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  1. Many thanks 😊 For the replies appreciate them 👍 Amplifier is ON also tried turning it down, Van’s going in for some other Warranty work in January, so I’ll request that the wiring etc is checked out as suggested. thanks again everyone for comprehensive replies very knowledgeable,
  2. Advice appreciated, regarding possible alternative TV aerial, or possibly any problem with existing Status aerial… 2018 Swift Conqueror 580. Not entirely happy with the reception (I appreciate it can be down to location) but a lot of Pixelation & drop out , tried vertical, horizontal etc also used Tv signal strength finder. Not much success ☹️ Hence considering alternative external aerial, any recommendations ? many thanks
  3. Excellent many thanks Stewart for your reply I’ll check it out 👍 Howard
  4. Mirrors look ideal for My 2018 f15 X5 could you please tell me where you’ve purchased them from ? I’ve spent some time trawling the internet but can’t seen to find a outlet in the Uk many thanks
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