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  1. Out of interest, (my caravan battery was shot this winter I was expecting to replace it last year), the one listed is for a Stop Start engine would that be ok in a caravan? I'm asking because with standard acid batteries there are different types for various applications. Also would the caravan charger be acceptable for use with the one listed? Going to buy a new battery once the caravan is back in use. If you are an AA member you get 10% off at Halfords.
  2. For reference Coachman pastiche 575, mtplm 1550kg Tyre pressure 39psi
  3. It's a good idea The private caravan site we use in Cornwall is saying it's going to extend its season this year, it normally closes October. I would imagine it needs council backing re licence but under the circumstances I'm sure it's already been given. I see the other club CMC are not extending membership but have sent out an email wanting more money! Whilst at the same time claiming to be a members club. The difference between the two is striking!
  4. I dont understand this email. Gov.uk are giving support to organisations including taking over the wages bill. CMC overheads are at an absolute minimum, cash in the bank, income from storage, Gov.uk grant's across the board, but yet the CMC still want membership money to carry on rolling in, why? I only join for a location want, been a member twice currently not, I wouldnt renew under current climate, CMC has always charged top dollar, doesnt exactly inspire loyalty. The way the email is selling the club prior to asking for the money in some way I find immora
  5. Have they announced next years price rise? You voucher holders could well be a captive audience if caravan sites are ordered closed for the rest of the year, a possibility in my mind.
  6. Have you tried the cook books Pinch of Nom? Stunning food, We make our own ready meals and freeze them, far more nutritious!
  7. Wasjig, have an attic with a roof high stack of these, some still in the wrapper.
  8. Funny how some Holiday companies are choosing June as a re-open date, when there is nothing to suggest the Gov.uk ordered closure will be lifted. Everything I have read and heard suggests lockdown will be lifted in a staggered way, I would have thought the mass transit of people would be the last thing to be given the green light. With that in mind, I wouldnt be surprised if caravan sites didnt open until September!
  9. Ha Ha, sorry, but I predicted the same last week! Moisturise after, or stop using hand sanitizer.
  10. I wouldnt worry about the gloves tbh. Are you touching door handles whilst wearing them? Our house rule is, when entering wash hands immediately in downstairs toilet, the sink muppets 😃, use rubbing alcohol next to sink to wipe handle light pull.
  11. Enjoy, a real eye opener. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam.html
  12. My wife has been sent home to self isolate from work, as others have, because the employer knows they are on the Flu jab list, initially for 2 weeks, but what would be the point of going back to work if the pandemic remains the same, so we are thinking it will be upped to 12 weeks, or maybe the duration. Now call me cynical but why? Im beginning to believe companys maybe thinking that if an employee/member contracts covid 19 on their premises that company, or Club, could be held liable, just a thought. The CMC stated it closed because of Social Distancing couldnt be maintained
  13. As said this article is drawing from reports of Corona viruses. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200317-covid-19-how-long-does-the-coronavirus-last-on-surfaces
  14. The reports of Coronavirus living outside the human body is 24 hours on cardboard and upto 28 days on most hard surfaces such as metal or plastic. Copper reportedly kills the virus very quickly. Now that said I think the report was conducted on "A" Coronavirus not the new family member Covid 19. The reports of the Covid 19 virus is that its covered in a fatty tissue, which is why soap is the best disinfectant option as this breaks open the fatty protective layer of the virus allowing the inner to be destroyed, hence wash your hands, but again more reports say we catch the virus more
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