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  1. I also tried the night settings, as said, who lives such a regimented lifestyle, so then reverted to the remote control option, the wife!
  2. So you need to put it to 2kw setting, 10 amps. Load monitor to 10 amps if you have it. Therm is thermostat as you say.
  3. The thing about "own brand" The items would have to have passed standards and be certified for use, the one in question doesnt seem to carry any markings. If this was a low voltage application then my concern wouldn't be as great, but this is mains voltage, an awful lot could go wrong. I'm considering the onboard electrics of the relay may or may not be effected if polarity is reversed especially the sensing device as if this is attached to the L (live) the relay wont operate at all under reverse polarity in a similar way to a clip on monitor. But with a clip its simply a case of swapping over rather than rewiring. We used the Owl for a good few years, went from tripping the bollard on a regular basis to not at all.😁
  4. I have a 575, I've tried to Google your caravan but to no avail. My problem with a porch awning is the gap at the door and front window is very narrow which rules out most Air Awnings, other than lightweight ones with only a front curved beam. The biggest porch awning I have fitted is a 390, I could probably push to a 420 but certainly no more than that, but then my caravan diesnt have rear side windows to worry about.
  5. The only cautionary note I would add re the relay, well more than one, Isnt reverse polarity a thing in Europe? The relay shows L and N connections. If it trips and I note it comes on again, the caravan fridge will also turn off. It's an unknown brand, so safety in use/components/structure could be an issue But it does look like a solution you could benefit from, so I would suggest a visit to an electrical wholesalers and ask at the counter if there is a recognised device within the UK. But we used an Owl Monitor, the large older version, (never noticed any lag), successfully for many years, when we had a pre Alde caravan. Set the Tariff to 1000/volts (ruff average 235 volts) This would then turn the cost read out to amps. Workable safe solution, and when abroad you simply have to change the monitor load clamp over if required.
  6. The buzz phrase is BPA, Google it, bought drinking bottles are free from BPA. Thin walled water bottles are an attempt by industry to reduce plastic use, the thinner the container less plastic is used to make it. The 2 litre fizzy pop bottles are a very high grade plastic they fetch a good price when sent off to the recyclers, by the tonne I'm afraid, so no extra income for us! 10 p back on a glass pop bottle, Back in the day, I made a small fortune as a child finding discarded ones, (Ben Shaws) and taking them to the paper shop. Progress, pah.
  7. Just on re-using "Pop/plastic bottles" for water. You are safe to use these bottles provided you stick within the best before date or use by date stamped upon them. Medical advise was so straight forward, the container has to remain safe within the above dates to house the liquid. I walk/hike as my main hobby, Tonic water bottles fit in the rucksack side pockets beautifully, I change them as and when, for free. A far more hygienic solution than metal bottles in my opinion.
  8. Having read the rules on this Phone site to let them know we would be late, Arrive anytime into a LNA if available Pay full fees. So I could if I wanted do exactly what I stated, I would have been mega late, but circumstances dictated. For all the Trolls and nasty people that some how see my seeking advice as an affront to humanity, Michelle (my wife) is now on the sick, with stress, a condition of her work. So my desire to have a stress free holiday, spending quality time with each other, did have a genuine reason behind it. I hope those involved feel a deep sense of shame. Thank you.
  9. In order to keep the caravan legal we up plated, removed the spare wheel and carrier, carpets. The caravan is loaded with all habitation equipment but no food or clothes, all that goes in the car We have had a very light porch awning which used to travel in the caravan. The main point of towing is having the car far heavier than the caravan.
  10. So Iooking to buy this porch awning. Advice I'm after is regarding the Limpet fixing to the caravan wall, and "Extras" Do I still need the upright poles? How good a fixing is it? Im going poles basically because I need more weight in the car when towing, a bag of poles seems the easiest option.
  11. I want the single axle version, but I just know if I buy one the chances of it coming out the box will be practically nil. Over 7 years of caravan ownership I think I've levelled twice, once this year and the other must be 6 years ago. Have locknlevel in my wishist amazon
  12. What you suggest about statutory plates would require each variant required type approval, under the current system it's only the "mother" caravan so to speak. Sorry I dont think I can add anything more to the discussion.
  13. Fairly brief, Has anyone any recommendations for any web sites with a good selection of porch awnings?
  14. But you can because the plates have two different intents. Type approval is for the manufacturers use formost. Door plate is for the road user utmost. I think it's a bit unkind to say smoke and mirrors, your correct about placing a lower MTPLM to increase the availability of their product, but wrong to say the user is towing a heavier caravan because the door plate is enforceable so restricts the licence holder to their category. I disagree regarding a court case, as its standard and a wide spread practice not just with caravans but a whole host of trailers and vehicles. Let's agree to disagree,
  15. Regarding the "Term" well no, because it is the same intent. Imagine I call a wheel a wheel, but you call it a brick! Now that certainly would cause confusion. The discussion depends on how you view the process and end result. I see it as a pyramid. The top is Type approval MTPLM/MAM. Next level down are mechanical component plated weights. Next layer down door sticker MTPLM.
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