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  1. Whoopee - back into the Bailey club having purchased a Grand Palermo to be picked up in March :-) Let's hope it does the job. Am I worried about the extra width? A bit. I've never towed a Twin Axle before so that will also be interesting. Quick visit to Tesco Carpark on a Sunday for some practice I think. Anyone else have one of these vans? Cheers TP
  2. Good afternoon All, I arrive this evening with news. The second opinion has come in after the van spent all day at the workshop. The second opinion has told us there is nothing wrong with the van and they will happily take it as part-ex. My initial thought was that they may just want the sale of a new van so I’ve made them write their findings into a report so there is no comeback on me. I can also take this report to the first warranty shop and show them. Needless to say I am annoyed with the first place. That could have cost me a lot of money for work that didn’t need to be done. We are not amused. So - thanks everyone for the advice and discussion. Regards TP.
  3. Morning all, Thanks for all the comments regarding this issue. The caravan has gone to another Swift warranty place for a second opinion. I cannot understand how the side could be out and not put stress on anywhere else in the caravan. For example, if the side had moved, surely all the sealant around the sink/kitchen unit would be stretched and broken? Surely - screws would be out somewhere. The only indicator we have seen is the bottom of the kitchen unit where the wood which runs across the bottom as ripped down from the screws. That is it. Nothing else has shown the original garage that the van is out of 'alignment'. So the second opinion people are putting it up on a ramp today (hopefully). If all goes well then they are keeping the van as we look to upgrade to a twin axle. Thanks again everyone. TP
  4. Thanks everyone for the comments. TP
  5. Hiya oldboy - the warranty shop I use told me it had been potholed and this is what they have told Swift. Nobody has mentioned axle issues at all in correspondence with me. They have only told me one side is out and have said it is safe to use. TP
  6. Hi oldboy - I'm not sure what they are talking about. Apparently the door side is out of alignment from top to bottom. How they have tested this I don't know. Durbanite - Thanks mate. I've been reading through.
  7. HI All, To cut a long story short, our Swift has been into the warranty shop several times since 2016 with various issues. We've had screws falling out, doors coming off, hinges not closing properly etc etc. At the last service we were told the van had to go back to Swift because it had been potholed. Whaaaat? We've had caravans in our family since I was a child and I myself have been towing for over 20 years. I've never had this said before. Apparently there is a difference from bottom to top. I don't know how the warranty place have tested this. The issue has been lodged by them with Swift and it is due to go back for testing/work - meaning we are without our caravan over Easter. This all makes me very nervous. Surely a caravan is built to be driven. I've not hit a pothole or a kerb with the caravan. I know (I guess we can all say that). Neither does the caravan get loaded. I've been told it's safe to tow - but if it's out of alignment then how can it be safe? Should I be getting a second opinion? What if they tell me that the warranty shop was right? How do they prove it? Surely a metal chassis cannot bend? Surely if one side was out of alignment then the rest of the van would have stresses? My wife is close to tears about it all as we were going to change the van this year. If anyone has advice - I'd love to hear it. Cheers TP
  8. HI there, Just signed up to get some advice and hopefully contribute over the coming years. Seasoned caravanners on our fourth van over 25 years. Regards everyone, TinPot Boy
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