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  1. Hi anyone else had problems with this wheel? we have had two and both have came off while travelling
  2. Just do yourselves a favour and get the push fit connectors for the cable they’re great
  3. Switch on the box and press home 1080 home and it automatically changes back to 1080i👍
  4. There’s people on here that will know more than me, but my understanding is that you need a hybrid lnb,to find the signal and the sat finder goes on the non q connections so yeah, pretty much the same
  5. That’s interesting, Iv been apple all the way for years, I didn’t even realise android used micro usb. Really? Do they actually work because iv just returned for holiday and the night before I left I purchased an Apple TV 4K for £180 from curry’s, because a quick internet search and a word with a salesperson I store reassured me I could download content to my phone and stream to the caravan tv without internet well I confirm it does not work and I’m going to try returning the Apple TV for a refund because basically it’s just a glorified fire stick
  6. Are there any equivalents that actually work from the i phone/ pad?
  7. Yeah fair enough I agree Mind you iv tried to be responsible up to now and not commented on our check in at the tunnel...I could have said we’d just left the planet corona and I don’t think there would have been an issue nevertheless we’ve kept within all guidelines but we still get grief from some fellow forum members🙄
  8. Just follow that other thread mate basically I leave an old sky q router and leave all the cables in the caravan, then I simply disconnect my two sky boxes to take with us i have push fit connectors on the cables at home and on my tripod lnb, both boxes sit under my bench and I use the Bluetooth remotes to control them You can get the hybrid lnb from e bay connect the sat finder to the non q connections takes me about 10 mins to set every up, I also have 10m hdmi leads hidden to the tv positions
  9. Get a decent sat finder I use an app on my phone for general direction, then attach a meter to pinpoint it... I then have both boxes connected via an Ethernet cable, so multi room and yes they work without internet
  10. Lol.... I agree but there’s no excuses for that though, I was new 2 years ago but come on
  11. Iv been self employed since 18 and never had a single penny from the taxpayer until the recent grant
  12. I think going abroad on an aeroplane may have been “reckless” and a gamble but travelling in our own car/ caravan and changing countries like we did, I don’t see what is wrong with that? And hence I think any negative comments on here is just jealousy
  13. Thank you, theres nothing wrong with a difference in opinion
  14. Yes 100% life’s too short.... if it’s from a safety point of view,I can confirm after a tour of Europe the last 7 weeks there’s no other country taking it more seriously than Spain including our own
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