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  1. Attempted concentrated eye focus on small detail for any extended period whilst moving is likely to cause motion sickness, especially for things like reading.
  2. I grow all bushes, climbers or perennials, so not much use
  3. OP - Just prior to deciding to get a new caravan, my husband had a towbar fitted to our Honda Civic and when he told them it was just a trailer that he would be towing, they informed him that he could have just a 7 pin connector fitted which did not supply the habitation electrics as there was no need for them on a trailer. Caravans need 12 or 13 pin connections for habitation electrics to work off car battery when towing as you (and we) have now found out. If you find out how much it is going to cost to get 12/13 pin connector fitted, can you let us know please. We would need someone else to do this, as Hubby not that handy. Thanks
  4. Thanks very much... really useful. On the package we got our in it says needs torque wrench for fitment, and then Torque tighten security wheel bolt to caravan manufacturers instructions. ?This may be down to potential damage to alloy wheels more than a safety thing and the nut coming off and getting lost through vibration etc?? Just a thought.
  5. Next daft question - I now have the milenco wheel lock above as they did not have the nemesis at the dealers. Once we fit and tension the locking wheel nut, can they be left on the caravan wheel permanently so we can then fit the wheel lock as needed? And if so, how often to we have to check the torque on the locking wheel nut on alloy wheels please? Thanks... J
  6. Maybe I just use too many words.....
  7. They should as long as whatever you use for shelves is light enough. I made a number of adaptions to fit various items in glass vivs for my various reptiles, and all was fine as long as I used good quality adhesive. Don't really see why wood should be so much different to glass in this case. As long as whatever you plan to store on shelves is within the weight capabilities of the material you are using - if not, think about using a t bar type arrangement under the shelf to help prop it up.
  8. Mal, Having a T25 for the last few years I have only been a member of the C&CC so that I could book small quiet sites for rallies, but the attitude of some really does put me off, especially as I sometimes camp without my husband (but never without my dog) But then again, even as a young child I used to get quite hot under the collar when I felt people were patronising me. PS. Run out of likes... need to train my hand to be a little lighter on that left button!
  9. We were previously members of the CMC for many years when our children were younger and marshalled rallies over many years, including a Millenium/New Year one for over 60 vans. We are not high income earners and have always had older caravans. Purely from the experience of being member of that club, I can say that certainly in my area, the general attitude of members that I camped with was very definitely snobbish. Wonder how many new campers who may have grown up with less disposable income that puts off?
  10. Would silvered car windscreen shades work on floor if wanted more durable solution rather than that designed to go behind radiators etc? Great if you already have any - Use these in my VWT25 windows.
  11. Original PDF is no longer accessible, but happynomad's link takes straight to Gov.UK site with necessary info.... J
  12. Ern, you may already be aware of this but if not.... whenever we use the camper I cram loads of frozen meat in one (very good) cool box, and bottled water in a second one. Once sited, they both go outside in the shade. The meat lasts at least 3 or 4 days and the water is used in the first two days. Doing it this way saves having to cool the fridge, so will continue to do this even though the new van has a decent sized fridge. Hard to open cool boxes required to keep our boxer out As we will only be going away on longer jollies a couple of times a year until we both retire, this is good for how we do things currently.
  13. You missed out the Health and Social Care sector..... Massive changes to employment legislation and loads of other legislation due to all forms of change from 'progress' of whatever kind since the last war. At the end of the day, I would guess most of us on here do actually care for our environment as we are prepared to travel some distance to be able to take advantage of some of the things it offers us either mentally or physically. I am 61 and disabled, and possibly may not be around at the time we will need to consider getting yet another (new to us) car and caravan, but I have two children who I am concerned for. There is every indication that unless we make changes on a global scale, none of us may be around for much more than the next couple of hundred years or so...….. then again - just how far from prophetic was Mad Max....
  14. We used to use a farm site in Llangenith when we used to go to the Gower when my parents were alive. Went there in the T25 a few years ago, but have not been back in over 5 years now. Used to be owned by a Mr. & Mrs Taylor. Fantastic basic site with the most beautiful views from top of the hill and the walk across the top down to Rosshilli bay is lovely. Really easy access to Swansea for shopping and lots of lovely little villages and beaches to visit. No real problems with access to site and drive there from Midlands. Still no facilities at all on site when last visited - but for those who like to go off grid it is fantastic. Great pub opposite little lane down to farm and used to be wonderful food. Could always hear distant laughter from patrons across the valley at night, but not intrusive.
  15. We have a VWT25 and don't really use many sites with facilities other than a loo and shower for if we want to use it. (sometimes even just one in a shed or outbuilding). As we are both great readers, we keep small hanging battery lanterns in the van and use them to do whatever we need to at night. We also have a set of LED fairly lights we put around a large Patio umbrella that we put outside so we can sit under if we want to in the evenings. We find that this is enough for us, so use a small, foldable solar charger to keep our phones up to speed. Have never bothered taking my laptop either, so don't see the need for us to bother with a solar charger. I may change my mind however, once we have been out a few times in the van this year...… J
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