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  1. Thanks WispMan I will contact Carver and let you know the result .
  2. Been round to the caravan cant see make or model of mover. tho the handset quotes carver single axle 027972. Is it quite easy to replace the rollers.
  3. Griff I will walk round to my yard and check later. Thanks
  4. Slight mishap with my motor mover, it seems to have caught on rough piece of tarmac which moved the mover onto the caravan wheel.Not too much damage, after releasing it we carried on our way. Since now back home I see that quite a bit of the grit? has been rubbed off the mover spindle what I am trying to find out is there any compound I can put back on to get it to make good contact with the caravan wheel again. Also any tips on hints would help. Thank You.
  5. E.mailed the garage where I bought the car they checked with the towbar fitter and called back to say that the towbar had been set up for a caravan I will check again and see if I am doing something wrong, Maybe the best thing is to hitch up and check again what works. I need a holiday after all this......
  6. I seamed to have fallen into the trap of when is a towbar a towbar, I am sure I said to the garage I need a towbar fitted as I am towing a caravan. I think I will check with a auto electrician as I am not to sure of voltmeters and gadgets .. its an age thing. I am wiser now thanks to forums like this. thanks
  7. Why are towbar electrics such a source of bother, I now have paid out for a new towbar and am no better off than I was with my single electric setup. I will phone the garage and find out the position or I may hitch-up the van and go for a short drive , I assume I can connect the two connections without causing any problems.
  8. Will try that as I only checked on tickover speed is there any electrical things I should check , the fridge works fine when we get to a site or I did last year.. A bit miffed as I thought new towbar all electrics on the ball away we go but no..
  9. Fitted towbar cables just to check all is well...…. Found out that fridge is not working as the light does not come on this the first time I have used the two cables connected together my last setup was a single connection... Ah Ah...... What do I need to check first , Towbar was fitted by a garage where I bought the car over 150 miles away!
  10. Thanks Matelodave, I am tempted to shorten but I will have our first outing with the new setup with your bungee advice and see how that works I like things to be tidy . The prewired connector sounds a good idea. Thanks
  11. Just had another look at my towbar it is not possible to move the socket as its on a fixed bracket. my next question is it easy shorten the cables (or prudent) that come from the caravan as I now have a lot of extra cable hanging about the towhitch area when I attach my 13 pin adaptor to my 7 pin sockets. or better let alone?
  12. Re my quest for a tow car I have now bought a Ford C-Max 2.0 titanium x took your advice and went for a more powerful car. Thank you all for your suggestions and advice. Will let you know how we manage. Thanks.
  13. Just had a new towbar fitted to my new towcar a ford c-max it is a swan neck? type with a thirteen pin electrics. Alko towbar on my caravan. After I had found the electric plug in socket tucked away under the car I had the most awful time trying to plug the connections together. I wish I had stuck with a twin electric setup I have to lie on the ground to make the connections why do we need 13 pin connections????
  14. Thank you Gentleman for all your helpful advice, I have a fairly levelish pull out the glen from our house the last couple of bends are the 16% ones. I have good sightlines and can see most traffic coming i will consider the 2. 0 Ecoboost which seems sensible i dont want to make a mistake and purchase the wrong car!
  15. I have decided to purchase a Ford Mondeo 1. 6 ecoboost estate petrol. This has been matched as perfect match for my caravan swift charisma 230 by Towcar matching service. Now comes the doubt. .. the road out of our village has at one point a 16% hill which to me and my present car a skoda Octavia 4x4 present no problem I cant get into my head that a Ford Mondeo 1. 6 petrol will be able to handle this hill I thought bigger is best. Any thoughts. Thanks.
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