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  1. The front skylight has not issues stops the wind fine.
  2. Hi, In my bailey senator louisiana series 6 above the bed there is a skylight. How ever on windy days some of the wind can sill come through even though it is closed. How do I stop that from letting cold air through even though fully closed? Thanks
  3. I am just unsure as my first time living in caravan and don't want to cause fire. Its near winter in New Zealand where I am
  4. Hi, I would like to know when on electric mode do you need the fan on because at the moment the fan sounds like it hitting against something rattling. I am going to get someone out in next couple weeks to look at it but just would like to know if you need the fan on when using the electric method not gas. Thank you
  5. Hi I am based in New Zealand. I would like to know if any one can recommend me a shower mat that can help the flow of water to the center where drain is? I am in a 2006 S bailey senator louisiana caravan living in full time enjoying it. Thanks
  6. Hi I would like to know why my barrel lock keeps coming out in my top toilet when I put key in and unlocking it? I have a bailey senator louisiana 2006 What do I need to do to fix it?
  7. I think the reason why caravan power tripped on mains is because I used the 2000watt setting on heater then the 2000watt it's autumn where I am getting colder and the Jug to make a cup of tea. So not going to have them going at same time now,
  8. Hi, I had my first power cut today lucky was the mains power switch went first. But I would like to know is it wise to keep a few fuses for the caravan it self? It's my first year in caravan so learning a lot now as it's going to be my main home. I also am working on new piping for my waste water to go in to my waste water tank.
  9. Hello thanks for the reply. I Just have another question when I have gas heater on in winter do I need one window open? It has a celling fan which lets in fresh air even though not open but stops rain. I am new to the caravan life. Its a Baileys senator Louisiana
  10. Hello, I would like to know if any one has had gas heating on in winter for a few days. And how long would it take to go though a standard size gas bottle. I am based in New Zealand and I am trying to work out if it cheaper than normal power. Because my site rent fee is $117 and that includes power. I live in my caravan full time.
  11. Hi, I found a dealer in New Zealand that sells the parts. Not cheap over hear $125 NZD + Postage
  12. Hi, I would like to know if any one knows this brand of vent for my fridge and microwave? I have Bailey Senator Louisiana 2006 I am after the winter vent covers. I don't know what they are on amazon. If anyone could find the covers on amazon for me and send me link would be great, I have attached the two images.
  13. Thank you I was able to remove lock but I just found out the lock part fits caravan fine but when I want to put the handle on not handle getting blocked by inner window. The gave us incorrect new one so I have to get another one.
  14. Hi I have added two images below. I have got given to me a door handle that I would like to use on my inside part of the door lock. Is that possible to change over The first image is the current one the second is the handle I would like to have Does any body have any idea how to change them over. Thanks
  15. The drain part working fine just the tray has a lot of water still on it. I think it is the floor tray design error has no slope on it.
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