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  1. chris76

    South Wales

    IM doing exactly this May half term llandeillo for 3 nights then llanberris for 4 the kids are going to hate us 😂
  2. as someone brand new to caravanning iv pretty much accepted around £30 to be cheap. looking for decent sites in france atm and theyre all upwards of 50 by the time i add 2 kids and 2 dogs min you,granted in july. definately wish i could get a tunnell crossing for £100 mind
  3. can you cook one of them on a bbq? I'm sold been reading up on the webers i quite fancy the idea of the pizza stone, are they only to be used on the charcoal ones?
  4. hi mate is that the electric one? why is it much better,cleaning or taste
  5. yes mate its transfered, point is you would think the first year would be after 12 months not 10 months in my case because i decided to have my first service 2 months early
  6. i bought it privately,previous owner went back tot a motorhome after 7 months so i got a good deal. It doesnt sound right surely the first year guarantee should be up a year after registration. anyway luckily the faults on my list are all covered by the 3 year period apart from one which i can live with, its just a heads up for others
  7. cheers ill check that at the weekend btw iv been on the phone to elldiss this morning and apparantly, the first year warranty ends at the first service which i didnt know. we got ours serviced after ten months
  8. thats good to hear, from reading on here on here i was thinking the toll roads cost would be in the hundreds
  9. im getting this route without tolls https://www.google.co.uk/maps/dir/54.6533088,-1.684208/Dordogne,+France/@48.1768563,-0.9628305,7z/data=!4m12!4m11!1m1!4e1!1m5!1m1!1s0x47ff7a7475a8138b:0x3066517481126e0!2m2!1d0.7572205!2d45.1469486!2m1!2b1!3e0?hl=en im going to have to get some sites booked soon,also is borduex or la rochelle worth a visit on the way down?
  10. just came home from a night away last night, the ticking from under the bed is still driving me nuts,lol
  11. sorry just re read this thread instead of feeding shotgun cable as you suggested im hoping the holes are wide enough for a hdmi cable and the vents are removable to feed it up. going to order all the bits now so on your head be it,lol
  12. hi mate, as you know im pretty set on having a set up where i can connect my sky q box from home under one of the benches, to a hdmi splitter then 2 x 10m hdmi cables to the bedroom tv position and then to the main tv position by the door. i can see of way of running a hdmi cable to the bedroom tv but tot he main tv im guessing it would have to go behind the fridge under the caravan to cross the doorwell and then back inside to under the bench to my hdmi splitter. is it definately doable are the holes in the caravan floor either side of the door in place and do you think the fridge would need to be removed, or could i just use electicians rods to feed the cables?
  13. yeah but it would be neater if your facing south anyway weve just returned from a trip last night i managed to grt the sky q box set up properly myself for the first time with my primesat finder. it took me about ten minutes of messing about with both the meter and the app on my phone, so happy days. it was blowing a gale last night too so i tried my jockey wheel bracket only to find the tube was too wide for my dish coupler anyway the tripod worked a treat
  14. I like that flat plate idea with the screw in, did you knock that up yourself
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