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  1. As a side comment on the safefill. I went last weekend to get mine filled and chatting to the guy doing it he said he had had 2 people that day where the 80% cut off had failed to operate.
  2. Hi, what Mokka do you have. I know some oy have a 1200kg braked towing limit.
  3. Cheers. It was also a second hand lozenge I was looking at that does have the black plastic with it although I never knew that would usually have to be purchased separately.
  4. Thank you. I was asking because it's cheaper for me to buy the correct insert for my caravan then either a lock set or a complete set that isn't that popular just for the locks.
  5. Hello. Is it possible to use a alko wheel bolt and lock set from an alko wheel lock with a different numbered red wheel insert Thank you
  6. Im sorry to hear about your situation You say serious damp issues. What is causing it and where, also a second opinion on repair costs will be a good idea. You could pay to repair the van, but as you say that may not be affordable. You could sell the van as a going concern use that money to pay towards the finance. But you could still end up with quite a bit of money to pay back still and no caravan. Or as finance company interest can be quite high at the best of times, perhaps you are in a position to take out a personal loan on a lower interest rate and large enough over a longer period to pay off the finance leaving you money to spare for the repair.
  7. If replacing mr11 most sites selling them tell you what the degree the beam angle is, the wider the better that way you won't end up with to much shadow as mentioned earlier in the thread. I went for these and they worked well but are a bit to yellow for my liking https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B06Y5JJ41D?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  8. Danuk

    Matching unit

    Last year I regularly towed a 1000kg caravan with the new shape Vitara (same style as yours) 1.6 na petrol engine, at no point did I feel like the caravan was controlling the car. Maximum torque for your car comes in at 1500rpm so while it's not going to be a rocket off the line you should have no issue towing it and should feel perfectly fine doing so
  9. Ive had 2 towtrust detachable. the first one had no difficulty connecting the electrics. My current one I do. I put this down to the clearance between the the socket and the bumper, my old one had plenty of clearance allowing you to fully grip the plug and twist it into position. The one I have now is very close to the bumper so can't get a proper grip to push and twist
  10. I don't have a skoda but I tow with a 1.5 pertol turbo. I pull a 1250 mptlm swift. It pulls it with no issues even up a 17% hill I had to go up, nice and stable with decent acceleration as all the torque comes in at 1500 rpm and that is what counts. Would I want to tow anything heavier, probably not but for the weight that I do im more than happy.
  11. Hi. Is it cutting off on gas or electric. Also how do you know it's cut off,, is it because of cold water or from the control panel. Just check you don't have the swift command panel set to limit you to six amps.
  12. Which window is cracking and where from, such as from a catch or hinge etc. Also is it just one pane or both cracking.
  13. It might look better if you remove what you can see but it won't cure the problem. Don't bother using bleach on it. While that may kill the mould on the surface, as the bleach breaks down it ends up feeding the mould. Plus to remove or kill mould from a porous surface is pretty well impossible.
  14. To me this looks like you may have a damp problem, especially as it is growing from behind the trim. Mould/ fungus need damp to grow and multiply.
  15. Contents such as clothes etc may be covered on your house insurance under away from home so you may save some money on your caravan insurance by not including contents cover, but check yourself before making that decision. Now to your question. Equipment cover covers things like awning and motormover, windbreak. Cadac. Gas bottles e.g equipment you take with you that is not an original part of the caravan.
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