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  1. Thanks for your help. After looking at many Van's, we have now decided not to go ahead. I will get a 12v compressor fridge and a leisure battery, we have a camping gas ring, so in reality we would be paying £10,000 for a portable toilet. We may look again in a few years when we need to replace our car.
  2. Welcome, I have been doing this for just over a year, so far in spite of several mistakes nobody has been killed and the caravan is still in 1 piece. So I'm sure you will be fine
  3. I am very new to this caravaning thing, I may be opening a can of worms but why would the hitch lock be a problem? I have towed trailers and always put the hitch lock on to make it less attractive to thieves
  4. A lot of people tow with an Elgrand, I used to have a Mazda Bongo and I towed a lot with that, but I have just found out that grey imports (non-EU) do not have a GTW listed on the data plate, so cannot legally tow anything. I doubt there would be a problem with Plod but a DVLA checkpoint may be a problem, and the real worry is after an accident when the insurance legal people get involved I have been looking at the VW Caddy Maxi Life I have seen one for about £19,000 that is auto and 4x4 2019 and would do the job. Would properly sell the car if we bought that as it would do everything we need. We are going to have a look at one soon and see if it wold be easy to fit a removable day unit in the back after taking out the 3rd row of seats.
  5. Hi I have been looking for a vehicle to use or convert as a day van. It must be able to tow the caravan currently just over 1200kg but would like a bit extra capacity for when we replace it, ideally 4x4 and ULEZ compliant. We had almost decided on a Nissan Elgrand, but found out that they cannot legally tow. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks John
  6. I don't have one but from memory there is always water in the tube, have you tried adding water?
  7. I have a full licence due to age but when I got a caravan I did a course using my car and caravan. Towards the end of the training I was starting to loose concentration, I told the trainer and he said it was best to stop. I had no pressure about having to pass a test and was using my caravan, so I have a lot of sympathy with the OP who likely had the pressure and fatigue towards the end of the test. The first time I had to reverse onto a pitch I needed 2 goes, but at no time was it unsafe, so a fail for taking too long, while under huge pressure is in my opinion, unfair.
  8. Ex-Gasman

    Day van

    I had a Bongo before it is a great tow vehicle, the one I had was diesel and 4X4 but they are old now, pats are getting harder to find and the MPG was not good. So, sadley, we have decided against another Bongo. We don't need a camper, just a day van, when we had the bongo we had a portable toilet in a cupboard and when we used it we closed the blinds (electric) and took it out of the cupboard It is similar to the Autosleeper Duetto we had before we made the switch to a caravan, we just want something smaller, and cheaper as well. Don't want to spend more that 10 k
  9. Ex-Gasman

    Day van

    Hi I switched from a motorhome to a caravan last year and we love it, but I miss having the motorhome for days out, so we want to get a day van, it has to be able to tow the caravan, be heated , have a fridge , a toilet and a gas ring. I'm happy to make a lot of changes after we get it. Don't want to spend too much on it about £10,000 any ideas please?
  10. Hi all , I'm on a site and the solar seems fine,bit the forecast says rain for Wednesday, is my freestanding solar waterproof? It has wires and the controller exposed.
  11. Thanks I thought it should be Ok but I wasn't sure
  12. Hi this is my first time with solar, should I disconnect it when it goes dark? Can the solar draw power from the battery? Thanks in advance John
  13. I have only had a caravan for about a year, before that I had a motorhome, and a lot of the equipment is the same. I did have to learn about towing and took a course which has been invaluable. Before I bought the caravan I checked to towing capacity of our car, I was surprised when a few dealers of secondhand caravans had little idea about the weight thing. Eventually I bought a secondhand van privately and I was lucky to get a good one for a good price. I wanted to get a cheapish one to try it out before spending big money, however, we love the "cheapy" so much we intend to keep it for as long as we can keep the damp at bay. I do agree that some of the newbies will come unstuck, I just hope most will be lucky.
  14. We are waiting until Monday, we have most things ready and I have turned the fridge on today ready to put food in tomorrow. I will finish loading everything and turn the caravan round on Sunday ready for a start on Monday morning, after, hopefully, the traffic has gone down a bit.
  15. I put a towel over the ladder, it gives me some protection from the splashback from my water fed brush
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