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  1. Hi, Sorry bit messy I have put a support underneath my island bed. Just in case the other supports fail. Also going find away to stop sheets hanging down under bed like in image make things more tidy. Getting every thing all done before i move into my full time site. And getting the winter issues sorted out.
  2. Hi When I taste my hot water from caravan bailey senator louisiana series 5 2006 it's a strange smell / taste But is fine when it is on cold water? What could be the cause and how would I fix it? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Newbie question. With awning rail on the bailey senator louisiana series 5 2006 When it rains in some spots it over flows on sides seems to can't handle the amount of rain. I thought the awning rail was to take the rain like a gutter. Does that mean I need to clean the awning railing? Thanks
  4. Thanks just working things out before I move in the caravan park. Saves me buying a 2k Sat dish
  5. Hi, With the status 530 aerial is that using DVB - T Or Analog TV (Cable/Antenna) Thank you
  6. All good now I found out what the issue was attenuator switch need to be to the left and also there was another white TV antenna cable different from the two of the black cables and the white one was new one so I switched things around and all working now.
  7. Hi, I am located in New Zealand so a few plugs have been changed over by importer for NZ standards. My caravan is Bailey senator Louisiana series 5 2006 imported from UK. The UHF Status 530 and booster works fine to test it I unplugged the two aerial cables and direct connected my UHF free view box and I can get all the channels fine. And when I put the aerial cables back and use the plugs they not work. Any idea why that may be? I am having one thought is when the did the conversion they disconnected?? Plugs shown in image below.
  8. HI, I would like to know if possible to take off the old UHF TV aerial mount as shown in image underneath the black rubber support? Because I would like to put my sat dish in same spot. Thanks
  9. I can afford automatic one only windup
  10. Sorry I don't want to have it on the ground I have a temporary one at the moment on the ground but the area that I am moving could be stolen so after roof mounted
  11. Hi, I have bailey senator louisiana series 5 2006 in New Zealand. I would like to know we have this product NZSAT WIND-UP SATELLITE DISH would like to know if the roof could handle the NZSAT WIND-UP SATELLITE DISH. I am going to replace the old UHF one because the UHF not work in NZ I have attached the image of it. Thanks for your time.
  12. Hi, I would like to know if anyone knows how to remove the internal window frame as what is in the image below. Is there any instruction manual I can get on line? Because we have a leak coming from out side somewhere to inside at the bottom of the internal frame. Thank you
  13. Thanks for the information. I am going to Talk to the caravan dealership as we only brought it used in April so it still may come under warranty. The skirting under it when we lifted the carpet was moldy so now I am guess water came through the window before and rotted out the skirting
  14. Hi, I am not sure if I have the right area on forum. I posted in another area but unsure. We had heavy rain today and water came in from the window from under the white inside frame. I am not sure how it can be fixed to stop the leaks. Does any body know the best solution to fix the leaks? And How? Thanks
  15. Hi, I would like to know if any one has come across where the window leaks water inside bailey senator louisiana series 5 on bed room window As shown in picture? How would I fix it? It coming in from the bottom of the white window frame Thanks
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