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  1. Mandarin

    solar charging

    When in storage we have a small 10w panel to keep the battery topped up. Can't give you a link but there's loads on eBay and the advice we had was for such a small panel no controller was necessary. Otherwise we have a 120w folding panel with built in controller.
  2. We bought a cheap Rhino brand off eBay just to test being new to this game. After 1500 miles we're very happy, especially when we washed it and saw how much filth it had kept off the van.
  3. Just out of curiosity, we've never used the steadies and the hgv sway can be quite violent, could that shock loading stress the steadies? I've always felt it was better to the van move naturally on its suspension.
  4. Mandarin

    Van levelling

    When we forgot the level we used a flat cereal bowl with a band round the rim filled with water to the band, and placed on the floor, works perfectly in every direction just like logiesean64's glass.
  5. With a 100kg nose weight I think I'll stick to letting the jockey wheel take the load, using a milenco type guage.
  6. Sorry I'm a bit late to the show but having just seen this I wanted to reply. i'm a bit surprised at the advice ref the nc500, I've traveled the Bealach Na Ba road to Applecross a few times and no way would I attempt it with a caravan, the nc500 site says it's not suitable for caravans or large motorhomes, and rightly so. I first did it with a camping trailer many years ago and had difficulty keeping traction and steering on the hairpins (the front wheels just lifted and span) and have since only driven it solo and that can be interesting enough. A quick Google search find pictures of a rubbish truck jammed on one of the hairpins recently. I recall large signs warning of its unsuitability.
  7. Interestingly we had the same problem, one mover not working, although it whined and clicked. Powrtouch remotely diagnosed a gearbox fault needing a £150 replacement, the selling dealer said bring the van in to them -in July ! Our service guy suggested the brushes, and when removing them we found the spade connectors were loose, a couple of seconds with a pair of pliers and problem solved, ten minutes work each side. So happy we have an independent servicing guy who is happy to help over the phone.
  8. Last year a dschcam clip was posted on line of a driver of the company I work for chucking an oil can out of the window in a remote part of Scotland, as soon as it was seen the transport manager drove a 50 mile round trip to retrieve it, the driver was disciplined and the clip posted internally as a warning to others. I would first send the clip to the company, if not happy with their response post it on line. Last resort would be the council or police, I would imagine this would be very low on their priority list.
  9. Part of the welcome pack when we bought our van was an alko premium hitch lock, the black very heavy, solid one. Maybe it could be removed (I have no idea how),, but it gives me an insurance discount and make me feel good. If we had bought it we'd get our money back in about 5 years with via discount. NB, just found a nice review hitch locks https://www.homesteadcaravans.co.uk/buyers-guides/accessories-security/5-best-selling-insurance-approved-caravan-hitch-locks-for-al-ko-winterhoff-coupling-stabilisers_2.htm
  10. Our Outlander diesel pulls 1500 kg of Bailey Unicorn Valencia at 20 mpg on non motorway trips, not had a chance to tow on motorways since we bought them both in August last year (it's an hour's drive to the nearest dual carriage way from here) but hopefully better. Solo it gives us 40mpg with care at national speed limits.
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