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  1. Probably a silly question but the 575 VIP is not included on any of the normal Hobby specification lists. Can anyone tell me which standard model is closest in terms of wieght, dimensions and equipment. I need to order one or two things but as always there are variations. Thanks in advance.
  2. There are a few on eBay though you'd need to confirm sizes, simply search "Hobby Caravan Parts". https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hobby-Caravan-Windows/132983539169?hash=item1ef66fc5e1:g:9nwAAOSwkhtchV5C
  3. Hi Stanley. You don't seem to have much of a response so here's my tuppence worth. I had a similar fitting in a previous van and decided the best solution was to do away with it, snip or undo the wires and replace the whole module with a simple G4 bulb received like the one below. I opted to fit LED bulbs rather than Tungsten but that's up to you. There are also various COB options available on eBay that would make equally good replacements and they're inexpensive. Hope that helps...
  4. A quick word to the wise. I spent £2000+ last year fitting the AWD version of the Powrtouch to my Abbey Spectrum and to be fair, I can't fault it's operation in any way. The Abbey is a real beast to try and move by hand so the mover was essential to us. I knew the Abbey was getting a bit old and that I would be updating it at some point but we decided we'd get the mover fitted then have it transferred if/when we changed vans, I even asked the fitter about the costs of doing so and it was very reasonable. The AWD system is essentially 2 single axle motor movers linked together (2 controllers and 4 motors) and appear identical in every way. Alas I bought a new Hobby 575 VIP and called the fitter to arrange the swap. I'm now told that as the controllers have been set up for AWD use they are now unsuitable for use on a single axle van and that they can't be separated and reprogrammed. I am now left selling a caravan worth around £3000 with an 8 month old, £2000 motor mover thrown in for free. I'm not blaming anyone other than myself for the situation but hope to make buyers aware lest they consider doing something similar. I should also point out that the same is true in the other direction, you cannot simply by a second single axle system and fit it to a twin axle van. Expensive mistake to make but someone out there is going to get a real bargain!
  5. Thanks all for your help. New Fresh up kit ordered from Leisure Shop Direct - good price too :-)
  6. It was a private sale Geoff, i've emailed him but no reply yet. My fault for not checking, the table was missing too. Lesson learned though!
  7. Thanks for that John, i'll have a look when I get home. Eh... No... No mess was created in discovering it's absence
  8. Hi all. For the first time in my life I bought something major without doing a thorough check. The toilet cassette is missing from my 'new to me' Hobby 575 VIP. I understand there are a few variations. Can anyone tell me which one I will need?
  9. Hi Gordon. Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I've just bought a Hobby 575 with the same socket as you've added above. In the locker there are two Whale Aquaflow type pumps but nothing I can see that will plug into this socket. Am I missing something or just being stupid?
  10. Thanks JayTea, information is much appreciated. The van was advertised as 2011 but i'm not going to lose any sleep over that. I did wonder about the model to length thing as it didn't tally with some of the other vans I looked at so appreciate your input.
  11. Hi Lee. I'm certain you'll find the XF an exceptional tow car. I've been towing with a 2012 3.0 V6 Portfolio for a couple of years and it's never disappointed. A few weeks ago I traded the 3.0 Ltr in for a 2018 2.0D R-Sport XF. There were a few concerns that losing two cylinders and a third of the engine capacity would make towing the van a bit less enjoyable but surprisingly not. The 2.0 may be a little noisier under acceleration but otherwise it's as good (IMHO) as the 3.0. I believe the nose weight is the same for all XF saloons at 100Kg so your 2.2 should do you proud. Bryan The new and the old :-)
  12. Hi both and thanks for your reply - Flying Grandad, I came across the sub forum just before I read your reply so no need for a second forum. Gordon 7912, thank you too. Tallying the model number to the length seems quite logical and agrees with one of the sites i've looked at. I guess if I had any patience I could wait and measure it when it arrives. I'm like a big kid waiting for Christmas :-) Bryan
  13. Hi folks. All going well i will be taking delivery of a 2011 Hobby 575 VIP next week. I've been keen to own one for several years and finally made the move from My Abbey Spectrum 419. One thing I have noticed in a severe lack of online information and advice on the range. Don't get me wrong, forums like this are doing a great job but still the content is very limited. By way of an example I have spent a few days now searching for the dimensions of the 575 VIP, in total I found 3 articles and they all contradict each other. Take the shipping length , according to the 3 sites which show photos of the correct van, it is either 5.7m, 6.2m or 7.19m. Even allowing for expansion in the Scottish sun, that's quite a difference. I appreciate this forum more than any other I've found does cater in part for Hobby vans but if there is sufficient interest and it would not be stepping on toes, I would be prepared (in my own time and at my own expense) to create a new forum dedicated to Hobby owners and enthusiasts. Would this be of interest to you? Please let me know.
  14. I was a bit shocked when I sought prices to fit a detachable to my 2018 Jaguar XF. The Jaguar dealer wanted £1300 (not unexpected), the cheapest independent quote was between £550 and £600. I eventually bought the parts (Witter detachable towbar and dedicated electrics kit) for just over £250 and fitted them myself in about 2 hours. The hard part was figuring out where the screws/bolts for the rear bumper were hidden. The towbar involved taking out 8 bolts holding on the slam panel and replacing it with the towbar. The electrics were plug-and-play, no drilling or joining wires. The entire job was done with the car on the ground. Everything works perfectly, no damage done and a small fortune saved.
  15. Excellent suggestion matelodave, thanks. It does have a separate transmitter unit.
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