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  1. For us that was a gamble, we also bought privately so no dealer warranty or comeback. However we found a 10 month old van at £9,000 less than new cost so that made the 4 year reduction in warranty acceptable to us. But we were lucky to find such a deal. Why Manufacturers should reduce the warranty is another discussion.
  2. Very happy with our 4m caravanstore and privacy room. Takes about 20 minutes to put up single handed with a bit of practice plus pegs. Nice thing is once the roof is up most of the work can be done under cover if its raining. I'm 6' and can do everything with the caravan steps, much shorter would need a taller step.
  3. Thanks for your comments, which make me question if all is working as it should. But to reply, yes we used the TV for two hours on day one, always unplug it when not in use. The cooker fan come on automatically, nothing we can do about that. But after the first night there was never a point when the battery was even vaguely well charged, no alde used, minimal electric, so I'm wondering if the batteries shot. We bought the van in April, 10 months old but have no idea of its previous owners battery management. More testing will be done, thank you
  4. Having just spent 5 days off grid and struggled to keep the 110ah battery alive I've come to a few conclusions which I hope will head us in the right direction: 1) The caravan is very power hungry, although fully led, pumps, cooker fans etc etc suck power like leaches. 2) The roof mounted 100w solar panel just isn't enough, especially on cloudy days. Therefore a small "silent" generator is planned. (Please don't shout I know the arguments and etiquette). 3) A better battery state monitor is needed, not just a voltmeter. My question is about point 3, On our boat we had a Nasa Bm2 battery monitor, giving the actual current remaining, but that's over £100, is there a cheaper option anyone uses? The voltmeter is virtually useless, as when the solar panel is working I suspect its simply telling me the voltage from the panel. Your thoughts would be appreciated
  5. Before we bought our first van in 2018 they did some work on it, added new tyres, free welcome pack worth over £500, a £1000 awning for £500, a new water pump and a 1 year warranty, so they must have bought it in for £ 2-3000 less to still make a profit on it. Oddly we sold it privately this year for slightly less than we paid in 2018, and kept most of the welcome pack contents and awning.
  6. Reported this on our first service, apparently its a heat sensitive glue and they simply iron the seams back down (with a piece of paper between the iron). Now much improved.
  7. Firstly if the wheel is fully wound up into the slots I don’t feel it can unwind itself. We can't remove ours as it's integrated into the A frame, however it only sticks out an inch or so and if anything is going to ground I'd rather it was the jockey wheel than the chassis or handbrake etc. which I feel it protects. I would add that ours stows in line with the direction of travel and can rotate when stowed, I know some don't and that creates a problem with this idea.
  8. Fire blanket in case of a pan fire (but wouldn't dream of deep frying in a caravan) but no extinguisher, of course a smoke and CO alarm, my main priority is to get out, and we have two large windows in the bedroom if the door is blocked. Nothing in the van is worth risking injury for.
  9. Pre Covid we reckoned on about £1000 a year depreciation on the van we paid £15000 for, from a dealer with 1 year warranty. Three years later this spring we sold in 24 hours for £14500 privately with no warranty. You can do the maths but it indicates the market. By the way a dealer offered a px of £10,000 which we politely declined Ps, just seen a similar age van advertised for £15250, privately!
  10. Thanks, useful list. We recently weighed and were 14 kg over in 'on the drive ' mode, now stripped out 15kg of irrelevant stuff , got a 25kg upgrade and now have 26 kg left for food and clothing, which should be fine. All of that will go at the back to reduce the noseweight. Just have to bear on mind that weighbridges are only accurate to +/-20 kg.
  11. Why not just contact the previous owner and ask them to send off the CRiS document, if they do then problem solved.
  12. We bought our latest caravan privately 200 miles from home, it was 10 month old at the time. However we first spoke to our local dealer (Downtide in Norfolk) to make sure they were happy to do any warranty work, which they are. Just had its first service and they sorted out the few minor warranty items very willingly. Their comment was why would we turn down good business? However they will get the servicing until its out of warranty, as it seems only fair to balance their willingness to help by giving them the servicing. Our only challenge was getting the CRiS registration through fast so we could make the warranty transfer with Eldis, which we managed with week to spare, as the first years warranty claim must be done within 12 months.
