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  1. Hi Ann, Very happy to answer any questions either on the Forum or, if you sent me a message, I could give you our email address. Kind regards, Bob
  2. Ann, Just in case BH is away, if you don't hear from him, I am happy to help. We spent just over 3 weeks in Morocco at the end of Nov 18 with a Santa Fe towing a 7m caravan. For family reasons we only had the 3 weeks but it was too short and we will certainly go back within the next couple of years for a couple of months or so. Regards, Bob
  3. I would add my support for Simon. He is very good but, as Woodsieboy said, he is very busy.
  4. Good to know that the dummy vent looks ok - thank you. The nudge happened in the south of Germany at the beginning of December. I drove back through Germany and Belgium getting home around 12 Dec. I went via a German Fendt dealer who checked it out and resited (with the aid of a rubber mallet!) and resealed the joining metal strip between the side panel and the roof (I have a new section of metal strip, rubber base and sealant to put on when I start the repair). The weather wasn't great on the drive back and the caravan went into store before Christmas last year. Apart from a c
  5. A left leg that belongs to a fly half and a right leg that belongs to a prop forward - familiar?
  6. Thanks Ade. Op was finally at the end of July having originally been due 2 days after the start of the March lockdown. Acceptance of the new knee taking longer than I had anticipated. Bob
  7. Dummy vent is a great idea if I can't match the dimples - thank you. Also thank you Joanie for the decal link. I am not sure OH would approve of "Bike Rack 1 Fendt 0' but she might approve of "Grumpy Old Man Inside" which I saw and which accurately describes me at the moment as I try and get my leg to accept its new knee!
  8. Thank you very much for the speedy replies: 1. Replacement panel would cost over £3000 and not worth it for a 14 year old caravan despite it having many miles left to give. 2. I had thought of filling it and putting something over the top - may still be my final solution. 3. Luckily the seal at the joint does not appear to be broken or at least there is no damp showing up either on a damp meter or visibly inside despite being in storage for nearly a year now without moving. 4. Silversurf's idea look good - definitely a Spring project but m
  9. I had a slight argument with the bicycle rack on the back of a VW Caravelle when doing a very tight right turn in a German campsite at the end of last year. In my defence (not that there is much) the VW was on my blindside and it was very wet and cold outside. Does anyone know anyone or company who could repair an old fashion dimple side panel? Luckily, the skin is not punctured so it is cosmetic only. Many thanks, Bob
  10. BH, We are aiming for a mid-late January 2022 departure with the aim of spending about 2 months or so in Morocco. As you know, detailed planning is not our strongest point so sadly our paths will probably not cross unless we bump into each other in Spain - you on the way back and us on the way out. Providing the knee has fully recovered and the other one not given up in protest, and Covid permitting, this year expedition will be driving though the Balkans to Greece. Good luck with the planning - I can definitely recommend going south from Fes. Bob
  11. I miscalculated a V-turn by about 6" last December coming out of a small German campsite and clipped the bicycle carrier on a VW California. It caused damage to the carrier and his back door and also to the back of my caravan. Stupid I know and I am still beating myself up about it but, in my defence, it was very cold and wet, on my blindside and the first time ever in 38 years of towing a caravan. Both the car and caravan were insured by the same company with NCB on the car. As the caravan insurance doesn't have 3rd party liability cover, the VW claim came off my car insurance.
  12. I agree with everything that Jon has said. Not only is this an informative and amusing account of an adventure but it also has a well documented section at the end that takes you through the basic requirements for a successful caravan trip to Morocco. If anyone is thinking of 'taking the plunge', this account is an excellent start. It is, IMHO, a stunning culturally diverse country with a wide variety of breathtaking scenery, delightful and friendly people and a air of exotic adventure about it. We went on a 'bit of a wing and a prayer' in 2018. We were at the bottom
  13. - compared to everything else I had to do to the caravan after nearly 9 years in storage (long story), it was a mere drop in the ocean.
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