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  1. Hello I have a bailey senator louisiana caravan s5 I would like to repair the mesh blind in the lounge inner roof light frame but not sure best way to take it down. I know there are four screws 2 on each end not sure what best way to go about it is. Thanks
  2. Hello I live in a bailey caravans senator series 5 Louisiana I need to replace the mesh roller part in the lounge sunlight section. Has any one done that I want to also change fabric to a shade cloth as well but still able to let air through. Do undo the screws in the image below?
  3. Hello I live in New Zealand and also live in my caravan full time with the awning all ways up. Is there a water poof cover that I could get for the roof of caravan while awning is up knowing that I can not tie it down on awning side. Thanks
  4. Yes it does come from bottle I turned it off and no sound me now thinks regulator
  5. Hi There is a new sound coming from my gas bottle in my caravan hissing and bubbling sound. I turned it off at tank and connector and the sound has stopped. What the cause of it is that normal? Is new to me. Thanks
  6. My one wont be gas as my one power included in rent $117 per week so will just get electric one under 2000w
  7. Hi I live in a static fixed long term caravan in New Zealand The roof mounted air con ones cost way to much in NZ as well as install. I am thinking of putting a home air condition unit in one of my shelf areas. Knowing that I have to take out the middle shelf parts and then put new stronger base timber and backing timber I would of course have to drill couple holes in floor for cabling etc. Has any body done it this way before? Can you share your pictures thanks
  8. Not really is quiet loud inside when run the shurflow ones but depends how you mount it. I not do anything for winter just leave it as it is because I have showers at a camp I use I just use it for dishes and getting clean water. You can do what ever you want just read up on internet what is best My first year living in one full time.
  9. Sorry this is not a whale filter as we had it put in by a water filter company in nz this one last 12 months the one in the out side tank is the one that replace aqua roll regular And also at end of the tap is called Male Tap Aerator
  10. Yes I know but is not what I am talking about in op I said gores mesh. This is the third filter i have undersink
  11. Thats why I put a another filter to make it easy to clean I have three filters one in tank one near pump and a fresh water house filter under sink.
  12. Correct its the brass ones in image don't worry about red hose all I had left
  13. Hi we found the issue the tap valve to let water in to pump had a gores mesh inside and that was blocked gunk so we removed that and all worked fine but since we removed it put another filter on line before pump so that can easier be removed for cleaning
  14. I will let you know back up pump coming in tomorrow
  15. I turn pump on but still run after ten or so min do I turn tap on while pump off. Or do I run pump while tap on for few min
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