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  1. They wanted £290+ VAT to supply and fit two taps. Assuming they are not switched looks like I can pick them up about £30 a piece. I appreciate the kitchen one will be harder as the fridge will need to come out but in my eyes thats more than Im prepared to pay for something as simple as a few bolts.
  2. Unfortunately the cartridge sections appear to have completely failed, I have a feeling a descale would make it worse to be honest. Im not worried about the work to change to be honest, just want to be sure I'm purchasing the correct replacement(s). Matt
  3. Potentially a sill question, how would I know if it was micro-switched? I would assume it is purely based on the fact that obviously when you turn the tap on the pump starts to run, probably a very basic question as I say but very new to this. Cheers, Matt
  4. Morning all, Just wondering if anyone could confirm/point me in the right direction for replacement taps, the current ones are knackered and leaking and my local caravan shop wants an eye-watering amount, I'm determined to find them cheaper and install myself if possible but there seems to be a myriad of options available on the market. Cheers, Matt Note: having issue attaching media, will try to add to the thread below assuming upload stops failing.
  5. Afternoon, Any recommendations for a good quality winter cover please? would also consider second-hand if anyone has anything for sale at the moment. Cheers, Matt
  6. It all seemed pretty tight, he said he had tightened it up and it was OK for now however when I started braking when towing it would leak oil/grease again and could cause an issue or for the van to hit the car whilst braking. It all felt fine last time I was out with her though, if I would even notice a difference when towing that is.
  7. The service centre are telling me its a whole unit that will require brakes to be set up etc after being replaced, this is why I said no to the work it just seems such a crazy amount for one section...I'll check out LSD, thanks.
  8. Afternoon All, Hope everyone is well! The Van has just had a service and they have found a few things that require some attention, just looking for any advice or recommendations anyone way have on the following; 2009 Bailey Senator Series 6 1) Hitch Damper (V200) Ive been told its leaking oil and have been quoted £470 incl labour to replace, there is a picture below to highlight the piece in question, anyone have any thoughts on the severity of not having it changed, cheaper options to the quote (Breakers/ebay links) or even knowledge of what the actual part is called? 2) Cracked shower, - any suggestions for places to procure the white flexi plastic sheeting that I can use to over-seal the shower unit walls due to a crack that appears to be letting water in.... 3) Caravan cover for the winter, what are the best options for something waterproof that wont damage the van/blow away. Appreciate any thoughts anyone has on the above, still finding my feet with everything so look forward to any insights you can offer. Cheers, Matt
  9. Thank you for the advice, the swan neck is only just over 3 years old as it was supplied when the car was new, it almost looks as though its actually never been used in all honesty, worst case I wont risk it and buy a new one, but thought it was worth asking the question, I'll add a picture this week if I can, it might bring my initial concern to life a little more. Cheers, Matt
  10. Morning All, Just after some advice please, I've changed the better half's car this week, also the tow-car. It transpires that the detachable tow bar, which I checked was present, has a completely rusty ball that I didn't spot until last night. It seems solid but I was just wondering if there are any top tips for removing said rust? Were talking flaking surface, not just a few spots here.... Thanks in advance for any advice, I read tin foil and vinegar but it cant help think it might need something a little stronger. Matt
  11. The F-I-L changed the wiring several years back now, the alarm and tracker have their own battery installed and are not linked to the main leisure battery. He runs his own alarm/fire alarm business so has easy access to replacements when required and tells me that it only needs changing once a year due to the battery type, I think, and its a bit of an educated guess, the battery in use is from a commercial fire alarm installation where batteries must be replaced annually even if never used and are good for a significant number of years after, size wise its about the same size as a bag of sugar.
  12. As far as I can tell as a precaution, Iv'e recently changed the battery for a much heavier duty "motor-mover" ready battery as the Halfords one that was installed was several years old and didn't appear to be charging correctly, that's what got me thinking really.
  13. Morning All, A question, caravan batteries, my father-in-law historically would always disconnect the battery when leaving in storage, even for a few weeks. I cant see the point in all honesty, nothing is switched on, the alarm and tracker operate from a separate battery inside the van. So, my question, do you disconnect your battery and if so, under what circumstances? It would also be useful to understand if I should be planning to remove the battery and store at home during the winter season, I suspect the answer is yes as I wont be using the van for a prolonged period of time. Simple question that probably has very obvious answers, only been on the scene for a few months now so still learning! Cheers!
  14. Morning, Just thought I would share a recent encounter with Paul @ Tourershine. (http://www.tourershine.co.uk/) In summary, Nice bloke, fantastic results, well worth the money and highly recommended! The pictures below don't really do the before or after a huge amount of justice, you'll just have to take my word for it that the sides are as good as the day they came out the showroom, with a few additional dents of course!
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