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  1. Ha Ha, sorry, but I predicted the same last week! Moisturise after, or stop using hand sanitizer.
  2. I wouldnt worry about the gloves tbh. Are you touching door handles whilst wearing them? Our house rule is, when entering wash hands immediately in downstairs toilet, the sink muppets 😃, use rubbing alcohol next to sink to wipe handle light pull.
  3. Enjoy, a real eye opener. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam.html
  4. My wife has been sent home to self isolate from work, as others have, because the employer knows they are on the Flu jab list, initially for 2 weeks, but what would be the point of going back to work if the pandemic remains the same, so we are thinking it will be upped to 12 weeks, or maybe the duration. Now call me cynical but why? Im beginning to believe companys maybe thinking that if an employee/member contracts covid 19 on their premises that company, or Club, could be held liable, just a thought. The CMC stated it closed because of Social Distancing couldnt be maintained, odd reason dont you think.
  5. As said this article is drawing from reports of Corona viruses. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200317-covid-19-how-long-does-the-coronavirus-last-on-surfaces
  6. The reports of Coronavirus living outside the human body is 24 hours on cardboard and upto 28 days on most hard surfaces such as metal or plastic. Copper reportedly kills the virus very quickly. Now that said I think the report was conducted on "A" Coronavirus not the new family member Covid 19. The reports of the Covid 19 virus is that its covered in a fatty tissue, which is why soap is the best disinfectant option as this breaks open the fatty protective layer of the virus allowing the inner to be destroyed, hence wash your hands, but again more reports say we catch the virus more via breathing it in. Therefore I would say the best effective method to decontaminate a caravan fully, leave it park for say 30 days, you dont put yourself at any risk either!
  7. Having had a chat with a friend last night he received a full refund for upcoming dates he had booked within this crisis. I have 2 caravan sites booked, and a house but that to one side, one paid for in full for 2 weeks time, no contact yet, the other is end of June so not really expecting anything other than, and here is the "Unexpected" payment of balance reminder,. So how has others experience been of similar situation re deposits.? Should I pay the balance for our 2 weeks hol in June when due 6 weeks before arrival.?
  8. Ps All academic now after last nights announcement, but again I disagree with the fact that high street shops have been ordered closed, some are complying, but absolutely no restrictions on online selling! Think about that. Decrease in one kind of interaction, but an increase of another. More warehouse/admin staff, not being 2 metres apart, more lorrys more Van's! As I said earlier measures will have unknown consequences. Im listening to Boris right now, "We must stay at home" is the message, I would get the sack!
  9. Let me explain to you. I have several friends, family members who work away from home, using caravans, motorhomes and one in a VW camper to reside in over 5 to 6 days, all bar one are self employed. To them it is essential travel and more their primary residence than one of bricks and mortar they spend a couple of days a week in Every measure will have consequences not understood until we move further into the period, furthermore we dont have to agree with a government policy if we believe it to be the wrong one at any time, for example my workplace 15000 UK staff, has parrotted government guidance that if we have a member of the household as high risk from covid19 I/we still have to go to work as I/we are not ill only booking time off only if I/we show symptoms I take it you agree with that too? I dont.
  10. I'm getting the feeling that summer hols are now in danger of being banned! Our May holiday is going to be stay at home, the next one is our annual trip to Cornwall in the caravan end of June, cant see it happening, NHS Cornwall couldnt cope with the increased numbers. Which brings me to CMC and CCC closing, I think its the wrong decision, they should certainly close in peak but now, why it's a quiet time. The increased numbers of people going into areas which is the reason for restricting travel, is incredibly small.
  11. On twitter one NHS trust has reported 6 ambulances last night had the tyres slashed! Fits this threads tittle beautifully. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1258903/coronavirus-news-south-east-coast-ambulance-service-kent/amp
  12. Until employers take this more seriously I fear no measures will really slow the infection rate. My employer is hopeless, they could do far more than they do. Union pathetic, in fact they may as well not exist.
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