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  1. Had mixed experiences over the years. My wife is an award winning supermarket manager, she sometimes says " That warden is not fit for a customer focused role". She also praises those worthy. We have been on two CMC sites this year, Sandringham was pants in regards to wardens, where as the one just below Lowestoft, cant remember the name, Michelle thought the wardens very good.
  2. Does every site accept tents? My daughter has bought one for weekend aways along or around the east coast of Yorkshire.
  3. Had an email from Vauxhall. The all electric Corsa costs £6 to charge from flat or 3p a mile at whatever kWh Vauxhall used. 205 mile range (circumstance apply)
  4. See what I mean about the wording. "No single user can access more electricity than any other" A true statement, but the issue is, how much is used by a single user. If I plug my fan heater in 24/7 heating up the awning, I as a single user would only be accessing no more leccy than any other user could, the other users dont, but could. So is that alright then? Looks like it. My mate owns a caravan site, he charges for awnings to cover the cost of expected increase in electricity.
  5. I've used metered electric here in the UK on several sites. One site when you loaded up the meter with credits you couldn't unload it to get a refund for what you hadn't used the other sites you could. The systems used on all the sites were pretty much the same, a cardboard credit card you slotted into the bollard to load and unload the credits. You choose how much to put on at reception and they top it up, dead easy. Only one issue is you can only gain a refund if the site office is open, one site we left late at night, so left about a fiver for someone else. I dont actually believe the clubs sincerity regarding their choice of language on electric usage, personally I think they chuck out a few well chosen words to increase profits for themselves. They have the ability to install the technology that exists and has for some time to the above system but choose not to. You cant say reduce electric use to one group but then encourage it to another (cars). I use my caravan like a second home it requires plenty of juice, when on CMC or any site I'm on holiday, I'm not going to start worrying or making life less easy for the sake of the clubs profits, they charge at the upper end of the scale anyway, plus membership.
  6. One cautionary note regarding the Bradcot Residentia full awning we bought a few weeks back. It's a good awning, not as flash as the Isabella but made of the same material, the clips that are sewn into the fabric for the ladders, snapped over 6 now, very flimsy, replaced with Acetal rods cut to length and pushed into the fabric hoop left behind. Not the end of the world, poor design though. Rods bought from Plastics Direct. Dirt cheap.
  7. It was very helpful. I raised it on here because my posts couldn't be seen on the other forum, so quicker response. Resolved now, one complaint later, bit of a faff, but putting 2 and 2 together now. Why I'm bothering I dont know myself 🤦‍♂️ ....... Us neither, but it really is a cracking film, David identifies himself, go look at his website, by clicking erm his face! 😳
  8. We have a 2016 pastiche 575, We used to have a 390 porch awning, We now have a 320 porch awning for February holiday. A full awning of the traditional variety for the seasonal pitch and the other 3 holidays. The 575 can suit many size porch awnings because of the lack of a rear window, the only cautionary note is the gap between door and front window when choosing a porch type.
  9. Because you share moderators, and users. Odd for this to happen after weeks of posts!
  10. Anyone? Blocked, no explanation, weeks have gone by.
  11. If you want the aluminium lifter I have one for free! Its proper poo. Bulges the tyre beyond reasonable. I have a Kojak for Alko lock, works well, but as a leveller no good what so ever
  12. Exactly correct. I keep banging on about in practice
  13. The last one is what I was eluding to. I couldn't give the dealer the money until I had done the Tow Check process, bored you have no idea.
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