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  1. Cheers mate I’ll look into them both;I like the look of the first one on tripadvisor but the website is down the second one has standard pitches left 800 Euro for 14 nights
  2. It’s telling me they only accept one pet do you think they’ll notice if we take two. After there only small
  3. Did a bit more examining yesterday it seems the wireless transmitter was tucked up behind the number plate along with the light🙄no wonder I couldn’t pick it up at the front of my pick up Anyway iv ordered an extension to take the transmitter to the front of the van
  4. Intrigued at this thread I didn’t know such things were available, Iv got 30gb/ month on o2 but Iv found quite often I don’t get a signal, would one of these mifi units improve that and what is tethering? cheers
  5. stuff it im going to sack the coast off and head straight for the dordogne. are the midges unbearable in august near river/lakes?
  6. i might stop there on the way home iv already booked a 3 night stay at le mans at the start of the holiday. must admit im loosing the will to live, i just cant find a site near the beach, at the vendee. theres always some reason we cant stay there, we're taking 2 staffordshire terriers, in a twin axle. either staffys are'nt allowed or its 1 dog only or no twin axles
  7. Yeah I presume it’s the auto one as it’s supposed to switch off when full, so they regularly need calibration then? Just bagged myself a Capri coal with carbon x poles from e bay😊
  8. ok ill have a mess about with it, the dealer said they cant look at it till june and were off down wales next weekend, iv go the spare pump mr plod suggested, i'll i go to the storage yard this weekend with a barrell of water.
  9. not sure what happened, just went to use the tap on the last day,int pump was empty so i filled up and i couldnt get any water through, went to the external pump which was definately running, but no water. cheers mr plod ill get one ordered, like you say its worth having as a spare if mine turns out to be ok after all
  10. how come everyone is keen to avoid paris, because whenever i put it into google it still gives it as the quickest route? i think id rather get stuck in a big jam, then get going , than driving through tedious roads and villages
  11. Ah I see, so the cable threads through one of the hoses and the water flows through the second via a new jubilee clip on the pump and then connect new cables on the square plug socket come to to think of it it still sounds like it’s running so maybe it’s something on the internal side
  12. ah cheers moorgate, it looks like the a 87 goes straight down to la rochelle, which i fancied anyway, i might do 10 nights or so there and then move over to the dordogne
  13. on another note, the external pump packed in at the weekend, it looks like the hose is coming away, would that be the cause? if so is this what i need? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005NY5C60/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3LFTAAD2215H1&psc=1 thanks
  14. just touring, weeknds and school holidays are the plan. i really fancy a full size isabella but i was talking to someone last weekend and he said it takes them 2 hours to set it up, which to me suggests at least a week stay would be required
  15. is the roun/ le mans route mainly dual carriageway then? im happy to pay more tolls if we can put our foot down especially with two whinging kids in the back,lol
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