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  1. I am shortly taking delivery of a brand new Coachman Laser 675 and am looking into the different paintwork protection products. I have been offered the Diamondbrite Leisure sealer/ protector service by my dealer at a cost of £500 (including fabric protection). But having read loads of reviews I have decided to carry out the work myself. Fabric protection is not an issue as I will just buy some Scotchguard spray. However the external bodywork is where I need some advice on what product to use. Ideally I would have liked to use the Diamondbrite Leisure 2 stage process, but have discovered that it is not available to the general public. Has anyone had experience of using any other products? e.g. Paintseal, Autoglym, Meguiars etc.
  2. PapaT thanks very much for posting the photos. I will be doing exactly the same as you with the front lockers. Like the idea of a shelf above the Aquaroll. Currently I always take 2 gas bottles (why I don't know!!) but will be going down to 1 once we get the new Coachman. Gary
  3. Thanks to everyone for responding to my queries. Some really useful information. Have decided to go with the Laser 670 but the next big decision will be part ex or sell privately. Will probably get a quote from the caravan main dealer and then decide if its worth the hassle of trying to sell privately. Gary
  4. Thanks for the great advice. Will need the Aquaroll for our summer trip to Cornwall as the site is not fully serviced. So will look at storing in the bathroom area. I have a Wastemaster at the moment but think the Laser 675 comes with a new waste container so hopefully it will be the smaller size so that it will fit in the front locker.
  5. Alan thanks for the info. Looks like I will have to stick with fully serviced pitches and sell the Aquaroll on eBay.
  6. I am considering buying a Coachman Laser 675 and have a few queries that existing owners may be able to help me with. First of all - is there enough space to hold an Aquaroll in the front locker (the one that does not contain the gas bottles)? Also, if I have a Powrtouch Evolution All Wheel drive motor mover fitted where does the control unit get fitted? Is there space under the settee on the kitchen sink side of the caravan? Coachman offer a 3 shelf pack as an optional extra - where do these get fitted?
  7. Pleased to hear that the spare wheel can still be located under the caravan with an all-wheel drive motor mover fitted. Going to view a Laser 675 today, but this would have been a deal breaker for me as storing under the bed takes up too much storage space. Which mover did you have fitted?
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