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  1. thanks for that, it’s all a mine field really but as others have said I’m going to go on a weigh bridge of curiosity I’m guessing I’ll be over though will ring be vw tomorrow to see what they say about my max payload in the meantime
  2. think its going to be easier if i just load up sensibly and then go tot a weighbridge,iv got a scrap metal dealer close by to me. ill weigh it with both van and car and then car on its own. the noseweight i can play about with myself before we leave, i have a milenco although not convinced on the accuracy of it and ill also try a piece of wood and bathroom scales. Iv also got a alko noseweight jockey wheel, which hasnt been calibrated, but i guess once im satisfied with the weight on the bathroom scales i can move the jockey wheel marker to suit. the amarok has a noseweight of 120kg does that mean ideally i need to set the caravan for around 115kg? im also struggling to work out why payload on the amarok is too theres conflicting info on google, some sites say 1000kg but then i read elsewhere that its 750kg on the highline. And then is that total with all occupants or in addition. on the door it has stamped 3170kg - im guessing thats the car weight 5950kg 1-1425kg 2-1860kg Should i even be worried because even at 750kg it seems a hell of a lot? Thanks for all your help guys,its much apprecaited
  3. Does that mean I can add 40kg back to my payload then, if my one bottle travels in the pick up? Just measured my tow ball and it’s 450 to the centre
  4. It says Iv got a user payload of 234 but I’m not sure if that includes the battery and what I can gain from taking the carpets and gas bottle out then how much to allow generally for crockery and clothes etc
  5. Same in my 2018 buccaneer does my head in going in to retrieve a pair of shoes with a bed balancing on my head. its on my warranty list so will advise on wether new struts make a difference
  6. cheers mate,much appreciated
  7. do you get points as well or just a fine?
  8. hi can anyone help me with planning my weight on my 2018 cruiser please, off to france in a couple of weeks and i know up to now iv been using it overloaded,both on the nose and payload the caravan is weighted at 2000kg it has one gas bottle which im going to remove and put in the back of the amarok to help with the noseweight im going to remove the carpets it has aircon which is 33kg any idea what my payload will be? The Club advises that a Volkswagen Amarok 2.0 BITDI 180PS 4M BM Perm Highline Auto (2015) can, with warnings, tow a Buccaneer Cruiser Cruiser Wt upgrade (2018) Kerbweight ratio: 96% The caravan's laden weight is close to the car's kerb weight, increasing the risk of stability concerns. This outfit should not be driven by novice towers, and does not meet Club guidelines. Note that a small increase in ratio (to perhaps 90%) is acceptable if all other criteria are passed. Towing limit ratio: 63% The caravan's laden weight is within the car's stated towing limit, and therefore meets legal limitations. Gross train weight ratio: 81% The sum of the car and caravan’s fully laden weights is within the car’s gross train weight. This outfit can therefore be used legally with both the car and the caravan fully laden. Nose weight ratio: Unknown If car nose weight is listed as ‘unknown’, then check with the retailer, maker or in the handbook that the car’s nose weight is sufficient. If a nose weight figure is listed, it may be hard to load the caravan (especially a twin axle) to give acceptable car and adequate caravan nose weight. Aim for 5-7% of the caravan’s actual laden weight without overloading the car or the caravan’s front axle/tyres. BHP per ton : 41 The car’s engine power should be fine to safely tow this caravan. B+E Licence required The maximum combined weight of this car and caravan car gross vehicle weight + caravan MTPLM) are over 3500kg, which means you need to have a category B+E driving licence. If you obtained your standard car driving licence before 1st January 1997, you already have this – if not you will need to take a B+E test to legally drive this outfit. Where to buy a caravan Volkswagen Amarok 2.0 BITDI 180PS 4M BM Perm Highline Auto (2015) MakeVolkswagen Range2.0 BITDI 180PS 4M BM Perm Highline Auto ModelAmarok Year2015 Fuel typeDiesel Transmission typeAutomatic Body typePick-up Kerb weight2093.00kg Towing limit3200.00kg Gross vehicle weight3170.00kg Gross train weight6370.00kg Nose weightUnknown BHP180 RPM for maximum BHP4000.00 Maximum torque420.00 RPM for maximum torque1750.00 Buccaneer Cruiser Cruiser Wt upgrade (2018) MakeBuccaneer RangeCruiser ModelCruiser Wt upgrade Year2018 TypeCaravan Berths4 Number of axles2 MTPLM2000kg MIRO1766kg User payload234kg Hitch limitUnknown Shipping length8.16m Overall width2.45m Overall height2.63m Body Length6.98m
  9. i think it just says iv already signed electronically hopefully i dont need to print the attachment off Monsieur LEE, Suite au traitement de votre demande d'abonnement ATMB, veuillez trouver ci-joint le contrat ATMB que vous avez signé électroniquement sur le site de notre partenaire SLIMPAY. Nos conseillers clientèle restent à votre écoute pour tout renseignement complémentaire au 0800 074 100 (appel gratuit depuis un poste fixe). En vous remerciant de votre fidélité, Le service commercial Ce mail est généré automatiquement, merci de ne pas y répondre. good app though, thanks for that,ill make sure its on all our phones
  10. lol i did actually she was lovely and kept apologising for her englishwhereas i was talking back to her in thick durham
  11. I just put my card details in and a lady asked me if I’d like the tag posting but it would be an extra 4 euros on my first bill, but then Iv got this e mail which I don’t know what do with
  12. a lady called me up today to ask if id like it posted. do i need to print that e mailed form off and sign it? i dont have a clue what it says ,lol
  13. Yeah looks nice, to be fair they all do
  14. Yeah that’s what I was thinking I wonder which way round is best though
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