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  1. I got a lot of quotes and f1 Autocentre were cheapest by a long way. When I had the tyres fitted the manager explained that they sell them at a loss in order to generate customers. It worked in my case, I went there for brakes and have just booked a service. If you know which tyres you want go on line and call for the lowest price
  2. Whilst I don't like the breath test in principle for reasons I have stated earlier, it is all we have at the moment, therefore I would support random testing. I suspect most drivers would as long as it was done in a timely manner, nobody would want to have to wait 20 minutes to leave a car park. The real problem is, as with other crime, the lack of police to enforce the law.
  3. This was how the second hand caravan I bought was advertised. I offered the lower amount for everything and it was accepted . This is my first caravan after changing from a motorhome. I got a wastemaster, aquarol, hitchlock, porch awning motormover handle, winder, spare wheel, gas bottles and pads for the steadies, I did not get an electric lead and a lot of the seals on the aquarol and wastemaster leaked. I have bought many campervans and motorhomes and never been given an electric lead, or passed one on.
  4. Can you get the mirror off? if so what about a larger mirror in a frame stuck on?
  5. Ex-Gasman


    As others have said, the real problem is too many cars on to few roads. Not sure about raising the limit for caravans, I remember the first time in Franc when I was overtaken by a car and caravan doing over 100mph, very scary and I wasn't towing at the time. I think 60mph is just fine.
  6. yes but only in trials with a driver in charge, and even when they become legal, if they ever do, they will be too expensive for most of us. The first users will be taxi and HGV. So I will have to be a good boy, most likely for ever. Today I went for a pub lunch, I drank 1 pint of beer and drove home on the route I did not cause an accident, exceed the speed limit cross a white line etc. When I got home I fitted a brake to my great nephews bike, this included drilling a bolt in order to make a pinch bolt ( a steady hand required) so according to some people on here I am lucky to be alive.
  7. I'm 67 I doubt any self driving cars will be around in my lifetime, although you never know. If it was a totally self driving car the passenger would be irrelevant so could be ***** as a fart.
  8. Not true I have been breath tested only once in 50 years and it was so green that even the cop was embarrassed. I do not drink and drive, but I still think the law has flaws, the automatic ban is one flaw also being drunk on charge of a vehicle when there is no intention to drive is also wrong. If I was someone who did have a drink in a pub and wondered if I should sleep it off in the back of the car or risk driving I would know that I was far more likely to get caught if I did stay at the pub, so I would risk driving as the penalty is the same, how is that right?
  9. I'm not having a pop at you, just pointing out how ridiculous the drink driving law is. I would prefer that no person was convicted by a machine, as is the case now. However that is not possible due to the numbers involved. I would like a system where it was able to determine if a driver was drunk and not capable of driving safely but a machine cannot do that yet so we have the present system which has many flaws. I would not want this to be taken away until we have something better, which I'm sure won't be in my lifetime. The best hope is for self driving cars, but that is a long way off too.
  10. A lower limit abroad is one thing but the penalty is not the same as the ridiculous UK law. Driving is such an important part of life these days, banning a person who is slightly over the limit and no danger is not right. If you think that you will be banned for a pint, why not have 2? There is no evidence that people just over the limit are causing accidents, it's the ones 2 or 3 times over the limit who are the problem. It comes down to attitude, if your aim is to save life and reduce accidents then more enforcement of the existing law is the way. If on the other hand, you want to condemn people for doing something that has little risk but offends you, then a lower limit is the answer. They did that in Scotland and it had no affect.
  11. When we bought our awning we asked about an electric pump the dealer said get one if you want but you won't need it. He was right the awning pumps up quicker with the manual pump. I'm a fit ish 67 year old
  12. Ex-Gasman


    I haven't got a lot of experience rowing having changed from a motorhome. Due to family circumstances we didn't have many trips this year, our longest journey was to Kent from Southampton on the way I put our Suzuki Vitara petrol auto into sport mode and it towed well, for a petrol, but did an entire tank full before we got there. On the way back I drove it in manual mode and still had about a 1/4 of a tank left when I got home. When we replace the Vitara will probably get diesel, as long as they sort out the emissions, petrol is not good for towing but our daughter lives in the low emission zone in London.
  13. Thank you everyone for the fast response. The caravan is stored at home,and it doesn't have an alarm, throughout the summer when we didn't get away as much as we would like for family reasons, I just put it on hookup every couple of weeks or so, but now it will be a while before we use it I wanted to take to battery off and forget about it until we use it again, so I'll probably get a conditioner / charger and leave the battery in the shed over the winter. Thanks John
  14. Hi this is my first winter with a caravan and I'm not sure what to do with the battery. I used to have a motorhome so I'm happy winterising the caravan but im thinking of removing the battery and connecting a battery conditioner. I've had a look online and the prices vary hugely from about £50 to many hundreds. I'm not going to spend hundreds to protect a battery that cost just over £100 but I would be grateful for some advice about which charger to buy. Thanks John
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