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  1. Molly m tell green flag about yourselves, I needed assistance recently and the lass on The end of the telephone didn’t have a clue what I was on about
  2. ah ok when i looked it was arounf 650E for 6 nights may half term for a pitch
  3. why?don't you like paying 4.99E for a tiny bag then mind they make lovely chips, we took the actifry with us, couldnt get enough of them
  4. Really? I’m looking for May half term next year and fear your right, the crossing from Newcastle or hull might make it a waste of time time for for a week Was looking at this last night, I’m either gonna cross Switzerland off my future holiday list, or going to work there for a few months
  5. I’m on with durbanite too, after 6 weeks in France it’s good to get home to our inferior bread, it was like going to the jaw gym every time I wanted to attempt to make a sandwich, and then the sliced stuff was always full of holes mind im not much of a wine drinker but I did get a taste for the wife’s bottles of red, only when I’d ran out of kronenbourg of course though😂
  6. Had to call green flag up on the outskirts of the m 25 last week, she asked where we were pulled up and armed with my 3 words she didn’t have a clue what I was on about😂so we went back to the old fashioned way of trying to guess what junction I had passed
  7. chris76

    pick up 4x4

    Damn it, not more money to shell out😳 i take it an amarok would need one too
  8. Cheers I’ll e mail as soon as I decide
  9. Thanks that’s good to know, beach or boat in the morning pool on the afternoon It’s uncertainty the markets don’t like, I’m sure once things have been decided either way the pound will bottom out
  10. Too choppy for a small rib? Mind they did say it was more the afternoon when the wind picked up
  11. I’m looking for a beach site so I can take an inflatable rib with me so hoping to get booked up early so I can get as close to front beach line as possible a couple we made friends with recommended L amfora which gets fantastic reviews and is ideal for us but the fact the bay is so windy is putting me off do you know of anywhere a bit further down so less wind which might suit us?
  12. It just seems to be oozing from everywhere, it became a bit of a joke while I was away i seem to have it on most of my clothes and had blue fingers the last site we were on my neighbour told me to wash it of straight away as it carcinogenic is there any solvent which will clean it up while I’m on? just feel like chucking it and buying new Well it’s funny you should that I v had bother with it in the past I’ve had to renew the toothed bit at the underside of the toilet
  13. As a family of 4 we’re travelling back from 6 weeks in France and it has cost me around £10k all in all of the sites apart from 2 nights at bien assise £50 and a site at salbris on Thursday 38e were between 60 and 80 e a night which is a lot for a bit of grass and electric i think we only ate out about 4 or 5 times cheapest we found diesel was 1.40at 18 mpg 2.5 k Miles in total😳 we found the price of meat ridiculous but as others said Lidl wasn’t too bad not happy about the toll roads and definitely not happy about not finding any peroni😂 Borussia can I ask where you went in Spain and how did you find it. I saw a pic you posted and it looked good
  14. Yeah thanks for that we went and it was one of the best meals we had and very reasonable compared to others we ate at well we’ll be back home in 2.5 hours were all looking forward to our own beds we all had a cracking time and loved every sight we stayed at although brittany was a little cold for us, loved being in the dordogne there’s so much to do, defianately the nicest scenery we’ve ever encountered. if we are fortunate to be in a position to go for the 6 weeks hols next year we will more than likely go to Spain with a dordogne stop off
  15. I think the seal kit must’ve gone because it’s obviously been leaking as you can see😂 Is it worth trying to repair it or should i just buy a new one?
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