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  1. No was like this when we bought the Van perhaps previous owners did Just wondering what caused it and if it will present any issues in the future Trel
  2. In the West Coast of Ireland for the past week We had 2 nights of very bad wind and rain last night was a Yellow Warning. - few folks had damaged Awnings thankful I opted not to put ours up this trip due to weather All in all it’s good to be back out in the Caravan Trel
  3. Hi Guys See attached image just wondering what causes this and if it’s of further concern? Just seems to be on the centre window on the right hand latch Thanks Trel
  4. So if Tap is closed When I turn on the pump water comes into taps as expected However the pump outside remains running until I turn it off at the mains inside 🤷 What would be the likley issue
  5. Hmm I am not 100% sure this is what else I see.... So I am puzzled
  6. So done that No water coming out of the van with the tap in the current yellow position
  7. So side here are the 2 switches I see and their position
  8. Water definitely going down in aquarollwhen pump running Taps seem to run as expected Whale outside keeps running have no idea why 🤷
  9. So the train tap is definitely shut off Yes the drain tap is definitely down Can’t seem to figure out what else it might be?
  10. Hi Guys Hope this is the right part of the forum to post... So noticed some cracks under the A Frame Cover and hanging down at one side. - managed to get it back in place but there is a split in the plastic around the screw holding it in - seems to be held now in place but am sure it will come loose again in the future Wonder what’s the process for replacing these in terms of cost? Any repair which might be worth exploring? Attached are some pics of the cracks underneath Cheers Folks as always Trel
  11. Evening All So out on the first trip after lockdown. - Now I might have completely forgot this but when I submerge my Whale Pump into the Auquaroll and have the switch turned on inside it runs constantly This does not seem right? I have to turn it off on the panel inside the van and back on as we need it Is the Whale faulty? Images are the pump I have and with the switch in which it runs constantly Any input folks? Cheers Trel
  12. Hi All Looking some thoughts on this app? Is it any good is it worth the investment compared to using something like Google Maps or Waze? Ideally it sounds good but does it work and does it help avoid ending up on some lane road unable to get the van turned - perhaps that's just asking too much Keen to hear people's thoughts Thanks As always Trel
  13. Hi Ian Thanks for the reply have changed the RAV4 to a newer model so still on the same line of vehicle In terms of for the roof have been looking at the Thule 591 - Do you have any links to what need need to look at for the complete set up? Any help at all much appreciated Trel
  14. Good point Gary Was thinking about that in terms of the nose weight - you got any links on what might be worth a look Trel
  15. Thats a fair point...Not getting any younger In terms of a rack for the towball what would be worth looking at? Cheers Trel
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