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  1. Thanks Andy trying to be optimistic BUT I know... Yeah I got that email also from Nationwide as this week. Thanks for the PM much appreciated. We are really excited and hope it happens In terms of first trip does 2-3 hours drive off the ferry sound like something comfortable with options Trel
  2. Oh yes keeping an eye on the news but you will note I said “Fingers Crossed” Here’s hoping... Trel
  3. Hi All, Fingers crossed we will venture beyond our shores this year (July) for 3 weeks to France. Catching the Ferry into Cherbourg. Not interested in driving way down south as this is our first trip thinking perhaps 2-3 hour drive or so once we disembarked from Ferry & spending a week or so before moving on. Would be keen to hear others thoughts on where we should focus our searches at - We have a 10 & 12 year old (Boys) who will be coming with us both like outdoors, sports, swimming usual stuff . Ideally camps not too manic but with other Children as our boys like to play footy and socialise Does anyone have any advice on sites we should take a look at & also regions which we should look at Appreciate any ideas which will help us plan out first trip. We’re excited Trel
  4. Thanks Andy as always good advice I’ll avoid the fairy liquid that might of been my first choice am glad I asked Trel Noticed the Fenwicks cleaner on a search earlier I will check that and good idea on the long handled brush Trel
  5. Think I received mine quick enough from memory. Welcome to CT Such a great resource Trel
  6. Thanks Andy I will check these out any ideas where to look? Have you a link handy? Trel Thanks that is helpful Trel
  7. Hi Y'all Perhaps a silly question hopefully not but have had the Caravan in Storage for past number of months and it’s due a wash. As we only got it earlier last year this will be my first attempt at this - straight forward I’m sure. What I am wondering Where I have it stored I have access to a normal hose which I imagine would be needed Is there any kit I should pick up soft brush etc What clearing substance should I use on the exterior As Always appreciate the advice of those more experienced folk than me Thanks Trel
  8. Les Do you have a link on where this can be purchased from? Only see the big 5 litre online Cheers Trel
  9. Thanks for all the input on the post guys Very Helpful Trel
  10. Hi Y'all Looking for a bit of information and guidance on picking up a solar kit for our van. Like the idea of trying some off grid action with caravan later this year all being well. Have seen some folding solar kits and wondering if anyone had any experience with these I was looking at 150W I take it that would be sufficient? Again newbie to the Solar stuff so any tips would be much appreciated. Trel
  11. Welcome to Caravan Talk Philip its a great forum
  12. Hi All, Considering adding a Motor Mover to our Elddis Avante 540 & wanted to ask for some guidance and insight to what we should consider and also what would be the cost budget wise would we need to allocate I know a lot of experienced folk on the forum might be able to share some thoughts which I'd appreciate Thanks in advance Trel
  13. Currently driving a Toyota Rav 4 Tempted to upgrade and stay within the Toyota family probably best? What’s the fuel consumption like? Using this term loosely not specifically the brand “Jeep”
  14. Probably looking at 12-15K I used the term Jeep loosely I did not mean LR or anything else for that matter Open to ideas and guidance
  15. Hi Guys Firstly Happy Christmas to folks It has been awhile since I’ve posted Caravan on Storage for the winter looking forward to getting it back out Planning our first overseas trip in 2020 to France 🇫🇷 In the process of chatting my vehicle currently drive 2011 Rav 4 Diesel Like Jeeps so looking for any advice any of the community might have in relation to what I should consider - obviously want something reliable and good fuel consumption Appreciate any input Cheers Trel
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