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  1. Many years ago my Husband became permanently unable to drive so if we wanted to continue caravanning I had no choice but to tow. I don’t even like driving much but I’ve been towing for over 20 years now and really I don’t even think about it now (if you know what I mean). But if I became unable to drive for any reason we would be stuck. Personally I think if I were in that position I would Talk to the site owners and come to some arrangement to leave the van until I can get someone to collect it for me or has been said you could probably find someone to tow it to a local storage if it’s going to be a longer term thing.
  2. We love the new forest sites. They are basic ( Setthorns being the most basic)but that’s what appeals to us. We always go ‘off grid’ so can pitch wherever we want and enjoying nature in the peace and quiet is all the entertainment we need. Saying that I do think they can be expensive considering what you get for the fee and maintenance doesn’t always seem to be a high priority.
  3. Been covering our vans from November to March for the last 11 years with no noticeable issues. These have been older vans so maybe the exteriors were made of sterner stuff back in the late 80’s and late 90’s .
  4. I’m doing mine in a couple of days. There is a YouTube video showing how to do it
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