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  1. The ATC light was a steady red on returning to the car. It happend after a 12 hour ferry crossing. The 5 minute reset worked for 45 mins then it came up with error message in the app and the LED returned back to steady red. Once the unit had been plugged in for approx 12 hours towing it cleared itself completely and has never happened again. I have towed 1000,s of miles since and it has never missed a beat. The point I was making is that the bluetooth connection alerted me to the fault. If it had not been connected I would have been towing thinking I was protected when I wasn't.
  2. I think most of you have missed the point! Last year we purchased a new van with atc and swift command and I used the app to monitor the atc. On the french motorway I got a warning that atc was in active ( due to the memory being full by leaving it connected by mistake during the crossing lesson learned). If I had not had the warning I would have not know it was in active until I stopped!! These systems are developed for a reason, personally anything that can make my outfit safer I welcome. Most people would have carried on believing the atc was active when it wasn't.
  3. We have had two caravans the 1st a sprite without airwave cushions and we sent them back under warranty as they lost support very quickly. I am rather heavy in build and the 2nd van with airwave we have had no problem with. I was recently at the NEC show and looked at some of the premium vans non swift and the seats were not very supportive. We have had our 2nd van and slept on them 25 Nights plus and they are the same as the day I bought it. I hope this helps.
  4. I had the same problem, simple update to the control panel following instructions above it worked perfectly. If you want to use the feature that's fine but saying it's a gimmick without using or understanding is simply wrong. Why would you heat your caravan when you are out or return to a cold caravan. I would rather turn on the heating a hour before I return.
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