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  1. Exactly my thoughts, these vouchers are going to be worthless as the companies will push prices through the roof making it too expensive to go next year anyhow,
  2. Exactly if they’re not going to offer a voucher more than the Cash value paid, then what’s the point,Just like any other business Iv got no loyalty whatsoever unless it suits me as the consumer
  3. anyone know if EU sites have a duty to refund rather than vouchers like the uk?
  4. Not the one in Holland I’m booked for
  5. They’ve just updated the website apparently everything is open inc the rides and tickipool on the 16 May and yes we would be more than happy to go if we are allowed but I’m just not sure wether that’s the case from the uk side of things
  6. Well we’ve got no idea if we can go or not we are booked in duinrell next weekend who still state on there website They will be open and we had a call from stenaline a few weeks ago who reckon the ferries will be running but it’s obviously not essential travel down to harwich and if we did manage to go would we get quarantined in Holland Or returning home
  7. Exactly, on a serious note though, what happened over there yesterday? Was it a day to forget or celebrations?
  8. Well as my mother drunkenly announced yesterday, Germany is a much better country then the Uk😳
  9. Had a call today from cmc who asked what my intentions were for our upcoming 22may return crossing to Holland the lady told me stenna line are hoping to restart on the 15 May but we can ask for a refund if we don’t want to go,
  10. Well at least the q’s will be small😅 surely they won’t be open? We’ve given up hope of going on the 22nd..if they were open is it likely they will only be open to the Dutch?
  11. Is that dunriell?were booked for the 22nd may, wish they’d hurry up and just cancel so we know where we stand
  12. Exactly that’s what I was thinking, then if the noseweight is 10kg lighter then surely the jockey wheel marking would be 10kg lighter so therefore all relative? i don’t know what im missing or why they over complicated things so much, that said it’s a great wheel apart from the first one we bought which when I checked the rear view mirror I was horrified to see The wheel bouncing down the road toward a pair of motor cyclists🤭
  13. 😂yes I’m guessing your not a fisher, lol it’s about taking my 8 year old out and spending some quality time with him, lol
  14. Just play roulette, it’s surprising how much it can take after the light comes on😅
  15. thanks for the suggestions guys I’ll check it all out, sorry I should have said Iv already got a 17ft bayliner, so am not a total newcomer to boats although it will be My first inflatable,I just love the thought of being able to take a boat away In The caravan and being on the beach iv got all the safety gear and my radio and powerboat licences
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