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  1. Hi Llew, Oh that's great to hear! Storm damage to awnings is covered. Hope that helps, anything else do let me know. Thanks again, Dom
  2. Hi there Llew, I'm really sorry that you decided not to go with our quote. We take website security really seriously, and all our payment pages are completely secure. Some of our 'front-end' pages don't have the same security levels and some of the more personal pages. We are currently in the process of updating and remodelling our website, and hopefully this issue will be put to bed in the near future. Apologies again, and we hope to see you back looking for quotes soon. Kind regards, Dom Eversure
  3. Hi all! Alex and Dom here from Eversure Caravan Insurance. You may not know this, but we actually offer static caravan insurance as well as touring. So we thought we'd introduce ourselves to this cosy little corner of the forum. If you happen to have any questions about static caravan insurance then we're all ears, and happy to help with any of your queries. Alternatively if you'd like to pop onto our website and grab yourself a quick quote then feel free, our link is at the bottom! Ask away! Alex and Dom www. eversure. com/caravan-insurance/
  4. This is a good point Geoff. You can always get in contact with us (or any insurer) and ask to be considered by the underwriter, and we'll always pass it on to see what they say. Dom
  5. Hi AJ! Thanks for welcoming us Ah, the old Hobby conundrum. Unfortunately, it's not good news from us. Our underwriters stand pretty firm on this one. Hobby caravans and similar imports are historically larger than UK models so they've decided this isn’t a make of caravan for them. Sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but hey at least it's a definitive answer Dom Thanks guys!
  6. Hello! Alex and Dom here, we're very new members (please be gentle) from a company called Eversure Insurance. We don't want to bother you too much, but if you do have any questions about caravan insurance at all, we've set up a little thread for you to come and have all your queries answered. You can visit us in the "insurance" section of the forum (some people refer to it as the fun section) so pop in and say hello, ask a question or two and we'll be happy to help Here's our thread:
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