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  1. Yeah I can see that. .. They won't even recognise my caravan's make and model. .. And it took them four weeks to reply to my email with my documents and personal information. I'm still waiting for their reply on the proof that my caravan is not a hobby caravan from late 1990s, but a reeeaaally old Moncayo. .. of all people, I expected them to know what my caravan is. ..
  2. Thanks for the reply. No it doesn't have a VIN number, that's why I wanted to fill up the import/Pre92 registration, to be able to have a VIN number for my caravan. But if its not needed for anything then I guess I can just let it go. Tha ks all for the info!
  3. I know. .. But to have peace of mind while touring. I'm going to be in isolated places whilst working in reforestation, so I would worry if my caravan gets stolen and I don't have a way to find it or report it as stolen. I know I'm paranoid Also, I wanted to have the CRiS papers as a prove of ownership in case it was needed, although I have the caravan insurance scheme from Caravan and Motor home club as prove of ownership. .. Extra documents are never bad, I guess. .. I'm I being just paranoid? I have to say I'm new to touring, so I get easily scared.
  4. Hi! My father in law has given us his old caravan to get it restored since he is too old to be touring around. I currently live in the UK, and I wanted to register this caravan to my name in the UK with CRiS. I sent all my documents and info, the pictures of the chasis number and my insurance policy to CRiS a few weeks ago, and when they reply, they said their 3rd party says according to my chasis number, my caravan is a Hobby Caravan from late 1990. .. I was extremely confused. My caravan is a Moncayo Versalles 275N from around 1970s, the axle cannot be replaced
  5. Hi! I've registered to this forum because I'm going to he full time touring because of work, and I wanted to prepare well before starting. Also I'm having a bit of a headache getting a VIN for my 1977 Spanish manufactured caravan. ... It's been on my family for more than 15 years, and I thought there would be no problem getting it to the UK and registering with CRiS. I was wrong. Well, I'll post a topic on this because I haven't found any info around. Cheers!
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