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  1. Thank you for the advice, the swan neck is only just over 3 years old as it was supplied when the car was new, it almost looks as though its actually never been used in all honesty, worst case I wont risk it and buy a new one, but thought it was worth asking the question, I'll add a picture this week if I can, it might bring my initial concern to life a little more. Cheers, Matt
  2. Morning All, Just after some advice please, I've changed the better half's car this week, also the tow-car. It transpires that the detachable tow bar, which I checked was present, has a completely rusty ball that I didn't spot until last night. It seems solid but I was just wondering if there are any top tips for removing said rust? Were talking flaking surface, not just a few spots here.... Thanks in advance for any advice, I read tin foil and vinegar but it cant help think it might need something a little stronger. Matt
  3. The F-I-L changed the wiring several years back now, the alarm and tracker have their own battery installed and are not linked to the main leisure battery. He runs his own alarm/fire alarm business so has easy access to replacements when required and tells me that it only needs changing once a year due to the battery type, I think, and its a bit of an educated guess, the battery in use is from a commercial fire alarm installation where batteries must be replaced annually even if never used and are good for a significant number of years after, size wise its about the same size as a bag of sugar.
  4. As far as I can tell as a precaution, Iv'e recently changed the battery for a much heavier duty "motor-mover" ready battery as the Halfords one that was installed was several years old and didn't appear to be charging correctly, that's what got me thinking really.
  5. Morning All, A question, caravan batteries, my father-in-law historically would always disconnect the battery when leaving in storage, even for a few weeks. I cant see the point in all honesty, nothing is switched on, the alarm and tracker operate from a separate battery inside the van. So, my question, do you disconnect your battery and if so, under what circumstances? It would also be useful to understand if I should be planning to remove the battery and store at home during the winter season, I suspect the answer is yes as I wont be using the van for a prolonged period of time. Simple question that probably has very obvious answers, only been on the scene for a few months now so still learning! Cheers!
  6. Morning, Just thought I would share a recent encounter with Paul @ Tourershine. (http://www.tourershine.co.uk/) In summary, Nice bloke, fantastic results, well worth the money and highly recommended! The pictures below don't really do the before or after a huge amount of justice, you'll just have to take my word for it that the sides are as good as the day they came out the showroom, with a few additional dents of course!
  7. I actually got it sorted whilst at storage, I have recently moved the van and the new location has an onsite bodyshop/service centre. I dropped the keys off and a few days later picked them up, they pulled it out, changed them over for me and put her back into storage. £150 all in which I didn't think was too bad at all! checked the dates and within the last 6 months so all sorted!
  8. Morning John, Sure, personally it just felt a little rougher round the edges, the landscaping wasn't as well kept the facilities didn't look as appealing. Having said that, the on-site shop was far superior and they did have the regulator I needed that the CMC didnt. The staff at both sites were lovely, the C&CC perhaps a little more welcoming on my visit to the shop however my general feeling, as I say, is that the CMC was a slightly better site for us personally, although I would have no hesitation staying at either in all honesty. Hope this helps, appreciate it's a little non-committal but in the grand scheme of things I'm splitting hairs between the two as essentially they are a stones throw from each other and if you took the signs away and knew no better you perhaps wouldn't even notice you had stumbled into a different site.
  9. We stayed at the CMC site a few weeks ago, very nice facilities and lovely walks, including a fenced area within the site for dogs to let off some controlled steam! We walked past the C&CC site on the way to Sandringham House Cafe, it looked OK, not as well refined as the CMC however it was busier if that makes a difference.
  10. Really useful, I wonder how many forget to check and assume they are relatively new. Cheers
  11. Seems a very logical approach ha! I wasnt sure if Kwik-Fit would attend an address that wasn't "home", a site for example and equally if the site would allow a mobile technician access to come and change the tyres...I'm just trying to avoid having to go and collect and physically take the van to a tyre centre in all honesty and just wondered what the other options were.
  12. Afternoon, Just wondered if anyone had any experience of companies that will visit you on-site to replace caravan tyres, does such a service even exist? My father-in-law seems to recall a company that would come to you on-site and get them changed, possible Happy-campers, although a quick search isn't giving much away.
  13. It didn't appear to cause any issues at the weekend, It's personal choice but i'd take 2 mins of "impact noise" over 20 minutes of hammering into hard ground, each to their own though. I'm a pretty considerate guy, I wouldn't use it in the earlier hours or late at night of course. This one does not have the option to turn the impact off, however when you are doing the legs up/down it only requires a little pressure on the trigger so the amount of "impact" force is relatively low. Fortunately this one is only around 1.5kg with the battery connected.
  14. I've just started using a DeWalt 14.4v impact driver, picked it up with two batteries, a charger and case via Facebook for £80. It's a little noisy I wont lie, but it gets the job done on both the legs and the screw pegs for the awning. I suffer with a bad back so bending for that amount of time isn't really viable, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
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