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  1. Thanks for posting those links I often download podcasts to listen at work so have added them to my phone.
  2. hope this helps jjandbetty but i have just measured the diameter of both the jockey wheel on my caravan (i think an alko as its not the original) and on my trailer plus an old broken on and the diameter where it goes through the clamp and at top where you 'screw' it up and down is 48mm
  3. Happy Christmas to all, hope you all have a great 2020, and enjoy your caravanning/ motorhome trips both to new and old places, Jon
  4. Have Crv 2015 Usb plugs in inside centre armrest box, you get I think 5 years updates included, as previous poster said need to format usb to sat nav in car, download Garmin express and update via pc. Then put usb back in sat nav to update this can take some time and think it has to have engine running can do while driving, but cant use as same time or interrupt it once started. Make sure you use a blank usb as it has to be formatted to car, think book tells you min capacity, cant remember off top of my head. It is easy enough when you done once.
  5. Sorry I have no idea, as I have caravan that I store on the drive, but a neighbour does have a motorhome, which he keeps on a shared parking area at rear of houses(he doesn't have driveway), not aware he has had any issues,. I would imagine the best thing to do would be to Talk to your neighbours and see what their reaction is, if you are planning to get a motorhome and park it at home; but if parked so as not to block peoples views/ light I can't imagine most reasonable people would object.
  6. Can't tell you the difference between the crossclimate and crossclimate suv but had the former fitted to both my last Honda Crv'S good mileage and took my first CRV round Finland and Sweden in winter (nearly to Norwegian and Russian border) in Jan/feb snow, Ice and -30 (they have snowflake symbol so comply with the law for winter tyres). Took Snow chains with me but didn't even get close to needing them. Got everywhere locals did many of which had studded tyres fitted for winter (was not towing on this trip) Would highly recommend them.
  7. I will do let's hope we soon have some Clarity on these and other 'Brexit' issues. Jon
  8. Thanks for the advice camping with no facilities if fine for me as often use sites with none and will make sure I keep enough water with me for that 1st drink etc I have joined the Caravan Saloon club, but thanks for the tip, will try to make my approach and research 1st so I can be focused as I'll only be able to do two days there as with other commitments and travel wont have time for more. thanks Jon Thanks will look out for them. Jon
  9. Thanks for the information it's very helpful, I assume many German dealers would be happy to sell for me to take to the uk?
  10. Thanks I was thinking of a couple of days, so glad you confirm this. Is Access to the site easy enough for caravan (will be towing with RHD car) Was thinking it would be about 3 hours from Hook of Holland port does this sound about right to you?
  11. Thanks for you reply, you may be correct but believe that some van in their ranges do come as 7'6", would be great to hear from anyone who has been or is a German resident. Jon
  12. Hi all, been viewing posts here for a while but this is my first post so I wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 35 yr old man; I caravan with my cat. I have owned 2 caravan including the one I have now. I have camped in tents before as well. Been camping most of my life, starting as a boy scout, continuing with my now ex wife when we were together and upgrading to a caravan (a little freedom due to the tow car we had at the time). I now have a 1995 Swift Cornice 15/2E, which is towed by my current 2015 Honda Crv . I am looking to buy my first new or nearly new van next year, probably around March/ April I also intend to change the car in March next year so am not limited by the car, which is why I am now looking to decide on van so can make sure tow car is a good match. I have no issue with size a have full class one (C+E) truck licence and drive for a living. I camp on a range of site but often small sites such as cl/cs's so want to avoid 8ft wide vans due to possible access issues, I'm not bothered if single or twin axle but going towards single a little. Want a fixed double bed, preferably at rear, washroom etc amidships. I nearly always use my own facilities and often stay on sites with non so need everything in van. I caravan all year and try to go away for my days off work (work a 5 on 3 off nights rota) at least once a month. I have looked a many British vans in dealerships but am interested in German/ European vans as well. Has anyone been to the Dusseldorf show thinking of going for a couple of days, via Harwich and Hook of Holland with my caravan and cat. Likewise has anyone stayed on the onsite campsite it seems best option as can go straight form Hook of Holland to site in evening and be on site for day after. Any comments or suggestion most appreciated. Have driven quite a bt in Europe but not with van but not confident in doing so. Sorry for such a long first post hope I post in correct section otherwise please can the Mod move. Thanks Jon
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