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  1. I think the important point to take away from this thread is around the fact that should you encounter an issue with water ingress, Kampa are unlikely to remedy the fault. Not only is the quality 'hit and miss' but if you do have a genuine issue, Kampa customer service cannot be relied upon and is substandard (like some of their products). I have been through the ringer with Kampa so I speak from experience. A brand new Kampa Ace Air 400 started leaking within 12 months. Now if it rains heavily, water pours in and run along the inside into connecting annex soaking all and sundry. The great thing about the air awning is the ease in which is goes up - less than 10 minutes to set up but I only set it up when there is a chance of rain (for obvious reasons). Once up it may as well not be because 5 minutes later is leaks. I could go on about the amount of money I have spent on tests, reproofing but the moral of the story is thus - do your research, you will see that Kampa quality is hit and miss and when you spend £1300 on an awning you expect quality. There are similar products on the market with glowing reviews....my advice is steer clear.
  2. I've had nothing but problems with water ingress on my Kampa Ace Air 400. I've been in contact with Kampa; they said it was condensation so I decided to have it tested. £50 later and they sent back my awning with a shoddy video which deliberately did not show whether water was leaking. Splashed out more money to get it independently tested by a company recommended by the sales company, only to have it sent back with a statement that they could only conduct a visual check of the seams (no water testing). So I've spent over £100 for 2 inconclusive tests. The awning leaks with minutes of rainfall and I have videos and photos similar to yours, where the entire contents of the awning are soaked. On one occasion I put up the Annex and the water ran along the inside of the roof and into the annex, soaking all of the bedding. Ive been in touch with my insurance company and we are taking legal action.
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