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  1. Thanks for your reply and congratulations on your new caravan. It's good to know you haven't read any bad reviews and we weren't aware of the Facebook groups so we will check them out. Where did you purchase your caravan from? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply. How long have you had your Isonzo?
  3. We have been considering purchasing a new Adora Seine 2019. We have noticed that the shower isn't fully lined and wondered if there would be any potential for leaking. Does anyone have any experience of using the shower enclosure on this model and has the seal deteriorated over time? Also how well does it work having the heated radiator inside the shower enclosure? Thanks
  4. We are considering getting our first caravan. We are a family of four - two kids aged 5 and 2. We need a layout that provides us with a good sleeping arrangement so the kids can go to sleep while we relax! We also want a shower room that functions well (we don't want to rely on site facilities). Wardrobe storage is also important and a kitchen which is practical. We love the interior feel of the Adria and it is the Altea 552 DT Tamar that we are considering. We haven't seen one yet as the dealer is quite a distance away. If anyone has this van could you comment on the functio
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