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  1. Thanks do I need to put any plumbers tape around the insert part?
  2. Hi I have whale uh0814 filter coming this week does any one know how to swap over and if there is a online manual? Thanks all.
  3. Hi When I went clean my container I had not done since moved to my new spot nearly a year. I turned pump off let air out of taps and unplugged the water connection that goes into the caravan. I I cleaned out the aqua roll container then plugged all back in filled up closed taps and turn pump on then let it prime ran all taps one by one for 30 seconds to a minute how ever still very low pressure since doing that even for hot water use to be quite fast. Any ideas me think is to do with Whale UH0814 Aqua Smart Plug and Filter Comb when I did pull out there was some black water mold strips around it could it be the filter blocked? The part that goes in the water. Thanks All.
  4. I changed the bulb can't but black ring back over now broke but at least light works now. I will get them all replaced once I can to modern ones.
  5. I live in my caravan so I am using lights more often just like a normal house only down side is they get very hot. I can not afford to have them all changed over to modern ones yet. I am at club waimea caravan park
  6. Thanks John I will let you know how it goes tomorrow it night time here in Nelson, New Zealand my first year living full time in caravan 10 months so far.
  7. I got the black ring off now but now what I do to take glass out?
  8. I know that but not know how to take cover off the black strip around the case looks like holds glass in but not sure how to undo it.
  9. Don't have the manual here at the moment sorry No this is not led just normal there is a black strip around light glass moves so I am thinking that comes out some how?
  10. Hi I have not replaced the light bulbs in the image below before how do I take cover off to replace them? They are 12v light one of them has blown. Thanks
  11. Hi all power back up was really hot here yesterday about 37 so think could of done something to it. Sparky come out sometime in next day or two
  12. Hi, My 240 plug not work in caravan but one out side does. When I went to plug my multi box in to point it started clicking sound and smell came from it. And now non of the 240 plugs work in caravan?? Any idea's I will be checking fuse soon but I think is sparky job. Thanks
  13. Not a normal door sorry but would be making it out of ply wood treated for outdoors.
  14. Hi, I am hoping to be able to put a door and door frame for my front entrance of my awning. Has any body done that before. I know couple people at my camp has but there not around to ask at the moment. I live here at my site full time in NZ. If any body has done something similar could you post your images of it to give me ideas Thank you all.
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