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  1. Hi all, We currently own a late 80's Jubilee Viceroy that we use as a sleeping and cooking facility based at our gliding club in Shropshire and given the harsh environment at 1400' above sea level, 90mph winds and 12' snow drifts, it's done us proud over the last five years, however. ..... As time moves on and trudging to and from the main clubhouse to have a shower, the only heating being a small, oil filled radiator for heating, making up the front berth bed each day and the old style Portaloo, we decided things must change. Given the environment, we set a target of £3k to find something that would be a suitable upgrade, ie a shower and a working gas system. Hmm, but if we jump to £5k, look at the difference in quality etc. Ah, but wow, look what an £8k caravan looks like, LED mood lighting, a proper mattress fixed bed, built in microwave, oh, and motor movers. .....and then a couple of members raved about a wet heating system. ............ Anyway, to cut a long story short (er) my wife Jean and I are very excited to be picking up a Series 1 Unicorn Valencia at the month and can't wait. Yipeeeeeeeee.
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