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  1. The police don't enforce anything now apart from speeding, murder and of course expressing "wrong thoughts"
  2. I think we were very lucky when we bought our van I didn't ask about damp, the seller did tell me everything worked. It was in storage so no chance to check the electrics. The seller seemed honest and we got a good van, however on the first outing on hook up the electric water heater element failed, I didn't blame the seller, it worked when they sold it so the repair is down to me. If you bought a 14 year old car and something went wrong after a couple of months it would not be a responsibly of the seller. On another note, I have used the small claims court in the past, and as long
  3. Because the caravan is getting on now after most trips I have a few jobs to do, the main job is a leaking roof, I have tried to seal it, the leak is at the join from the rear panel to the roof. I have put some silkaflex on but will put some sealing tape over it when we get some dry weather. I have sealed the shower screen which also had a leak, the other two jobs were improvements. I fitted an extra 13 amp socket over the worktop, the only other one is at the side and cables had to be streached across the sink, which always seemed strange. And I replaced the old 12 volt florescent lamp over t
  4. Thanks I will try the silkaflex first but if it doesn't work I will go for this.
  5. Hi everyone, I thought I had fixed the leak in the caravan when I resealed all the windows but with all this rain I find that there is still a small leak. As soon as the weather changes and we get a dry day I intend to get up to the roof and remove the rear strip at the joint, this has been sealed with silicone and I will remove as much as possible and reseal with silkaflex. Is it likely that there is a leak at the side join? Is it worth running a bead of silkaflex along the top of that as well? I should say the caravan is a 13 year old Bailey and apart from this and a leaky shower scree
  6. I have never replaced a thermostat on a caravan oven but I have removed a cooker in one. I would expect to take about an hour to replace a thermostat and up to an hour to remove and replace an oven in a caravan, unless the space is very, very limited it should not take longer. Labour rates will likely be around £85 per hour, the thermostat will not be discounted as it will have a gaurentee for a year, and if it fails the whole job will have to be done again, for free.
  7. If it was me, I would write to the dealer giving them a chance to repair, or I will have the repair done myself and if necessary take out a claim in the courts
  8. Does the flame look blue? Is there any cooking residue in the oven?
  9. We bought our caravan from Facebook, nice people and a good van
  10. I can't remember the name of the site,but there is one in Southsea, I have stayed there and it is next to the beach at the quiet end of Southsea
  11. Seeing this I am so glad I didn't need to do it. I just had training and assessment by the instructor. I am confident towing and reversing,but not sure I could pass the test, although the setup I have now is well under 3500
  12. Following the advice, today I resealed all the windows on the caravan. It is 13 years old so due for it, I hope that sorts the problem, I will get up and check the roof in the next day or 2 but I need to get some more silkaflex first.
  13. I hadn't thought of that, the only damp bit is by the rust I will check higher up
  14. On our last trip I found a small patch of spongy wall, looking outside at exactly the same point I have rust marks on the outside. I suspect the joint has started to leak, at the moment the damage is very little and I intend to clean the joint in the outer wall and seal it with clear silicone unless anybody has a better idea, I am only guessing .
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