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  1. Hi all power back up was really hot here yesterday about 37 so think could of done something to it. Sparky come out sometime in next day or two
  2. Hi, My 240 plug not work in caravan but one out side does. When I went to plug my multi box in to point it started clicking sound and smell came from it. And now non of the 240 plugs work in caravan?? Any idea's I will be checking fuse soon but I think is sparky job. Thanks
  3. Not a normal door sorry but would be making it out of ply wood treated for outdoors.
  4. Hi, I am hoping to be able to put a door and door frame for my front entrance of my awning. Has any body done that before. I know couple people at my camp has but there not around to ask at the moment. I live here at my site full time in NZ. If any body has done something similar could you post your images of it to give me ideas Thank you all.
  5. Hi all, The cable tie seems to work strong winds again not as much noise from it. Thanks all for tips.
  6. Thank you so much for letting me know my first full year and rest of my life in my caravan in New Zealand.
  7. Hi, I have a aqua roll pump in my aqua roll container. When ever high winds south westerlies it blows around and keeps hitting wall making noise all the time. Is there any way to stop the pump from hitting inside of the container in high winds it is very annoying sound Unless it is something under caravan? Thanks
  8. I need the water filter very yucky water where I am I not use that cupboard any way so put it to some use. There is no filtered water near by and saves me buying water since I live in caravan full time.
  9. Hi, I got made my new carpet the installer came out today to put in the awning. Just have to push the top of the wall carpet to the caravan and use some double sided tape then will look better Got them to install a marine carpet for wet area. My home all most done I now also have water filter installed.
  10. Hi on my awning on both sides I have storm straps. We have very strong winds come through where I am located in Richmond, NZ. I have a roof storm strap as well but do I need it on? This is the awning I have in the image below the awning is more even now then in image Thanks all
  11. Not a great start to living in caravan I also may have to take down awning and replace the awning rail as water issue. Very expensive start around $4k spend on awning and caravan repairs.
  12. I have now changed my corner pole position easier than I thought Hope this looks better
  13. You mean something like this https://uk-caravans.co.nz/product/roof-rafter-pole-bracket-pad-clip/
  14. Not sure how I would add extra roof poles I will take a new photo tomorrow afternoon and post it on here to see what you think. fixed add on but will see how I go with awning. @Les Medes I do have 5 roof poles so is OK. Just trying to do the final tweaks. Before I put false floor in etc. I have only been on this site three weeks now. Will be my first year in caravan. Never put awning up before but you are correct my awning is 1100 I am located in Nelson, NZ
  15. Just needs to be moved up slightly trying to get everything done before next big rain. I am in nz and expected to get 90mm rain next few days from Friday
  16. Hi, I have to change my corner roof poles. But I would like to know the best way to do it so not have to take down whole awning. I was thinking of undoing the guy ropes on the corner but leaving the storm strap on on side? I am by my self living so just need to make life easy so not have to take it down then re do it. Thanks
  17. Cheers for tip; To re position them do I release the tension clip then undo the rail clip then move then re tension after. I am new to putting awnings up Thank you
  18. Hi, I would like to know i how far up on corner should the corner roof poles should be My awning is size 1100 Thanks
  19. Thanks for that trying the non awing side first in next week or so just got to get materials now.
  20. Hi I am located in Nelson, NZ We have very strong SW Winds up to 74KM sometimes. The draft skirts still letting in the very strong winds and pushing awning out. I am permanently living in my caravan what would be a better solution winds coming through draft skirt. I was thinking plywood in front of it screwed with stakes into ground. I will be putting proper wood floor in next few weeks. Thanks
  21. Yes my dad checked with a volt meter and worked fine
  22. Thanks Dave will look tomorrow not sure.
  23. I all ready know that one as said in first post. I have checked that works fine.
  24. Just took the manual home to parents place. I will be lifting seat up tomorrow Sorry the title spelling mistake
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