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  1. wildroamer

    Ford Mondeo estate towcar

    Thank you Gentleman for all your helpful advice, I have a fairly levelish pull out the glen from our house the last couple of bends are the 16% ones. I have good sightlines and can see most traffic coming i will consider the 2. 0 Ecoboost which seems sensible i dont want to make a mistake and purchase the wrong car!
  2. wildroamer

    Ford Mondeo estate towcar

    I have decided to purchase a Ford Mondeo 1. 6 ecoboost estate petrol. This has been matched as perfect match for my caravan swift charisma 230 by Towcar matching service. Now comes the doubt. .. the road out of our village has at one point a 16% hill which to me and my present car a skoda Octavia 4x4 present no problem I cant get into my head that a Ford Mondeo 1. 6 petrol will be able to handle this hill I thought bigger is best. Any thoughts. Thanks.
  3. wildroamer

    Ford Mondeo estate towcar

    Thanks for the info will look at this site thanks
  4. wildroamer

    Extra sockets

    Thank you I knew there must be other ways I live out in the sticks and would I need to get all the connections before I start. I plan to add just one extra socket and am slow and methodical !
  5. wildroamer

    Ford Mondeo estate towcar

    I have narrowed my list down to a Ford Mondeo 1. 6 ecoboost (petro) believe it or not. . but thel seem to to be very hard to find Ihave a swift charisma 230 which this car seems to excel at towing a 1. 6 petrol? Any thoughts where to find one. Thanks
  6. wildroamer

    Extra sockets

    I am thinking of adding extra mains supply sockets to my caravan what I would like to know is there a recognized way of splitting and joining a spur cable other than having to use a junction box which you need three hands to get the cables to join in the box. Thanks.
  7. wildroamer

    towcar suggestions

    Thank you for your suggestions this will give us a starting point. now to start where. ..
  8. wildroamer

    towcar suggestions

    We are about to change our towcar,our caravan is a swift charisma 230 mtpl 1300 miro 1118 We only have a budget of 4000 to 5000 pounds Any suggestions ( petrol or diesel) Thank you.