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  1. Have you tried Shield Insurance? I paid £196.00 for mine.
  2. Evening Andy, it was advertised as a serviced pitch. We didnt take the Aquaroll as we thought there was a mains tap on our pitch. Unlike our old Swift van there is no connection on the van near to the water tank, so, where/how do i make the Aquaroll work for me? Sorry if this sounds a stupid question,but i think you may have already sussed that im still learning the ropes. cheers
  3. Thanks for that. Do you think it would be worthwhile for the more experienced Hobby owners to compile/recommend sites that are Hobby friendly. I understand that it was probably my own fault for not being thorough enough in the first place,but,something along these lines would help newbies. Lol dont tell me this already exists! cheers
  4. Booked in on a site in North Wales,complete with a serviced pitch. Having arrived on site we quickly realised that there was no water point nearby,and had to purchase 90m of hose to fill our tank. What is the definition of a "seviced pitch"? cheers
  5. tony as ive said in my earlier posts i need friendly,helpful,advice. what i dont need is sombody telling me to buy a different make. i want a hobby that is legal. thats why im on this site and not lunar.
  6. dont think my friend tony understood what i was actually after. i thank him for his comments but if he doesnt have a hobby caravan and cant advise, why comment like that? sorry i meant alan in my earlier post!
  7. apologies alan, didnt like the first comment. so unhelpful. yes thank you i will check again and again.
  8. ,clever you are,thanks for the help. EXCUSE ME PLEASE! IM HERE FOR HELPFUL COMMENTS<NOT SARCASTIC REMARKS FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF. GO ON FACEBOOK OR SOMETHING,glad i m not in the trenches with you!
  9. thanks lads, hard work this,run my own building business and cant sort this out! better check dimensions on the extension im doing. lol. im going through everything again tomorrow,how do you lads get on? smaller caravans or commercial towing?
  10. hi everybody thanks for the help. i measured the body today not including the a frame and it was roughly 6.8 mts ive read that the measurements do not include the a frame. therefore im thinking i should be ok? my wife loves the van but im obviously wary of staying legal. weve paid alot of money for it so its got to be right. thanks again everybody, all appreciated.
  11. hi we are buying a hobby 645 vip tomorrow. have contacted the dealer who says its 22ft long. its a 2015 model,does anybody have the same model,and is it legal to tow in the uk.
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