley jack under the caravan with the Lock N Level in place is probably a bit of a pain. I have seen on various posts that some people manage to get the trolley jack in between the wheels when lifting the caravan, is that what you do? or do you position the jack under the caravan? Gary
  9. I have a twin axle Lock N Level and use it to fit Al-Ko wheel locks to the caravan when parking it on my drive. One of the issues with this is that when I park up for the winter the Lock N Level will be permanently under the wheels throughout the winter months. Not ideal, and if possible would like to remove it and pack it away. I am considering buying a trolley jack that will enable me to just lift the caravan high enough to remove the Lock N Level. Has anyone else tried doing this?
  10. Another thumbs up for Tourershine. Paul paint sealed my new Coachman Laser 675 this week and not only did he do a great job, the knowledge and advice he passed on was really useful, Would recommend !
  11. Hi We have an Isabella Magnum Coal 250 - great awning but its divorce material when we are putting it up. Because of this it only gets used if we are on holiday for two weeks or more. This year we purchased a Kampa Sunshine Air Pro 400 sun canopy. Its up in about five minutes and is great for short stays. If I was buying a new awning would definitely consider an inflatable type!! Hope this helps
  12. I am shortly taking delivery of a brand new Coachman Laser 675 and am looking into the different paintwork protection products. I have been offered the Diamondbrite Leisure sealer/ protector service by my dealer at a cost of £500 (including fabric protection). But having read loads of reviews I have decided to carry out the work myself. Fabric protection is not an issue as I will just buy some Scotchguard spray. However the external bodywork is where I need some advice on what product to use. Ideally I would have liked to use the Diamondbrite Leisure 2 stage process, but have discovered that it is not available to the general public. Has anyone had experience of using any other products? e.g. Paintseal, Autoglym, Meguiars etc.
  13. PapaT thanks very much for posting the photos. I will be doing exactly the same as you with the front lockers. Like the idea of a shelf above the Aquaroll. Currently I always take 2 gas bottles (why I don't know!!) but will be going down to 1 once we get the new Coachman. Gary
  14. Thanks to everyone for responding to my queries. Some really useful information. Have decided to go with the Laser 670 but the next big decision will be part ex or sell privately. Will probably get a quote from the caravan main dealer and then decide if its worth the hassle of trying to sell privately. Gary
  15. Thanks for the great advice. Will need the Aquaroll for our summer trip to Cornwall as the site is not fully serviced. So will look at storing in the bathroom area. I have a Wastemaster at the moment but think the Laser 675 comes with a new waste container so hopefully it will be the smaller size so that it will fit in the front locker.
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