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  1. Thanks everyone for your comments, worth knowing. Just need to mention I'm looking to stay within the law, pay council tax etc, it's just that most sites don't allow 12 months residency for my type of caravan. Thanks, Indy
  2. Hi JTQ, I would look to move the Airstream from site to site via a low-loader which is why I would hopefully find a couple of sites near to each other. Ideally having it on one site all year would be best, and I would just move into other accommodation for a couple of months if needed. I'm guessing that there are some sites around that offer this kind of long-term stay (Or farms and other small holdings), finding them is going to be a little difficult which s why I am here asking you guys for any site you may know of. Ta, Indy
  3. Hi peeps, I am looking to buy an Airstream and want to use it as a 'Residential' static caravan so am looking for a caravan park, or parks (Near each other), or a farm etc where I can place it. I live on the south coast of England but would be willing to move along the south cost from Brighton westwards, and up as far as Warwickshire, South Wales and or the Berkshire area. I know that many caravan sites are not residential but some might be willing to accept a caravan for a few months (Hopefully at least 6 months at a time), that way I can move the Airstream betwee
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