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  1. It’s probably the same one, Villeneuve-de-Berg? Fantastic site but zero distancing at the slides and no masks unless you go to reception, nevertheless we had a brilliant time
  2. It’s been like that for along time though and even with the ftse at almost record highs banks are still rock bottom
  3. Well we Arrived pretty much as they made the announcement last night 🙄and after being out and about today it’s being taken a lot more seriously than back home even people on push bikes have mask on
  4. So in theory,how would that affect a caravanner returning via the tunnel, who’s to say we were in Spain or France?
  5. We’ve just left our weeks stay in the ardeche, it was full and we couldn’t stay on for extra nights even if we moved pitch Didn’t come across any other brits at all mind the site was absolutely spotless everywhere and they use a cashless wristband system, all in all very impressed and I think we’ll be back next year
  6. Stayed at lac Panthier last 2 nights, thanks for the recommendation val, it’s a lovely site, they gave us a lake side pitch and we walked round the lake yesterday. Would have been nice to stay a couple of extra days had the weather been better. Mind 4 hours was a bit ambitious the itl be over 7 hours by the time we reach Le Pommier. Dunno if it’s because it’s a Saturday but the traffic is horrendous
  7. cheers alan yeah were going to find somewhere on route for 2 nights, i think we might just play it ear though atm
  8. love our cruiser too, cant wait till we get back in it, in ten days time,hopefully ill be laid up watching the football on sky q box with the air con on, panicking on wether the ice creams will stay frozen and the beers cold as its boiling outside
  9. not even sure ill be able to go now with the lockdown
  10. thanks val yeah that looks nice its available as well, 108e for 2 nights, i was thinking somewhere around dijon would be doable in one hit if we share the driving and would leave a 5 hour drive down to the ardeche for a 2 pm check in thanks alan if it was just me and the wife, but the thought of dragging kids around a city
  11. so can i do that with an old sky q router?
  12. sounds like a plan, so is that acceptable to just pull up in a car park or services? it would be nice if i could do at least a couple of hours in pull up at 2 or 3 am ish have a lie down in the caravan then do about 6 hours or so the next day, that would leave us a couple of nights to kill at a town about 3 or 4 hours away from our destination. is there anywhere nice to stop on route? im looking at the map and lake annecy doesnt look like that much of a detour
  13. trying to decide what to do, atm we have the tunnel booked on thursday morning the 16th at 01.23 (stupid time i know but we were planning on driving from durham after the kids finished school) so atm would be leaving around 5pm i reckon. were staying at le pommier - villeneuve de berg which is about an 11 drive down the a26 from calais which is booked in for sat 18th 2pm check in We were just going to drive through the night from calais and play it by ear, but now im thinking should we change for a 6 pm ish crossing (about an extra £50) and stay somewhere en route for 3 nights bearing in mind, on the saturday we want to set off in the morning and check in no later than 2pm at le pommier or leave the crossing as is, turn up a couple of hours early, have a 3 or 4 hour rest in france and just drive south for a bit until check in time for 2 nights stay... so working backwards to arrive at le pommier i reckon a 4 hr drive would be about max i hope all that makes sense and would be interested to hear peoples opinion on what to do or where to stay, iv e mailed the site but they have no earlier availability so we need to stop somewhere en route. Also we've no problem with driving a long distance, the wife will do the uk leg on her own then i will take over in france so i reckon we can do at least half the france leg before we set up camp although obviously we would need a layby or aire for a bit en route for a good rest
  14. yeah thats a good idea so i can leave sky set up at home and view via plex in the caravan internet permitting of course sounds like a hassle to set up though
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