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  1. As a note. We have moved our caravan from seasonal to pitch and store, the caravan site we are using is relatively new, all the pitches have electric meters, and to be honest I prefer that. Seems fairer to everyone. I can sit with my fan heater blowing up my trouser leg whilst charging my bike free of guilt, not that I had any 😁 The caravan site we are leaving had a no fan heater rule, just about everybody ignores it, some use electric radiators so there is no tell tale noise. As far as fees, they go up every year, this year or last it appears membership has declined, so perhaps the CMC are now on the decent of "Peak" for their product, as I've stated they lost me years back when they started extending periods. We used them last year for location, wont be using them again for the foreseeable future there are far better sites out there some cheaper some not, but simply 90% of the time, better.
  2. I thought being glued together damp was an impossibility. On my 2016 Pastiche 575 at the lower offside is the Alde vent, then inside boiler. Could either of these be the cause? Damp or damp reading?
  3. On the motor mover, I'm a lorry driver, I can reverse my trailer around very well indeed, my caravan has a motor mover! I wouldnt be without it, not just for the accuracy and ease it gives to position but it helps enormously fitting the Alko wheel lock. Also if your car has a dual mass flywheel then try not to extend your reversing periods, my car of years back was a 6 speed Jag X type, reversing the caravan killed my dmf! My first caravan was a gt60, loved it. I would still have it now if the layout hadn't become an issue, we had the fixed bed against the wall, which ment I was the one climbing over the wife, and wet feet when walking through the shower to use the toilet.
  4. Thing about buying new is warranty, we bought new 2016 Coachman, taking it in for a service was a right pain in the bum! For some even more so as dealers can insist on an empty caravan! Nothing wrong with secondhand, some right bargains to be had, "Bought new, used twice" Plenty of those about. Spec is down to choice, no matter what model from that range you buy, your still buying the same made box. Only thing I insist on is ATC, wouldnt have a caravan without it, everything else is just fluff. Current caravan Coachman Pastiche, previous caravan Bailey Ranger, both do the same job!
  5. Michelle and I have had the same discussion. Been looking this morning at booking February's holiday, it's going to be in a house not costing that much more than using the caravan, and in one case exactly the same, so why bother with the hassle? If it wasnt for the seasonal pitch I'd sell up too.
  6. An awning equals substantial extra cost to a site in electric, then work in space, maintenance so that cost on CMC site is born by EVERYONE. If you are happy to use a non awning pitch for the same price as awning do so in the knowledge that your part funding some one else's stay. Dogs are a bit of a contentious issue, the charge as I understand it is for emptying, maintaining the poo bins, and in my mates case picking up the poo that owners dont, repairing grass, maintaining dog walk area, again the CMC charge everyone. If you go by industry norm, the CMC are blatantly over charging for non awning pitches.
  7. Yes they do, its worked in the price, everyone pays regardless, they even have the cheek to charge exactly the same for a non awning pitch, that tells you everything you need to know! Now if your happy with that, then that's fine, people have the choice to go or not, but please dont anyone try and dress up the pricing policy for something it isnt, and that's fair to users. I would have thought it being a members club, and this could apply to the C&CC no idea never used them, that the pricing structure would be the fairest in the land!
  8. People still deploy fan heaters in our British summer, I do. One family on my friends site had 2 heaters going, one at each end, presumably on low setting, to keep the dogs warm which slept in the awning. The CMC pricing is ridiculous as it assumes everyone has a dog/s and awning, I can remember on one C&CC site, a few years back, when the awning came down out came a small chest freezer and tumble dryer, that was July in Cornwall.
  9. I have a mate who owns a site, the awning charge is to cover extra electric usage that 95% of the time occurs when up goes an awning and out comes a fan heater. I would imagine all sites do the same, the actual con is not to charge for awnings as that site includes the extra electric usage in the pitch fee. (Unless on a meter) I actually prefer separate costs, it seems fair to everyone.
