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  1. Ex-Gasman


    I would not feel safe at 40mph on a motorway, I've always thought 50 is the minimum safe speed on a clear motorway
  2. I've had one and the condensation runs off the roof to the lowest point, so depending on how level it is the condensation can be a nuisance or not. A drain would be a good idea but I doubt is practical when you consider the wind forces at 70 mph in a storm etc. We just put up with it, it mostly came to the front and down the windscreen, but not always.
  3. Feeling smug as we filled up the day before the panic started, lucky as we nearly left it as we were in a hurry to get to FIL's but down to 50 miles so would have been difficult if we had left it. Now with a full tank we can last at least 2 weeks.
  4. Is there a leak? I had a small leak cause this problem and didn't find it until the leak got worse. Also is there a drip from the boiler dump /drain valve, I had the problem again on my current caravan, I replaced the drain valve as it was wet, I also fitted a non-return valve, all sorted.
  5. Just another update, although I doubt anyone has seen the latest post since the mods merged it with the old one. I checked the 13 pin plug and found several loose screws, I fitted the new plug on a site with inadequate tools after the 7 pin plug was destroyed, and didn't have the correct screwdriver. I tested the caravan and the car with a tester both good, I can't connect the car without turning the caravan around, so that will have to wait.
  6. After I thought I have fixed the light problem below, a strange thing happened on my way home. After hitching up I did the usual light check, all good, but after about 20 miles the warning light on the dash came on again. I couldn't stop straight away as I was on a busy road, but as I drove it became obvious, from other road users, that the brake lights and indicators were all working, as were the side lights. When I did stop and check everything is working as it should but I still have the warning light on the dash. Going back a few months I had a problem with the 7 pin plugs, so I changed to a 13 pin plug, but I've towed several times with the new plug without a problem, I have a tester for the lights and the socket and everything tests out good on the car and the caravan ( it is only a 7 pin tester but it checks all the lights) I'm going to check every connection on the plug again but I'm not sure what else to do, so any ideas would be very welcome. Thanks John.
  7. Just wanted to update the people who helped, I checked the plug and found the screw loose on the earth wire, number 3 terminal, after I tightened it everything is now working and the bulb indicator lamp has gone out. Thanks for the helpful replies. John
  8. Thanks for the replies, I will have a look tomorrow.
  9. Just as I got near the site a warning light came on, light fault. I've have a check and I'm fairly sure it's an earth fault, does anyone know where the earth points are on a Bailey Pageant 6 please? I am going to crawl under the caravan before we leave, but a heads up would be useful, thanks.
  10. I have 100w solar but not roof mounted, I try to keep it pointed at the sun and have not had a problem even with several hours of TV although after August I use sites with EHU. Unless you have a lot of solar and 2 batteries short cloudy days will not be enough to keep up. The cost of EHU is going up and a Genny may be a better way to go, but the cost has to be worked out, when I was working, I found out how easy it is to spend a fortune, saving money 😉
  11. Auto braking on motorways is, in my opinion, very dangerous, I had it on my last car and having it put the brakes on suddenly because someone has nicked your braking distance is very scary It only did it once, I turned it off every time after that.
  12. I try to keep the caravan in good order, so every trip I list any problems and fix them before we go away again, this time I had an intermittent water pump cycling fault, we finally got fed up with the far too strong magnet on the sink cupboard door and the 12v supply being too far from the TV. Yesterday after checking for leaks on the water system and finding a drip from the dump valve, I replaced the valve and fitted a non-return valve as well, that seems fine now, I've changed the magnet for a smaller one. Today I am going to fit the power supply, but yesterday I found a failed gas strut on the gas locker, I found one online and I'm hoping it will be here on Friday. The caravan is 14 years old so I suppose I should expect things to go wrong, but there seems to be a job or two on every trip now 😕
  13. Does it heat on gas? are you using electricity? if electric it may have had air in the boiler and burned out the element
  14. I used to have a Suzuki Vitara petrol automatic, that had a manufacturers towing max 1200kg my caravan is 1238 it towed that with no problems and no turbo, the engine did rev a bit but it would pull uphill without slowing down. The car had a 1700kg limit so the caravan was well under the legal limit, I put the lower towing capacity down to the petrol automatic, the diesel manual has a higher towing limit on the same chassis.
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