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  1. Probably a slightly loose fuse heating up and burning the fuse holder for the lights. Do you have any 240v lights? If not get a 240v table lamp to keep going. Then an auto electrician to fix it, may need a new board. Good luck.
  2. We tried to book a pitch for this weekend on a site in Poole but they were fully booked, so we booked for next weekend instead, and now it's rained all weekend, so glad we did not get in, but feel a bit sorry for the people who did.
  3. Ex-Gasman


    I drive a bit slower these days too, but when I was working I had to drive at the limit to try to get the calls done. Will have to do it again next week, as "they" talked me into working for a month. Will have to re-set my mindset. I doubt very much the speed limit will be increased, the whole traffic management seems to be designed to slow traffic down. Every "improvement " makes the situation worse. It is one of the main reasons I decided to retire in the first place.
  4. I don't think it is waterproof it's made to replace the old cigarette lighter socket in a car with 2 USB ports. I'm not sure if I will use the USB port's. We are new to caravaning and I'm not sure if our solar would cope with charging 2 phones, and if on hook up I'll use the 240v USB adapter I have now.
  5. The meter I fitted has 2 USB sockets so needs thicker cable to run.
  6. I don't know, we haven't used the caravan yet, I only put it in yesterday. the one it replaced was analog but if it is too bright I'll put black tape over the usb cover, on our van the panel is around the corner facing away from the bed end so it should be OK.
  7. Managed to post the pix from my computer at last
  8. I reduced the size to 3.1mb but it still wouldn't upload
  9. Ever since we bought our second hand Bailey I've not been happy with the original volt meter. It was an old analogue type and always read under by about 1 volt. So finally got round to replacing it today. I got a digital volt meter with 2 USB ports from Amazon I had to break the old meter into bits to get it out as it was glued in. Once the old meter was out fitting the new one was easy. Now I have an accurate meter and 2 extra USB ports. I was going to post a picture but it won't let me, sorry.
  10. We have a petrol tow car, it is OK but it doesn't have the power of a diesel and uses a hell of a lot of fuel when towing. But the car is not towing for most of the time and unless a diesel car is new it will not comply with emissions regulations. Our daughter has a year to change her diesel car or pay a huge tax to take it home. Because of the regulations her car will not be worth much when she sells it.
  11. We had a main dealer tow bar fitted to our Suzuki Vitara, we were offered the splitcharge feed for an extra £100. I think it is standard practice. Probably from the days of the white socket for the splitcharge. It does need a relay and extra wiring so we didn't worry too much about it. Seems to work with no problems so far.
  12. I downloaded movies and complete series to an sd card in my phone then using a lead from ebay I play the downloaded content on my TV using an HDMI port. My phone is a Samsung S5 I tried this with a Chromecast and could not get it to work. It needs full a router not just wifi
  13. Had our first run out with the Vitara, it's a petrol 6 speed auto and it did cope but, on the way out I put it in sport mode as normal mode didn't like the caravan, the car pulled well but drank like a fish. I had to fill up on the motorway, something my Yorkshire heritage is very much against. On the way back I ran in manual mode and used a lot less fuel. I know diesel would be much better for towing but that is not the main use for the car so I'm fairly happy with the outcome.
  14. We had a pvc and I drove it most weekends because I didn't want it to stand for long periods. We never used Aires we like to camp with table and chairs etc. also the pvc was too small without the awning, we also like to stay in 1 place for a while. So the motor home was 13 years old and we wanted to renew it before it started to be unreliable, thought long and hard and decided to try a caravan. The only thing I miss is the motor home was great as a day van, as a pvc we could park it almost anywhere. Not ruled out getting a small camper as a day van. But at the moment we're very happy with the caravan.
  15. Someone should tell the French. The number of times I have been in a car or on a bike at 80mph and then overtaken by a car towing a caravan doing over 100mph. First time I was shocked but after a while I got use to it.
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