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  1. Should we buy a tracker for the caravan or not? Do many people buy them? We have it on a storage site with a hitch lock, wheel lock and an alarm.
  2. What is the difference between the Alko hitch locks. Why am I seeing the same model but one is silver and the other red??? What is the difference please. Thank you in advance
  3. I need a hitchlock to fit my 2004/3094 stabiliser for a Bailey.... which is the best please..... thank you in advance...
  4. Hi Geoff it’s a Bailey 2016 Ancona 4 platinum with full service history
  5. Hi people needing help please. We are going to look at a 2016 caravan from a trade dealer and just wanting to check that what he said was true to me over the phone . He said that the caravan will have a years warranty from them but also some remaining transferable manufactures warranty. Now he said to me that for me to get the transferable warranty I have to send the caravan manufacturer some paperwork and pay £35(I think he said) to get it transferred over to us... now just wanting to know if that is correct??? Please please help as to new to this. Thank you in advance
  6. I’m struggling which van to buy as I’ve heard horror stories of all the different makes have issues somewhere down the line. We like bailey Pegasus Ancona 4, Elddis 586, Bailey Pegasus Ancona GT65.... HELP
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