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  1. The adaptor that Irishboy has shown in the picture is for Butune Gas here in Ireland. I would advise though that if you are intending to upgrade the gas connection in your caravan (I would), then I would consider moving to propane if you are thinking of using your caravan over the winter. You will have to fit a pig tail with threaded fitting on end as Pat has mentioned earlier but at least you will eliminate the risk of your gas freezing during the frosty nights of winter. Dec.
  2. As I had planned to go but the weather put me off trying to cross the Irish Sea, I have to say I really enjoyed the thread. Many thanks Gordon.
  3. I am a lover of black cars but to be honest it is without doubt the hardest colour to keep clean. I have a bit of a ritual when cleaning, assuming I don't have to take off tar etc. I rinse down, then wash with a mitt using Autoglym products and then rinse off the shampoo. With the car still wet, I use Autoglymm Aqua wet wax and dry off with a microfiber cloth and finally a once over with a clean dry microfiber cloth.
  4. I believe this might be my first post however I have taken some excellent advice from the site so far so thank you. We are new to caravanning having been motorhomers for 15 years and then moving to an 8 man air tent for a couple of years. I purchased an air awning as I had the experience from the tent and so far (1 outing...lol) with the awning we are very happy...i am a tad concerned however at the number of those who replied that they reverted from air back to poled....! I shall take note of the various poled awnings mentioned in this post just in case.
  5. Lots good about this site. The owners are on hand at all times to ensure the site is always clean and tidy. Very convenient for visiting Tralee town centre.
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