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  1. PhilC


    Thanks for that. Will give it a go at the weekend. Not being able to read the pressure without moving the wheels is the only snag I have with TypePal; everything else is excellent.
  2. PhilC


    What was the routine they suggested?
  3. Just one point; you don't need the PSU on to use the "Locate" facility, which will also tell you the battery state and if the Alarm is armed or not (and if it has gone off). So I have found I don't need Remote Access, so leave the PSU turned off. Phil
  4. Yep top left corner of the PSU
  5. It needs the PSU isolation switch to be turned on (button in); as CharlieBoy2608 thought.
  6. Quick question - but I can't find it in the handbook; anyone know the flush tank capacity on a Lunar Clubman SB 2019? Thanks Phil
  7. I can report I picked my new Clubman SB 2019 up a few weeks ago and so far not found any problems at all. Here's hoping that it may long continue to be fault free :-)
  8. Having just registered my new van with LunarAssist, I can’t get Remote Access to work; it just returns an error saying can’t establish a communications link. This worked when I was on site with the caravan all powered up, but van is now in storage with the PSU turned off, but still with the 12v battery in place. The Locate function still works and I would have assumed Remote Access would still work, but does something need to be left turned on in the van for this to work? Must admit the web-site for LunarAssist is primitive to say the least! thanks
  9. Thanks both. Too many things to remember at the moment, so good to have confirmation 😄
  10. So, picked my new Lunar Clubman up yesterday and spending two nights learning the ropes. So far all has been excellent and no snags found 😄 Tomorrow I will put the van in the storage yard for a couple of weeks, but have a question. I have a solar panel fitted so I can keep the battery charged whilst in storage, and the alarm can be on. Given this do I still turn off the PSU when I leave the van, or does this need to be left on? Thanks Phil
  11. I am wondering about a jack; doesn't come with one and I don' have one in the car (run flat tyres on the car). Hmm.
  12. Too late - got an electric low wattage one; gift from my parents (who have one in their caravan) Picking the van up on Friday, so hopefully now got everything I need; then 2 nights just down the road
  13. Depends on the model. My X3 has a 100 kg limit
  14. Thanks John; understand now
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