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  1. Thanks so much all: I think we are going to look at a motor mover, and chocks, and go from there. Thanks very much for all of your informative advice
  2. Thanks all, really appreciate your replies
  3. That’s brilliant thank you: your house is a very similar set up to mine in terms of where it sits on the road! Really helpful ! Thank you In in terms of by laws there are other houses that have their caravan on the drive and nothing in our deeds so I don’t think it is a prob (but the neighbours might not think that!) I will check with the council though: thanks for mentioning! This is the road opposite our driveway. What is a jockey? Sorry total novice here! It wouldn’t be used as a bedroom so not too worried about it being sloped generally just whether it would make it harder to position. Chocs is a very good idea! Thank you! And when I say slopes, I mean it slopes down to the house but sideways the drive is level x
  4. Hi, we are very new just about to buy a caravan for the first time. I wonder if I could get some opinions on whether our driveway would be too awkward to park our caravan on? We are looking at 4 berth single axle light caravans. Someone mentioned it would be awkward as it slopes down slightly and that there might not be much manoeuvring space on the road. What do you guys think? I’ve uploaded some pics of our driveway but it wouldn’t let me upload more than one pic so can’t show you the road (but it’s pretty standard estate fits two cars side by side) we would look to park it in front of the garage. Thanks in advance, any advice appreciated! My thoughts are that it would be fine but not having towed and parked before I thought it would be best to get some opinions. We have measured and should be able to get a caravan in and still have room for the car. thanks!
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