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  1. Easy T I'm just going off what I'm told. Because I use it as accommodation for working away some class that as business use. What I don't want to do is assume because I'm not actually running a business from the caravan that it's all ok and should the worst happen, it go missing, the underwriters then tell me my policy is void. There's no clean definition of what they term as 'business use'. Like I say, some are classing what I do as business use, some say I need a residency policy because I use the van all year, the variation between insurers of what they deem acceptable and unacceptable is massive. The last insurer that quoted me yesterday stipulated that any one trip within the boundaries of Europe can last upto 240 days but it doesn't cover any form of business use which using it for workrelated purposes they class as business use
  2. Yes Segapod I tried NFU, I need to have another product from them i. e home insurance Jaydug I was under the exact same impression but I was told what I interpret to be leisure/business is different to the underwriters. .. crazy right?! Easy T I've explained that until I ran out of patience. It's temporary accommodation away from my home address which is what a touring caravan is. There's no ties to any business, I use my personal vehicle to tow and travel to and from so it puzzled me. The two week thing, even the AA said they couldn't insure me because I told them I would be 3/4 weeks in the van then a weekend at home
  3. Morning all. How are we? I'm seriously stuck with insurance and in serious need of help. I've spoke to around 30 different insurance firms yesterday and got nowhere. ... I have a permanent address in Yorkshire, a propper house with windows and doors (I had to explain this in great detail to some insurers) This is where the problems arise. ... I work away from home, digger driver. I'm usually away for around 3 weeks and then go home for a long weekend. Rather than use hotels I tow my caravan around with me (2011 Bailey Unicorn Valencia) as it's home comforts with being able to cook and what not. I only stay on registered sites, the van is as secure as it can be, alko wheel an hitch lock, jack leg locks, factory fitted alarm and tracker however I'm unable to find anyone willing to cover anything over than holiday use/leisure. When not in use it's stored at CaSSOA Gold accredited compound, the van is CRiS registered but because I'm using it for over a 2 week period in one trip (Caravan and Motorhome Club) or it's a permanent residential or because its business use I can't seem to get anything at all! Has anyone has any experience like this or know of somewhere that offers cover for people working away from home? Really appreciate any help, thanks!
  4. Morning all I'm Kris, just joined up yesterday! Just recently upgraded from a 92 Swift corniche to a 2011 Bailey Unicorn Valencia. Had a van about 3 years, I work away from home so I spend atleast 5 days a week in my home on wheels, usually around 50 weeks of the year!
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