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  1. Hi all latest update ref truma combi boiler not working on Electric, I have now had it fixed it was the elements that needed replacing as correctly diagnosed on here by truma. Thanks for everyone who commented and to Beechwood lesuire caravans st Carlton Miniott for excellent prompt service .
  2. Yes thanks tried this reset before but will recheck in line fuse and reset again when back home not got multimeter with me now Thanks again for all replies. Also emailed truma direct from here so will wait and see
  3. No not the same, my control panel is this one I have looked on you tube and all are different to mine
  4. Hi over 5 years now so out of warranty unfortunately It is on EHU and checked all fuses trip switches reset button etc not sure what display you mean though for EL 2 ? Thanks for all replies
  5. Hi, Anyone had this problem I have checked fuses and the reset button but still only works on Gas Dealer not really sure or interested need a recommendation for truma boiler repair I suspect it’s a circuit board but everyone I speak to says it needs a new boiler but it works fine on gas just can’t regulate as easy as on Electric and costing more with Gas . Thanks Ken
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