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  1. try this https://www.google.com/search?hl=en-GB&sxsrf=ALeKk003Pvk578EktK557b3GjEjs_OZdxA:1585741470250&q=Barbecue+grill&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&tbs=simg:CAESpQIJ-lwy_1KcH9zAamQILELCMpwgaYgpgCAMSKJMGlAbsBYwBlgGCEtAMxxXNDJkC8yf0J68npzaFNes9rifCNfEnpjYaMCZDPlZrUOH7ha0jSf3eGgVzfqAhmQ_1q8xVm3fTaQxnQNKDQdVjwdjrpHDklRiGa-CAEDAsQjq7-CBoKCggIARIEjezQCAwLEJ3twQkakQEKGAoGY2lyY2xl2qWI9gMKCggvbS8wMXZrbAojChBjb21wdXRlciBzcGVha2Vy2qWI9gMLCgkvbS8wNWZtaHAKGwoJc3Vid29vZmVy2qWI9gMKCggvbS8wY2Y4OQoYCgVwbGF0ZdqliPYDCwoJL20vMDUwZ3Y0ChkKB2NlcmFtaWPapYj2AwoKCC9tLzAxeDVxDA&fir=e7KzdUga7WFsvM%3A%2CMUOJWVjojpdvZM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kQ11GBqj1mpH68jF_xB5zVuZzYqsQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwihw6iok8foAhUD2aQKHZ3uDlkQ9QEwA3oECAEQBg#imgrc=e7KzdUga7WFsvM:
  2. I joined a gym when I retired, and now cannot do much in the way of exercise, I have borrowed a barbell and a dumbell from my BIL and I do something with them but it's not the same.
  3. I do think mental health will suffer greatly, I have a niece who has had mental health problems in the past, but is doing fine now, but she is now at home with 2 small children 24/7. She cannot have visitors or go out for more than a short walk. I hope not, but she may have a relapse if it goes on too long. I think most will cope while it is going on, but when it is all over a lot of people including doctors and nurses will have real problems with PTSD. I saw one doctor interviewed on tv, she is coping with up to 7 patients a day dying ,and she doesn't have time to spend explaining to relatives what happened. Most people cannot cope with that sort of stress for too long without problems.
  4. We had the on line membership until Mrs Ex saw the mag at the dentist and said we should get it, so I changed the membership to paper and we yet the mag. But they are all the same and we don't read it now.
  5. I had a blocked soakaway I dug it out and cleared the blockage. I found that the muppet who replaced the downpipe had left it about a foot short. So I dropped the pipe and cemented it in. All good but the pipe is now a foot short. I know of a merchant which is open and has stock, but is the trip essential? I thought not so I bodged it.
  6. Thanks everyone for the replies.
  7. I've never done one, and the seal looks good it's just pushed up, I think it may have had a leak for some time and I have not noticed, it is only visible with the window fully open, I suspect the wood may have swelled with the damp I'm hoping it dries out and gives me a chance to sort it.
  8. When I did the damp check I found one reading which was a bit worrying. Just under a front window I had 38% this was very localized, today I washed the caravan and I found the window seal at the bottom of the window gas risen up, I tried to push it down but it would not go fully back down. Will it be OK to leave it and when it has dried out seal it with silicone?
  9. The problem with creating money is it leads to inflation, which will take our pensions and leave us in poverty. If it comes to it and I had a choice, treat me at 68 or a 27 year old with kids??? I have already lived longer than my father and elder brother, so what do you think my choice would be?
  10. Remember everyone ,this is the first time in history we have had the chance to save the human race by staying home and watching TV. Don't screw it up!
  11. I was working on the van today and noticed that the battery charger was not working, so I had a quick look at the consumer unit and while I was there I did a test on the RCD it tripped off fine but would not reset no matter what I did it was FUBAR'd thankfully it did not go when we were away on a site. A bit of luck the local B&Q had one in stock so got that and fitted it, just slightly thicker than the original so I had to trim the front of the consumer unit to make it fit and all fine now, but the battery charger was still not working, so after a bit of searching I traced that to the plug had come loose. So all in all a good day, and on the plus side I now know how the turn off the charger when I need too. Later this week I will fit another external power socket to the front wall so I can keep the van on ECU without the trailing cable we have now. I am looking for things to do now we can't go away any more.
  12. I did a full damp check on the caravan today and for the most part, very good. 2 readings were a bit high, one under one of the front windows was 38% and another around one side of the toilet was 27% . I am going to reseal the window and check around the toilet compartment. The floor at the rear on both sides is damp enough to feel a bit spongy, I will dry it out and I have bought some damp wood repair to put on, then I will repaint and hope that has got it. Not as bad as I thought.
  13. We used the spray mold remover it seems to have worked and until I put in the dehumidifier, which is not removing a great deal of moisture, I left all the windows on ventilator settings (after finding mold) I am thinking the dehumidifier was a waste of money and I will open the windows and roof vent next week Thank you everyone for the replies. John
  14. Thanks but I will have to find it first , I am a service engineer and I'm happy to work on all the equipment, but have never looked for the charger. I will have a go tomorrow.
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