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  1. We have had 3 Mitsubishi LWB Shoguns over 15 years and have never had an issue with any of them (apart from one recall). Of all the cars we have had, the Shoguns were the most reliable and never gave any trouble. Sadly the Shogun has been sold due to the ever increasing VED, nearly £600 per year! We now run a Mazda CX5 AWD which is actually a more refined drive whether solo or towing. It has done 22000 miles effortlessly, though the alloys were all replaced by our local dealer as the lacquer started peeling, and a sticky rear near-side brake caliper replaced. The only downside for me, is that the CX5 has too many whistles & bells that cannot be permanently disabled, but the £150 per year VED compensates! We still have a Mitsubishi Colt CZ2 with 164000 miles on the clock from new, and it has never missed a beat. So, for reliability, Mitsubishi gets my vote.
  2. ............go to the Thetford site and you will find an exploded parts diagram and parts list for the C4. Hope this helps.
  3. Had the same issue with a previous van fitted with a C4. As I recall, it was a split pipe, so when you turned the flush wheel, the flush water squirted out of the split pipe rather than being pushed into the bowl. Had to remove the flush wheel to see the problem. It was an easy fix.
  4. Thank you to everyone who responded, much appreciated. Think I will go and take a look at the van.
  5. I am considering buying a Swift Freestyle 6 berth van, but am a little concerned about the reliability of the large one-piece front window. Just a little worried about the window deforming when towing into a head-wind and letting in rain water around the seals. Has anyone had any bad experiences with one-piece front windows? Thank you.
  6. Had some peeling on my Swift, and bought a small tube of contact adhesive from Wickes and a very small paintbrush from an art shop. Put a thin coating on each surface, left it to go off, then used a cloth to carefully rub it down. Worked beautifully for me. Yours looks too far gone for that, as pieces are missing. You could try a sheet of contact vinyl if you can get a good match. It's a 2 person job though (in my opinion).
  7. I used to design SMPS many years ago, and as AJGalaxy2012 has already stated, there will be about 340vdc on post bridge side, these caps can hold the charge for some time after disconnecting from the mains, and store enough energy to kill. Whilst I appreciate the challenge of fixing it, and with utmost respect, if you are not an electronics eng with the experience of SMPS, a cct diagram and the right test equipment, PLEASE dispose of the failed unit and buy yourself a new one. No offence meant.
  8. With respect, I would avoid any abrasive wet & dry papers or compounds. I would try the meths route first (and white spirit if that doesn't work) using a cotton bud, but try it on a less obvious spot first, not letting it sit too long on the paintwork. Good luck, perhaps you could let us know how you get on.
  9. Terryb250


    Is your control panel an NE183 - see photo. I had similar problems, and found that the PCB mounted switch behind the facia had worn and corroded contacts. Changed the switches for pennies! If you are able, it may be worthwhile removing the panel to get access to the PCB, then you can unplug the unit and measure the contact resistance whilst operating the switch. If you are lucky, it may just be the switch. If you are also competent with a desolder pump and soldering iron you can change the switch(es) yourself. If not a company called Apuljack Engineering should be able to check it, repair it, or sell you a new one.
  10. Terryb250


    Could you provide a little more information? Has it worked ok previously, but now it doesn't? Or has it worked ok, then become intermittent when turning on and off, and then stopped working?
  11. Just seen this, and thought it might be worth sharing:
  12. Thank you for the advice everyone, I think I am going for the Repusel mirrors (thanks for the link Steve), they look as though they should be secure enough to stay on.
  13. No, just the standard 'flat faced' pads, I bought them about 10 years ago.
  14. Does anyone have any first-hand experience of finding, and using suitable towing mirrors that fit (and stay on) a 2017 Mazda CX-5? Just swapped the Shogun for the Mazda, but the Milenco Aero Mirrors will not securely clamp to the mirrors because the mirror housings are bevelled so there is not a flat surface to clamp to, and they keep falling off! Any recommendations? Thanks.
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