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  1. Hi I'm still new to this. I have the caravan on.my drive and charge the battery every 2 weeks. Do I need to put the master switch on to charge the battery? Or is that something different?
  2. I have one of these in white fixed to the back of the caravan with tape. I glue magnets to the number plates and then changing the plate is easy. https://www.towingandtrailers.com/product/trailer-parts/chassis-body-parts/body-chassis-fittings/number-plate-clips-2/no-plate-holder-flush-fitting-2/
  3. Our new (to us) caravan had it's first use last night, unfortunately not by us. Since we have had the caravan life has conspired to stop us going away, and last night our daughter and her friend wanted to stay over after going to the music festival in Southampton. Because we didn't want to be kept up for hours by them we put them in the caravan. Everything went well and they had a great night. I know we made the right choice when they came back from the festival and asked if we had put beer in the fridge. I'm just a bit disappointed that we haven't had chance to use the van yet. We have a sick dog and can only go away every other weekend as the dog has to go to the animal hospital every 2 weeks. And we are very much fair weather campers. Still we have to have some luck soon. I hope.
  4. I got a cheap one from Toolsration a couple of years ago. So far it's been good. Used it last week to wash the caravan. Still working fine only niggle th e gland nut can get loose when in use but just nip it up again.
  5. Thank you everyone for the advice. I am worried about the battery having the battery fail when using the mover to put the van away. It is a long drive and has a 90 degree bend so can only be done with the mover. I replaced the battery, and will.be much more careful from now on.
  6. Hi I have 2 water rolls and they both leaked from the caps. 1 is an aquaroll and I got new seals on ebay, all sorted.The other one is a royal and I cannot find new seals anywhere for that. I have bodged it with p t f e tape and it is holding, but does anyone know if new cap seals are available, and from where. Thanks John
  7. I am with LV, this year the cost when up from £ 206 to £294. I did 2 comparison sites as well as direct line. LV was still the cheapest. This year we only have 1 car, I am now retired, but self employed part time as a consultant for my old firm. I don't have a company vehicle so now need commuting and as we only have 1 car we need a like for like replacement car after an accident. Also I'm not sure if at 67 I have reached the age where the the cost will go up as I age. It was still a bit of a shock
  8. Thank you the radio display stays on all the time. I must remember to switch off the master. I had been swapping the lamps over to leds, I switched off the lights but not the master. Now I will have to see if I have ruined the battery. I know the voltmeter on the caravan is not reading correctly, normally about 1.5 volts under but even so bringing a battery back from 9 volts may be asking a lot. I'll post again when I know. Thank you all for your replies. John
  9. I'm just flushing the water system ready for our first trip. When I switched on the pump it was very sluggish and the volt meter was showing under 9 volts. I have not charged the battery for 3 to 4 weeks and I had left the master switch on. Now I've connected the EHU all is working and volt meter is showing 13.8 so the charger is ok. Do I need a new battery? How long should a good leisure battery hold the charge? Is it because I forgot to shut off the master switch?
  10. Thanks for the fast replies my aerial has only 1 as the other one has broken off. Don't often listen to the radio anyway. I just wanted to know in case. Thanks again
  11. I am new to this, and I have just washed the caravan when I was washing the tv aerial I found a teliscopic aerial in it's side, which I presume is for the radio. If it is for the radio how do I extend it when on site without a ladder? I'm fairly short and can't reach it
  12. Not had a bike for about 5 years since we sold the Harley. Now I'm about to retire full time, I'm thinking of getting a small bike. I fancy a Royal Enfield. The first bike. I had after passing my test on Honda 90, was a Royal Enfield. They're made in India now.and not too pricey.
  13. I have some time to go but so far so good
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