  10. We have had a couple of bad warden's, few years back one let himself into our awning to tell me off for having a car wheel on the grass, impossible not to, as I pointed out the other folk around had wheels on the grass too, then I threw him out, explaining a few seconds earlier Michelle was in her underwear, dont do this again over something as trivial. The other we rocked up at reception, Michelle went to book us in, I let our little dog out to stretch her legs, immediately set upon by a warden actually shouting, "dont you leave your car". My reply, " I'm not, now $%/& off". Both Caravan Club sites,
  11. The files arnt huge, so cant see an issue. The mods can delete them, apart from the fact it states gifs are accepted file types. Bit of festive fun!
  12. Quick answer, we loved the Xplore we viewed. Long answer, We own a 3 year old Coachman Pastiche 575, bought new. It's a long single axle caravan, it's on a seasonal pitch but we tow it twice a year, and it's a real pain in the bum, my car can handle it no issue, but even so, hate it, and I'm a lorry driver nowadays. So we considered selling up, storing it locally and in Cornwall, or changing it for a smaller one, thinking being on smaller easier to set up, tow, handle, store at home etc. I'm not interested in keeping up with the Jones's, a caravan has so many parameters to it that simply buying the biggest isnt the answer so many an issue can be raised, so for me small was better and the Elddis range was without doubt the most eye appealing. We wanted our own shower so the micro caravans were ruled out, but having said that we saw a pear/tear drop one last year being towed by a Fiat 500 that once set up with a very large awning looked amazing, it almost tempted me! But as it turned out we are sticking with the Coachman for another year, on the seasonal pitch, we love our time in the caravan so 2020 caravaning is sorted, at least for another year!
  13. Its easy, it's an app on my phone! All you do is take several still pictures, I used a Canon Sx 70 bridge camera on a tripod, take a picture, change the scene, take another picture, repeat. You could use your phone as a camera. Then I transferred the 10 pictures to my phone and let the app stitch them together. The Christmas tree gif at the end I used the same last scene picture 5 times for the delay. Remember stickman we all used to do in school books then flick the corners to make him move, same thing. Done a few Elf on the shelf, this is my favourite, slowed it down for effect, take one picture, move the elf/car take another, story is naughty elf nicked my car!
  14. Rover was it the 45? Cant remember, it was pitched as a competitor for BMW 3 series. Worst engine in the history of engines, K series Honda, utter bad language removed! Bendy cylinder heads. The interior, every day was a new disappointment, which bit now doesnt work or has dropped off. Close second was Michelle's Peugeot Rcz 200 GT, this car went to every Peugeot dealer to fix, all failed to permanently repair, last time it went into limp mode I drove it to the dealer and PX it, wait for it........ An Alfa! Frying pan fire! That has now gone after 3 years of trouble free motoring for an A3. My 21 year old car, well I'm claiming 18, slightly customised TR7.
  15. Wellys and Mac


    I went from 8 years of diesel cars to a petrol, wanted a bit of pep back in my driving, also noting the higher cost of a gallon of diesel over petrol. Towing the caravan was only given a slight nod, well slightly larger nod when the factory tow bar price was given 🙄 My caravan is around 1550kg, I bought a petrol Audi A4 Avant black edition 190bhp 7speed dsg black edition, the power to tow it is ample, in fact I think it's more than with the 7 speed box. Mpg is well down on my last car Insignia Sri 170 Bhp 31 mpg, but up on my previous diesel X type Jaguar sports premium collection at 21mpg. The Audi towed to Cornwall at 24mpg a round trip of 720 miles. My thoughts are, I now take only 2 annual holidays towing the caravan, we rent houses for the other 2 holidays, so the "balance" of tow/solo pointed to petrol. If we towed as we did pre seasonal pitch then diesel would have been first choice purely on cost of fuel re mpg. Towing with petrol really depends on choice of car. I can say that now we have ironed out the niggles, weight related, it's a dream to drive, power/gearing works well, the automatic handbrake and cruise control braking (downhill speed hold not adaptive) has almost cancelled out pre thinking about potential driving hazards whilst towing.
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