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  1. That's a good price. They sell calor where I work you would be be surprised at the price we buy cylinders in at. At £24 it is more than 100% mark-up.
  2. The sites been registered for a few years. My guess is that it is a sole trade and that it's all drop ship and no stock is held and are not aware wether an item had despatched by their suppliers. The address is probably just a registered address for tax and accounts probably owned by a family member or a friend. Of course all this is just pure speculation
  3. Mr plod you are correct that current need to be high and cables thick but liquid cable cooling is currently being used in some car charges allowing for thinner cables than would otherwise be required without cooling. When the first nissan leaf came out around 2011 the rapid charging rate was 22kw, so basically you could charge a 50kwh battery (which would give you around 220 miles) in 2.2 hours, not vey fast I admit Tesla's can now charge at round 150kw which would charge a 50kwh 220 mile battery in around 33 minutes Porsche have just developed a prototype with a charge rate of 400kw, this will charge a 50kwh battery in 12 minutes Don't forget that this is using current battery technology with only slightly different chemistry between them. As you can see things are constantly improving, car manufacturers and governments know that battery's need to improve and huge amounts of money are being invested to ensure that this happens. What ever people's views are on electric cars or the arguments surrounding them it's the way the world is going.
  4. I am not saying to go out and buy an EV. What I am saying is that everyone is harping on about living in flats and terrace houses and not being able to charge their cars. In 2040 when the manufacturer of new ICE cars are going to be banned (there will obviously still be a second hand market for them) battery technology would have moved on enough not only to allow long journeys in an electric vehicle but also allow extremely fast recharge times so it will be irrelevant that you live on the 20th floor and that it will be a case of visiting a charging station for a few minutes just as you do now at a petrol station. Yes you are correct in saying that the technology or charging infrastructure is not sufficient at this time but are wrong to assume that it is always going to be this way.
  5. This is exactly what I am on about I'm my previous posts. In 20 years it won't be necessary to have a post outside your house when cars will be able to charge in just a few minutes.
  6. I don't use public chargers so can't comment with any authority but from what I understand is that the majority of chargers do not charge a connection fee. Although the kWh charge is greater than what you would pay at home. If only relying on public chargers then there is only really negligible savings over driving a petrol or diesel. It's home charging where the money is saved costing me only 2p per mile compared to 14p per mile for driving my petrol. Having said that I don't believe it will be long before the government come up with some method to charge a higher rate of tax on electricity use for charging a car, they aren't stupid enough to lose all that fuel duty.
  7. I've owned an electric car for several years and in that time technology has come on quite a bit. I have no doubt that in ten years time we won't have any of these worries about range and charging times. Glass batteries and super capacitors are currently being investigated which allow a car to be charged In a few minutes. People seem to think that Every house is going to need a charging point when that isn't going to the case and you will just visit a charging station for a few minutes as you visit a petrol station now. As for the death of caravanning, more people then ever are choosing to have their staycation right here so I really cant see caravans disappearing.
  8. Into the loch - nature's toilet
  9. I have one of these. I like it because it's easy to read. Tested against my house weighing scales at the same height using a cut length of wood the digital nose weight gauge is within 0.5 kg Also as mentioned I have going that adjusting the hitch height an inch or so either way on a single axle caravan makes negligible difference to the measured nose weight
  10. It must be stolen for parts as the car can be deactivated by Tesla making it undrivable
  11. I would pay for an independent damp check. I'm sure any dealer would be more than happy to let you do that. And if it all comes back ok you've saved yourself 2 grand. Also check the warranty, does it cover everything like fridge, boiler etc. Also check the tyres. They may still be the original so will need replacing. Take second good look at it. Inside and out, take your time and make sure you are perfectly happy with the condition I bought a 2017 Sprite at the start of this year, it was a bit cheaper than others local to me, so far it's been perfect and I couldn't be happier so certainly don't let the price put you off.
  12. I've had a MB&G warranty on a previous caravan. I Claimed on it twice. Once for a new toilet pump and again for a delaminated floor. The caravan was 7 years old at the time of the claim. Absolutely no issues getting it repaired.
  13. They hardy weigh anything. I like mine keeps road muck and fly's off the front of the van
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