  13. Our Son in Law just finished a five day shift driving an hgv1. He's had a nightmare weekend with caravanners appalling driving (cutting in too close and then braking, speeding etc) bad behaviour in services including abusing him for trying to park in the truck park. Shouting that the Services were only open for caravanners, not for him, and even trying to stop him walking to the toilets. He's one of those helping to keep the shops and factories stocked when everyone else is on holiday and gets treatment like that. I'm sure no-one on here would behave like this, but maybe now I understand why professional drivers don't respect us caravanners.
  14. This year we are ok having two full cylinders, , but in the last shortage we found garden centres, builders merchants and plant hire shops had stock when leisure outlets had none. Maybe prioritising those whose livelihood depends on getting gas?
  15. Thanks, to explain further, I can't get to the inside so will have to patch from underneath, so the pop rivet heads will be more or less flush. I like the idea of the support tray, never heard of them but the could be just the job.
  16. Just had a service yesterday and the engineer found a small split in the plastic wheel arch liner. Its about 8cms long and 3 mm wide. As a temporary measure he put some sealant on it. I'm wondering if I could glue and pop rivet a patch over it for a more permanent fix. Would this work and what would make a suitable, flexible patch. For glue I'd think of using sikaflex or ct1. Any thoughts, especially from anyone who've experienced this would be most welcome.
  17. About 3000 down from a norm of 20,000 plus, been working from home since February and not met a single colleague face to face since then. Visited 5 sites in three trips. blown , wet and cold August bank holiday then we were lucky enough to catch the hot weather in September for a lovely week in N Wales, leaving there and then a frosty Derbyshire just before restrictions arrived. Also lent the van to our daughter for a week at Haven so all in all it had about 4 weeks use. Originally had planned a 3 week trip to Poland via relatives in Germany. Laid up since October.
  18. So shopping as soon as we land then,. There will of course be caravan spaces in the Carrefour car park
  19. Totally agree, we live in an area with many holiday homes and reports are that they are all full, no wonder we jumped from tier two to tier four with a massive jump in infections over the last three weeks. The seaside resorts here have been packed with maskless, non-distanced refugees who came from tier three and four areas when we were tier two, and who seem to think they can relax whilst on holiday, to the detriment of everyone who lives here. Sorry, rant over.
  20. Last winter there was a huge cliff fall in Norfolk where we regularly walk the dog, https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2020-01-06/north-norfolk-coastal-cliff-has-collapsed-into-the-sea-leaving-caravans-at-risk-of-falling Holiday makers regularly sit under these cliffs and let there kids climb them, one mother we pointed out the risk to just said she'd rather her kids were up there than in the sea, there's just no telling some people. We don't walk close to the cliffs at any time.
  21. They were used on yachts to keep the batteries topped up between weekends. However for all the reasons stated many are converting to solar.
  22. This is nothing like a car accident, this is do do with transport law (Carriage of goods by roact act 1965) where there are time limits to lodge a claim with carrier, by leaving it for the insurers you make it impossible for them to claim as the time limit will be expired. Thus in transport as soon as damaged is found on delivery it's normal to notify and hold liable all parties involved. The extent and cost of repairs can be sorted out later. There should be a delivery note the transport company would have asked the storage company to sign stating that they received the caravan in good condition, if the storage yard signed this without noting the damage then they have accepted that the van was undamaged when they received it. The OP needs to see that signed delivery note and they will almost certainly produce that as soon as they are held liable. Having done that the whole lot can be handed over to the insurers who will be highly appreciative.
  23. Did the delivery driver get a clean signature on the delivery note from the site? I.e. with no damage noted. If so then the damage is theoretically the responsibility of the site. However claiming from them may not be easy but you should in any case lodge a formal claim against them, and I would also suggest the delivery firm. Then let each of them prove, with documentation, that it was not them. If you do end up claiming off your insurers then they will expect you to have lodged claims to protect their interests.
  24. If you are still interested in that van we had a cracked skylight and sealed it using Tensol 12 which welds the crack. It's far from invisible but still seems strong after four weeks away and 1000 miles. Could be a temporary fix until you find a scrap one, after negotiating a suitable reduction on the purchase price.
  25. Probably too late seeing this but you can get T share foam mattress connectors, designed to seamlessly connect two mattresses, about £25-£35 on line.
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