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  1. Ah thanks ReggiePerrin - that points me in the right direction 😀
  2. Thanks Griff; nice explanation. I think the next thing is to try and get the panel off using as you say a blunt knife and see what the modules are. I expect it will then become clearer on how to source a module to fit - fingers crossed 🙏
  3. Do you mean a single to double splitter - or a replacement module providing two f-type connectors? phil
  4. Hi I am trying to find a replacement for one of the 12v sockets from my van, so I can fit a twin f-Type connector to allow a twin satellite feed. I am struggling to identify what I need as it has to fit the panel in the van (see attached image). Or I could change the middle coax and f-Type to a coax and 3 f-Types if such a thing exists. Anyone any ideas? Also, should add - anyone any idea how the silver face plate is removed ? Thanks Phil
  5. Hi Is it possible to combine a Sky Q dual feed to be sent over a single cable (using the single F-Type connector and cable in my van) and then split out the dual signals at the Sky Q box end? I am thinking of something like a 2 into 1 then 1 into 2 setup if that makes sense? Would rather avoid changing the single cable to a dual cable, so I can use the setup in different vans. Thanks Phil
  6. Thanks everyone for your advice. Will have a trip down toolstation and see what I can find Phil
  7. Excellent thanks. That is what I was hoping would work. Now to get some 32mm pipe and try it 😄
  8. How did you connect the caravan’s 28mm outlets to the 32mm pipe? Looking to do something similar and would rather use 32mm pipes, but can’t seem to find a suitable connector.
  9. Thanks; then I assume lengths of 28mm plastic pipe from the connection kit to the drain - using connectors to join the kit to the pipe and each section of pipe ? Phil
  10. Having just put the van on a seasonal pitch, I want to replace the corrugated waste pipe with a rigid pipe run. Can anyone advise what size of rigid pipe I would need to allow connection to the caravan waste outlets and any other hints and tips on doing this? Thanks Phil
  11. Well have to say we love our 2018 Clubman SB. No problems so far 6 months in, so hopefully they sort out the warranties for existing vans and get a solid range of quality new vans
  12. We have used it a couple of times; no problems, clean and well cared for. No problems with dogs or people leaving early
  13. Thanks everyone. Been towing for nearly a year - BMW X3 and Lunar Clubman SB; so I will be cautious if it is windy with gusts above 40 mph and delay travelling Phil
  14. As I am planning on towing in The Scottish Highlands in October and other places over the winter, what wind speed would people start to consider not towing? I assume there must be a rule-of-thumb for when it is not recommended and better to cancel plans or delays journeys Thanks Phil
  15. Check that the drain down value is closed. Sounds like the value is still open
  16. On a 2019 Clubman SB it is on the control panel above the door; right hand side, second button down. Well it is on my 2019 Clubman SB. Unless you mean the outside lights that light up the grab handles etc. In this case, it is one of the switches just to the left of the door, by then TV point. Took me a few minutes to work out how to turn those off 😄
  17. Or Haven’s Black Rock Sands site near Porthmadog - excellent for children and right on a great beach.
  18. Thanks Sea Dog and AlwynMike. Looking at the Kampa site, they recommend 25cms between window and door; so makes the 16cm look a problem; but it sounds promising that you don't have any problems. Need to do a remeasure at the van and see where the back of the awning falls with the various awning sizes (allowing 25cms from the door). Should then know the possible outcomes whichever one I go for, with hopefully worst case I cover a bit of the front window :-) AlwynMike - watching the various videos on YouTube for the Kampa, it seems straight forward enough :-)
  19. I am looking at getting my first awning and have narrowed the choose down to the Kampa Rally Air Pro for my 2019 Clubman. To avoid blocking the front window or the back window, I am thinking of the 330 which would run from between the front window and door, to the right of the back window. My problem is that the gap between the front window and door is only 16 cm and there is an awning light track projecting into this space. Anyone with a Clubman and Kampa Air awning? If so, does the awning fit between the front window and door? I am wondering if the flap that folds in from the edge would get in the way of the door? Appreciate all thoughts Phil
  20. PhilC


    Thanks for that. Will give it a go at the weekend. Not being able to read the pressure without moving the wheels is the only snag I have with TypePal; everything else is excellent.
  21. PhilC


    What was the routine they suggested?
  22. Just one point; you don't need the PSU on to use the "Locate" facility, which will also tell you the battery state and if the Alarm is armed or not (and if it has gone off). So I have found I don't need Remote Access, so leave the PSU turned off. Phil
  23. Yep top left corner of the PSU
  24. It needs the PSU isolation switch to be turned on (button in); as CharlieBoy2608 thought.
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