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  1. Also A member of both, use mainly CL/CS sites choosing based on location, have used both clubs main sites occasionally as well as commercial sites. Have my Caravan insurance thought CCC. If you look into the discounts offered by retailers etc they differ from both but can often save you more than the subscription per year. Hope you enjoy you caravan.
  2. Damage Barton Nr Woolacombe North Devon, close to beach and most if not all pitches have sea views (site is terraced). Only issue is if the fog comes down as cant see anything then, but to be fair none of us can control the weather.
  3. Done Hope 'A' level goes well, but a hint caravan makers don't actually ask owners/ users
  4. Not Sure what age your current Crv is, I have had a '17' plate Auto 2.0l petrol and a '65' plate Auto 1.6 Diesel both will tow 1500kg. Towed with both and never experienced any issues like you describe, even on a very long continuous tow where if it was going to overheat I would expect it to. Both were good tow cars the petrol being normally aspirated was much slower up to speed and slower to accelerate but would happily cruise. The diesel obviously had more torque and acceleration was better but personally preferred the petrol. I expect either of these would be in your budget.
  5. If you have a stabilizer hitch as most caravans doo now then it need to be free from all grease and paint. If you have a non stabilizer hitch it needs to be greased.
  6. HI I have a Dart picked up on1st June but ordered at NEC in Oct thought my local dealer. The size of the wheel is 51/2 J x 15 ch ET30 the tyre size is 195/70/r15c 104/102r. The only place I have seen this wheel for sale other than thought dealer is Prima leasure (Part of the Bailey group). Can't help on cost as dealer including as they initially thought it came with one and to be fair immediately they found it didn't they said they would get me one. Not sure why the brochure says it has 14" wheels as all models including the one displayed at NEC had
  7. Might be worth giving Freedom a ring and asking them re the ones they have listed. I had a Freedom many years ago and think that like most caravans/ trailers they use fairly standard rims. The should be marked something like 5.5J x 15 they will also have a 'ET' number this is the offset. You probably won't be able to read it if rusted but may be able to read spare, or look in handbook,then look on websites (google western towing or trailertek) that do trailer spares many of them sell rims with or without tyres, alternatively take this information to a local decent tyre place (I find the indepe
  8. I agree with the above, but just check that it is pressed home fully on pipe, as you away it may be worth contacting your dealer and see if they may allow local repair or replacement and reimburse you latter so that it does not affect your holiday too much.
  9. It should provide all road lights but not power to charge battery/ power fridge. You could buy some 12/13 core cable (only 12 needed) and a plug and socket and wire your own up if you want to have full function.
  10. If it is the same as my previous van (1995 Swift Corniche) the switch has a central position between 'van and car' this is the position it needs to be in when towed. The 'Car' position is just to allow you to use the car battery if hitched up but the leisure battery was flat for example. Also depending on the van it may have a relay that takes a small time to change over once it gets the switched 12v from the car. Hope this helps.
  11. The 12v setting is only designed to keep the fridge cold while towing, not to bring it down to temp, also it is not normally thermostatically controlled as the mains and gas are. The gas setted is often the most effective so if this is not working well there may be an issue with it, common faults are blocked gas jets. This is general information as I don't have that exact caravan or know which fridge was fitted to it but they all, absorption 3 way fridges work the same way. May be worth getting a caravan service engineer to service van, if it not been done for a while
  12. Sorry that it has taken me a long time to leave a review. Firstly thank you to Blackhart for the wonderful journal of his trip to Morocco and back. It should be also noted that he is not making money out of this (although I don't doubt that he could sell it commercially) but to help a worthy cause which I am sure like many of you, like me, will never have heard of. The Journal itself is both comprehensive (nearly 200 pages) and entertaining. When I asked Blackhart for a copy I was not sure what to expect but in reality had expected maybe 50 pages max, well I wa
  13. Have the same van a 1995 version. Assuming you are talking about the underslung tank, it is indeed an onboard water tank. it should have an external drain hose that looks similar to waste hose obviously with a tap on it. if you look in the bed box at front o/s (by Fridge) in the front RHS it has a cover under this you van see the top of a small part of the tank. There are two connections one with (i think) 3 wires that's the level control the other takes a submersible pump. similar to one put in water carrier. the switch on the panel allows to switch between internal and external pump. be awa
  14. This sound tricky, but have you considered using a motor mover as that would hold the van and be able to move it without having to push it by hand and get handbrake on. Whilst I have not used one, as not got one on current van, believe from others that they can cope with fairly steep slopes, mabe asking one of the manufacturer's of these would clarify their ability.
  15. Depending on how practical you are you can do it yourself, I replaced one similar myself and it was not difficult. You can probably find a video on youtube, but basically you normally remove trim from inside van, about 8 screws, the inside trim then comes away. Next you remove the rooflight from above cutting the sealant with a blade. Now clear area and apply new (non setting sealant) put new roof light in place from above, (if you can get someone to hold while you fix from below its easier) but if not I managed to hold from below while fixing back the trim with the screws this clamps the roof
  16. I have a refillable gas bottle (alugas much lighter than any tank) fitted in the gas locker of my caravan with a filling point on the 'A' frame and have never had any issues filling. I second KontikiKid advice above an Talk to Autogas 2000 very helpful. Jon
  17. Thanks for posting those links I often download podcasts to listen at work so have added them to my phone.
  18. hope this helps jjandbetty but i have just measured the diameter of both the jockey wheel on my caravan (i think an alko as its not the original) and on my trailer plus an old broken on and the diameter where it goes through the clamp and at top where you 'screw' it up and down is 48mm
  19. Happy Christmas to all, hope you all have a great 2020, and enjoy your caravanning/ motorhome trips both to new and old places, Jon
  20. Have Crv 2015 Usb plugs in inside centre armrest box, you get I think 5 years updates included, as previous poster said need to format usb to sat nav in car, download Garmin express and update via pc. Then put usb back in sat nav to update this can take some time and think it has to have engine running can do while driving, but cant use as same time or interrupt it once started. Make sure you use a blank usb as it has to be formatted to car, think book tells you min capacity, cant remember off top of my head. It is easy enough when you done once.
  21. Sorry I have no idea, as I have caravan that I store on the drive, but a neighbour does have a motorhome, which he keeps on a shared parking area at rear of houses(he doesn't have driveway), not aware he has had any issues,. I would imagine the best thing to do would be to Talk to your neighbours and see what their reaction is, if you are planning to get a motorhome and park it at home; but if parked so as not to block peoples views/ light I can't imagine most reasonable people would object.
  22. Can't tell you the difference between the crossclimate and crossclimate suv but had the former fitted to both my last Honda Crv'S good mileage and took my first CRV round Finland and Sweden in winter (nearly to Norwegian and Russian border) in Jan/feb snow, Ice and -30 (they have snowflake symbol so comply with the law for winter tyres). Took Snow chains with me but didn't even get close to needing them. Got everywhere locals did many of which had studded tyres fitted for winter (was not towing on this trip) Would highly recommend them.
  23. I will do let's hope we soon have some Clarity on these and other 'Brexit' issues. Jon
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