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  1. sorry i shouldve been more clear looking for about an hour away max from darlington
  2. As above looking for a seasonal this year, hope it’s not to late to find one would like one with planets to do for the kids, fishing and a footy court a bonus thanks
  3. Piano di clodia? I recognised it straight away, I walked down to watch the sun set every night when we stayed
  4. Thanks for the constructive reply, , just goes to show what a minefield the whole subject is, and not just worthy of a flippant remark
  5. So does that suggest we’re even more entitled to a refund
  6. it was booked in april,mid covid see the insurance wont cover it love holidays, so yes i think they are a british agent British nationals living in Morocco, as well as their families, are allowed to enter Morocco. If you’re eligible to enter, you will have to provide a negative PCR test result before boarding your flight or ferry to Morocco The result must show that the PCR test itself was undertaken less than 72 hours before the time of departure. With effect from midnight on 20 December, the Moroccan Government has suspended until further notice all flights to and from the UK following the emergence of a new strain of Covid-19 in the UK. British nationals affected by flight cancellations should contact their airlines for further information and for advice on possible alternative flight options via a third country. Several third countries have themselves suspended flights to and from the UK and others may follow suit at very short notice.
  7. government advice and the flight was cancelled
  8. yeah i took the risk but the point is, i havent chose not to go im not allowed to go so therefore i would have thought i would be entitled to a voucher or refund
  9. hi sorry i know this is'nt caravan related, but i could do with some advice and cant think of any other forums to post in we were due to be in marrakech now for two weeks which obviously cant go ahead the flights were booked seperate and easy jet cancelled weeks ago. the hotel was booked through love holidays on a non refundable/amendable ticket, they have told me they cannot refund me and my only chance of getting money back is through my travel insurance and that i needed to request a cancellation invoice to present to them. - the holiday was booked during covid so they wont refund me i have been onto tesco credit cards to do a chargeback but it doesnt sound to promising especially as technically i have cancelled even they told me on e mail to do it any advice on my rights or what to do next would be greatly received thanks
  10. What channel was it on? Looking for it now but can’t find it
  11. Hi anyone else had problems with this wheel? we have had two and both have came off while travelling
  12. Just do yourselves a favour and get the push fit connectors for the cable they’re great
  13. Switch on the box and press home 1080 home and it automatically changes back to 1080i👍
  14. There’s people on here that will know more than me, but my understanding is that you need a hybrid lnb,to find the signal and the sat finder goes on the non q connections so yeah, pretty much the same
  15. That’s interesting, Iv been apple all the way for years, I didn’t even realise android used micro usb. Really? Do they actually work because iv just returned for holiday and the night before I left I purchased an Apple TV 4K for £180 from curry’s, because a quick internet search and a word with a salesperson I store reassured me I could download content to my phone and stream to the caravan tv without internet well I confirm it does not work and I’m going to try returning the Apple TV for a refund because basically it’s just a glorified fire stick
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