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  1. Looking to expand our horizons and got to more site without EHU. To keep the costs down and to prevent having to drill into the caravan roof, we are thinking of getting a freestanding panel which we just get out when we need. The only problem we see with that is that on our caravan (Bailey Phoenix 420) the battery locker is under the floor, rather than being on the outside. Can anyone give me some advice on if it is possible to fit a panel, or if this is even a sensible idea? What kit would I need? Cheers in advance guys. Joe
  2. What horror stories have you heard about Bailey?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. How do I rectify this though? There is no front locker (gas locker is on the side) to put things in. Is this just an issue with all Bailey vans?
  4. We have just taken collection of our new Bailey Phoenix 420. We love it, it's a great little lightweight van with loads of space, had no problems towing and it's so comfortable. However, when we picked it up the dealer warned us to be careful not to go in without the feet down as it had a tendency to want to tip backwards. It wasn't until be we on site and trying to manoeuvre on and off the pitch that we realised what this meant. As soon as the feet were up and we started to nice it (with the mover) it was really unsteady. My wife had to snag at the front and push down constantly on the jockey wheel to keep it from falling over. Has anyone else had this problem? The caravan deliberately doesn't have a front locker to avoid front loading. This sounds sensible but surely it shouldn't be this unsteady? We didn't have anything heavy at the back, just a duvet in the wardrobe an the water carrier in the shower. There would have been nothing in it when the dealer was going in and out? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
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