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  1. Very solid heavy duty screws we spread the screws out to carry the load works fine now got idea from here
  2. Hi All, I got it all sorted out bigger piece of timber sheet and bigger wood type screws all nice and solid now no damage to wall etc. We put the piece of timber at back of TV and solid wood screws so spread the load.
  3. In the first image you can see my TV in corner I can't get behind the panel where mirror is your thoughts on where to mount this TV Bracket I am living in the caravan and will only be moved one time on October 1st to my new full time site also added a picture of that got to repair the ground a bit.
  4. OK will take some more pic's in the daylight night time here at the moment I have a baileys senator louisiana s5 06
  5. Another idea is in the wall next to it if you can see the image what would your though on that be?
  6. Hi, Where the mirror is now if I put a piece of extra piece of timber in front of the ply as I can't do behind would that work? My dad said it would hold with out it my TV only 4 kg
  7. Hi in the image below where the mirror is I would like to put a TV wall mount for a veon 32" the weight of tv is 4kg If I take down the mirror and put a bracket up will the wall it be OK there is no studs to mount the screws to. Behind it is the slide door for bedroom Thank you
  8. Does the normal toilet paper dissolve OK?
  9. Hi, I use thetford toilet cassette c200 in my caravan Can I use 3 ply normal toilet paper. I currently use the camp soft toilet paper dissolving. Thank you.
  10. I am on a pension for disability so trying to cut down on my weekly spend. That's how much it would cost me but in my country site fee including power $120 all week then plus the washing $130 - $140 But on disability allowance so trying to cut down as much as I can if get own portable washer I could save $30 a month
  11. Hi I would like to know if it worth buying a Portable Washing Machine and use my sites tap water connected to it. Or if I could buy a regular 6kg combo dryer and washer and if possible connect garden hose to it. Your thoughts.
  12. I think there may have been to much ice build up in the fridge so must of defrosted it self?? Because I closed the door and checked and put temp up left it over night and cool again. May have to get the door re sealed.
  13. Sorry computer played up I was half way though typing and had created it.
  14. Hi, I live in a caravan bailey senator louisiana series 6 2006 The fridge not cooling any more for some reason when I came home all defrosting All power working fine light on in fridge I have added two pictures on of fridge and fuse
  15. I live in the caravan so fridge is on all the time and all ways has constant power
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