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  1. Weekend Traveller

    New Caravan - What do I need?

    If you want to enjoy caravanning, I would suggest a few years of long distance touring, two up on a motorcycle with a two man tent. You will realise that if you don't happen to have hot water on tap for your fitted shower, it really isn't the end of the World. Live, learn, be philosophical and have a beer!
  2. Weekend Traveller

    Build up of limescale in my toilet cassette

    Any easily available acid will shift it. I happen to have some brick acid (hydrochloric) in the shed, which does the job nicely.
  3. Weekend Traveller

    Scotland, is it worth a visit?

    I would say Scottish summer weather per week goes on average like this: Two fine days, two showery days, two days when it absolutely p*sses down, pick a random one from the previous three to make up the other day of the week and that's about it. Take it or leave it!
  4. Weekend Traveller

    Scotland, is it worth a visit?

    Get some scuba gear and a cheap boat, dive for scallops and have free summers on the wonderful West coast, selling scallops and lobbies to tourists at a premium, You've got to love that!
  5. Weekend Traveller

    Scotland, is it worth a visit?

    And the basking sharks.
  6. Weekend Traveller

    De-icing your car windscreen

    I used to do 4x4 off road competition stuff, you have to play the game according to the rules applicable at the time, the rules at the time had categories of engine capacity. The maximum category was anything over 3000 cubic centimeters, so if you had a 3528 CMC Rover V8, a very good engine, if well maintained, you were in the same class as the chappie with the 454 cubic inch, 7. 4 litre big bock Chevy, huge torque and ridiculous power at low RPMs who do you think won? Lol.
  7. Weekend Traveller

    De-icing your car windscreen

    Exactly, a watering can half full of warm water will defrost the whole car, a long spout makes it very easy to direct the water to exactly where it's needed and it won't freeze up quickly again in normal British weather. If you live in Russia, