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  1. Think the infill I purchased was 13mm. I will try ordering a sample of the 15mm. Thanks for that tit bit. Would not have thought of that awning rail. Most of the infill has gone white and green mould from burgundy.
  2. Hi all, Need a little help please. I bought some aluminium extrusion infill to replace the old faded and shrunken infill around the door. It has made a huge difference to my 20+ year van and fitted well. I also have more aluminium extrusion across the sides/back/front and awning rail etc which has either faded/shrunk/solidified and I wish to replace the infill. What worries me is that you have to unscrew the caps at the ends and also I've tried putting the infill in a section that's come away and it seems loose in comparison to around the door. I hope this had made sense. Anyone had any e
  3. I have these on order. It's a good Idea, great minds think alike. I think I'm going to pour some water on the light to double check if water gets in elsewhere. The only outlet I could use is the external 240v plug socket. Which would defeat my main goal which is to keep the wiring up high and not dangle from the top of the van down. Wanted to keep the cable away from my young children. Might have to look into running the cable through a window and to a socket. I could try find a way to wire a 12v 2. 1mm female socket in to one of the top cupboards. Is it poss
  4. Hi All, I'm in the process of making new LED strip lights for my awning. I am following a fab tutorial on making them provided by Dan Trudgian. I know many would have seen this awesome project. What I need help with is some how modifying my current awning/door light which is 12v so I can plug in the new awning strip lights. Can I simply wire them to the Bulb connectors? As most of the Led strips are made using 2. 1mm DC Sockets and Cables could it be posible to use the bulb terminals and install a female 2. 1mm DC socket to the underside of the light. I hope this
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