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  1. Unfortunately a cloned caravan, or car for that matter, will not show up on a CRiS or HPI check and the HPI companies warn about this when buying a check. Also chattel mortgages do not show up on HPI checks and people have lost huge amounts of money on s/h motorhomes, possibly caravans too.
  2. Thanks for all the replies, I will try to find where it's coming from.
  3. Thanks for the video, the floor is not spongy it just has a creak, for the moment I'm thinking of just leaving it, if it gets worse I will have to take up the floor covering and deal with it over the winter. I'm used to dealing with this sort of thing in a house but not in a caravan.
  4. Hi I have a 14 year old Bailey it's in good condition but the floor, has developed a creak in the middle as I walk on it, I can't get underneath it as the caravan has a double skin floor and I don't want to lift the floor and wreck the lino etc. Is there a fix anyone knows about please?
  5. We, like a lot of people, started with a tent them a campervan then motorhome, now we have a caravan at the moment the caravan is a good fit we love having a car on site and returning after a day out to a caravan all set up. There's a bit more faffing about with a caravan especially with an awning, but worth the effort.
  6. I have just the awning and it's fine I have 2 poles for holding the front up to make a canopy, we don't have a lining,but we don't use it except for storing our stuff and sometimes sit in it if it's windy
  7. When the work is finished you can get a gas safety check done by a Gas Safe registered engineer who works on caravans. Then no problem with the insurance.
  8. I still have my first caravan, I bought an older one as coming from a motorhome I was not sure we would like it. This will be our third summer with it and we love it. We did intend to keep it a year and buy a newer caravan but we like the one we have,it has needed a bit of work but is serviceable and I can fix all the equipment on it. I don't think that's the case with the new stuff so I now intend to keep it as long as possible.
  9. Thanks for the replies, I hope it will be ok. This is our first caravan, we bought an older van to see if we liked caravaning before buying a newer van, after having a motorhome for years. We now prefer the caravan, and love our old caravan so much we have decided not to upgrade for a few years, we didn't pay a fortune for it and this will be our third summer using it, if we can get another few years out of it we will be happy.
  10. The wall is solid and the van is 14 years old so I'm intending to make do and mend
  11. Last year after I had some damp under a front window, I re-sealed all of the windows with sikaflex, two window on the offside have high readings, I can't get under the third window and it's too close to the worktop. All the other readings are below 19%. I did have a leak in the roof about 6 months ago but I have sealed that. I don't know if this is just residual dampness from the roof leak or if I have a bigger problem. The offside takes all the wind and rain as it faces north. Should I just leave it for a couple of months and test again?
  12. Thanks it's working now so all's well, thankfully I have a 90 Deg bend in the drive and it can't get around without the mover.
  13. Thanks I have now put the tape on. I did a temporary repair and left it over the winter until I had a dry warm day. I cleaned off the old silicone and then cleaned with meths, I used a wallpaper roller to fix it down then sealed the edges with sikaflex, so I hope.its watertight now.
  14. Hi everyone I have just moved the caravan for the first time since last September and at first it behaved oddly. When I started toove the van each wheel would turn but not both together. I disengaged the mover and ran the motors for a bit and then tried again and now it's fine. Could it be a build up of verdigris on the brushes? has anyone else had the same problem?
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