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  1. Thanks for the replies. Sounds like it will have a mixture of LEDs and bulbs. What would you recommend, I have a choice of two wiring kits, one for trailers with LEDs and one for trailers without.
  2. Hi All, looking to install towbar and electrics to another car. Are the road lights on my Unicorn S4 Vigo LED or not. Caravan not with me at moment so unable to check, no mention in owners manual and no luck on Google. Thanks for any assistance.
  3. It does have a button. I think I have found one, link below, it looks the same. https://www.wilmond.co.uk/image/cache/data/trailers/220096 New-500x500.jpg Does this look like the one on yours Bobsandy? Thanks everyone.
  4. Found this one, which is same as mine (see link below). This one has a red and black handle whereas the one at Leisureshopdirect is only red (I don't know if that is significant). I don't fancy buying the full hitch for £180. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AL-KO-alko-1600KG-161S-braked-Caravan-Trailer-coupling-tow-hitch/262958862624?epid=1120610585&hash=item3d3991d120:g:HYgAAOSwX9FZLqT5:rk:2:pf:0
  5. Thanks for the replies. Ian I believe that will be the plastic/rubber end of the handle being only £10 but thanks. Andy, definitely not the 8th one down, it has a gas strut and the lever is slightly different to the 9th one down which I have already seen. It does look pretty similar so I think I will give Leisureshopdirect a ring, as Alan advises. Many thanks for your Swift responses (can I say Swift on this forum?).
  6. Hi All, 1st post hope someone can help. Took delivery of a new Unicorn 4 Vigo in October 2018, been out in it twice but unfortunately by accident damaged the handbrake lever (please don't ask how, rather embarrassing). It works but the eye that the breakaway cable connects to is damaged, I need to replace the full handle/lever but don't appear to be able to source one online. Does anybody know where I can purchase one online or does anyone know the part number? I have found this forum very informative and love some of the lighter comments. Thanks in anticipation of a response.
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