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  1. don`t forget the beer the wine and the glasses and have a great time . there`s always someone will to help you out and give you a hand and share a beer with so don`t worry there`s no problems that can`t be solved, relax and have fun
  2. think you have to look round for the best deal for you. the way I feel about the ATC is it`s there when you need it . there ways some lorry and bus drivers think it fun to see a caravan snaking . we have all seen them on the motorways all the best weekender
  3. I would like to thank you all on all your opinions for and against ATC . both side have made good point about ATC , Will be getting one fitted , ….. thanks again Alan
  4. you all are making good points it makes a good debate for and against
  5. Hi All `I`m thinking of buying a Adria Adora Isonzo 613 DT . Has anyone had a ATC fitted to there caravan and what they like to tow with the Adora range thank alan
  6. thank-you still up in the air with it . seen them at caravan show at the NEC Going to have another look in feb at the NEC show again . do like the Adria vans, they seen better builted that the UK caravans Alan
  7. would a volov xc60 awd d5 2. 5 pull aAdroa Adora 613DT Isonzo ?
  8. hi we are looking at the new Adria Adora 613 DT Isonzo . what is bugging me is the length of it, at over 8 metors on a single axle. what are the like to tow could anyone give me some advice on it and what the caravan is like after using it a few time . thank Alam
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