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  1. It's a good cleaner but It can take the shine of certain surfaces. and on the back it tells you to keep away from clear perspex, plastics etc. So maybe not the best to use near your windows
  2. I think they are basically the same as any evaporative cooler which can be had for a lot less money. This type of cooler won't cool a room down, especially this size won't cool your caravan down they are more personal coolers. The humidity of the atmosphere also affects the effectiveness. They can drop the air temperature coming out of the outlet by a few degrees so great if you are sitting in your caravan on a hot day with it being directed at yourself but at £300 is overpriced
  3. I keep mine on the drive and benefit from the list of reasons you give above. Like most insurance policies the more security I add the cheaper it gets. I just have the alko wheel lock and a hitch lock. I don't have a tracker as the insurance discount is less then the subscription date I used a broker called happy place and the insurance is underwritten by royal alliance. For me they have worked out the best for what I require for the last couple of years and the renewal quote was actually cheaper than I could get anywhere else Although I do have another wheel lock on the opposite side as well but have not declared that because as I move the caravan to rotate the tyres I can't always fit it due to a wall
  4. I have done thanks. I put some in the other day. A good tip though
  5. I thought I would share my lockdown project (pun intended) Last year my caravan door lock jammed in the unlock position. A warranty job fixed that but the lock was extremely stiff and I was worried it would happen again. I ordered a new lock barrel and keys off eBay but couldn't get the same number barrel as the rest of the caravan so that would mean 2 different keys which I didnt like the idea off The lock and keys I ordered can be seen in the photo below I then ordered a hartal lock barrel removal tool, which looks a bit like a key. You put the removal tool into the barrel of the caravan door. Give it a slight twist and pull the whole lot out of the door handle (it only works on unlocked doors) It turns out that the lock I removed was damaged so it's a good job I decided to replace it when I did. Because I wanted to have only one key for all the locks I decided to pull out the pins from my original lock and put them into the new lock I had just bought. There are 8 pins in each lock ,(4 pins on each side) and these can be removed by pulling them out with a pair of pliers. Once you have removed all the pins from both locks, keeping them in the correct order you can then insert the old pins into the new lock just by pushing them into place. Although in all honesty once you see how the locks work you could have given me all the pins jumbled up in a pile and it would only have taken 10 minutes of trial and error to get them in the correct place. This then allows you original key to be used
  6. I've had no issues with mine. Emove have been around for a while and if you register I think you get a 5 year warranty but don't quote me on that. Mine is 3 years old and now on my second caravan. They are not the fastest but have no problems moving the caravan.
  7. I have one. Fitted it myself. What would you like to know.
  8. I bought my swift off of them last year, they are based near Retford. What would you like to know. It's a family run business. The guy who owns it used to work for Swift. The reason I bought from them was two fold. Firstly they had the caravan I wanted and secondary they offered me a better part ex price then two other dealers had. They don't offer finance directly but do suggest a lender called paragon finance which I ended up using as they offered a better interest rate than any other loan I could get from a bank, but obviously the choice is yours on that front. Caravans UK were very pleasant. I've been back once for a warranty claim which they sorted promptly so no complaints from me on that front. I hope that helps. This is the one I bought
  9. Thank you both. I have managed to get it to say in place and yes it is a copy key but not previously had this issue. The metal of the lock is actually starting to crack at the end where the tang is so I'm going to order a new lock
  10. Hello. My door lock has come out with the key and won't stay in the handle. How are locks held in place or any tips on repairing it. Thanks.
  11. I'm sure that they will have something similar in the pipeline
  12. An email from the Camping and Caravanning Club states that they are going to extend your membership for as long as their sites are closed. An extract of the email is below. This year, we’re extending your membership period for as long as our sites are closed, to ensure you receive your full 12 months of membership no matter what happens. We’ve expanded our booking window to 18 months exclusively for our members, so you can now book up until October 2021. If you make a booking during our closure period, we’ve made it fully flexible, so you can amend it to any available date in the next 18 months without charge. You can switch to any available campsite, and there is no limit to how many times you can move a booking while sites remain closed.
  13. My V5 has nothing next to the towing weight. No figure at all not even a zero. Having checked with the DVLA they say it's the vin plate you need to go by. Having also checked with the manufacturer they confirm that the towing weight for my vehicle is the same as the calculation from the vin so I've just left it. The V5 is not always accurate
  14. It might be a case of biting the bullet and buying a new pump and if not that then a new pcb
  15. Like Joe says. I had this problem with mine and it was just the remote battery
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