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  1. Hi all, area is South Wales near Newport . Thanks
  2. Hi, can anybody recommend a provider to undertake a caravan survey/condition report/assessment Thansk in advance. regards
  3. Thanks, I have called ‘Which’ . I have a consultation booked in for Wednesday . I’ll let you know how it goes . Thanks
  4. Hi, thanks for you reply. Faults as follows: 1. Failed tow stabiliser on collect. Rectified. 2. Water system failure in first couple of weeks. Took numerous telephone calls and discussion but eventually rectified by dealer. 3. Pelmet electrical unit fell from ceiling within 3 weeks. Rectified by dealer. 4. Trim peeling off from kitchen unit. Rectified by dealer during serving at 10 months after purchase. 5. Indentation in side of van from waning poles in general use. I wrote to dealer stating van should be at suffiecnet strength to accept the force of awning Pole withit effecting it’s apprarance of integrity. Dealer responded and do not accept this to be a defect. 6. Rain water entering van through poor window seal when towing after 10 months old. Called dealer and told them. Currently not to rectified. 7. Water ingress and damp through front rail and window causing internal damage after 1 year old. 8. Damp entering side/front of van after 1 year old. Informs dealer and they inveistagted and confirm front of van would need removing, reasealing and Interbal damage repaired. 9. Issues with external paint work of van / blotches /white patches appearing after 10 months and they are permanent. Informed dealer during first year service handover and they did not rectify. 10. Door handle failure/sticking on bathroom after 6 months. Dealer said they wound rectify during first year service but did not do so. As you can see there are lots of issue and I have totally lost confidencen in the van. The worst being the latest issue which is damp ! There is no finance on the van . I paid with a debit card. Where do I go from here ? Need some advice ?
  5. Hi, looking for some advice. I bought a new Elddis 840 in April 2018. I have had numerous issues and problems with the van. A lot of them minor, but some are bigger issues. The latest problem is a major issue in that I have damp/ water ingress into the van from the front. Took it back to the dealer and they confirmed that the front end needs to be taken off (under warranty) and re-sealed! I am now at the end of my tether with this van having paid £25,000 only 12 months ago and experienced issues that have been corrected under warranty and some issues which have not, despite it going back to the dealer to rectify. I have lost all confidence in the caravan and want to reject it and request it to be replaced with a new van. What legal powers do I have and he anybody experience this before?
  6. If you take this statement along with Elddis 10 year warranty on the body integrity, Which I believe the body has failed due to not withstanding the force of an awning pole, then I am struggling to understand how they are able to wriggle themselves out of this??
  7. This Is my main issue you see. I feel as though I have been deceived by both Elddis and the supplier. I did a lot of research on choosing a new van and made the decision to go with Elddis due to the statements made by the manufacturer and the supplier about the robustness of the shell to withstand high forces such as awning, kids throwing objects and the like. I have three young children so the misled build quality strength in the shell was my desciding factor in choosing this van! I feel as though I have been totally mislead. I believe I have purchased a caravan that has softer panels and shell than any van on the market. Ripped off!!! Yes very carefully worded, that totally misleads the consumer!!
  8. Elddis also state 'their solid construction can contend with 20N per square millimetre of applied force to the caravan!!. . .. And yet it cant even withstand the force of a standard awning pole pad!! what a load of #@!!~@!!!
  9. yes, intermediate dents only visible during close inspection
  10. yes 3 main poles and 2 intermediate poles. Dents in all 5 contact with the van
  11. 40% stronger?? surely this must be false. I never experienced this on my older van, or witnessed on any other vans the amount of damage it has caused to mine. if this statement is true then surely it must be a product failure as it should not have occurred.
  12. Hi All, thanks for your comments. as you can imagine I am absolutely distraught having paid £24,000 for a new van, and being told by the dealer at the time how strong these vans are, and that the shell was much tougher than ever before and would absorb a large force without denting. those comments went a long way in selling the van to me! I have attached another photo and the dents caused by the front and centre pole can clearly been seen from a distance. I used a Walkers 3. 0m width full size awning and erected it in accordance with the manufactures instructions. It was erected no different to any of my previous vans. i did not use tensioners to for the poles, they where basically tensioned by hand. my previous van was 15 years old and seasonal sited on the same site the same as this van. I have walked around my site and I can cannot find this on any other vans on my site. I have described this issue as 'not fit for purpose' because the van is not strong enough to support an awning (poles), which obviously it must be physically able to do so without causing damage. this is not the only problems i have had (although all now fixed), from a failed water system, failed door lock handle, internal trim peeling off, failed hitch lock on collection. this van has had problems from the very beginning. Not sure where to turn really as I feel I am going to have a fight on my hands with the dealer as i have basically got to prove that the shell is sub-standard/thinner than the design spec/quality in factory. obviously difficult without taking apart and testing by an independent dealer. i have insurance on the van so that may be an option but they may not see this as damage, which i believe is not. i believe it is failure of the product. if there insurance fix it then what is to say this will not happen again. just lost all confidence in it.
  13. I bought a new Elddis Riva 840 from 3 A's, Camarthen, Wales in April 2018. to my surprise following removal of my awning after the summer season, I noticed there were 5 dents appeared at every position where the pad connects to the caravan side/shell. This has never happened to me on any of my previous vans, and following speaking to many Caravan goers this is the first time they have heard of it. I have also walked around and viewed many caravans and could not identify the same issue on any vans on my site or others. I have spoken to the manufacturer and they state 'that this is not covered under the warranty has I have basically tightened the awning poles up to tight'. I consider this to be utter nonsense as I have not tightened it up any tighter than any of my others vans. also, am I the only one that has allegedly over tightened my awning pole and cause their van to dent!! I have written to the Dealer 3 A's and stated that under the 'Consumer Rights Act 2015' the van it 'not fit for purpose'. has anybody else experienced this problem?? and where do I stand??
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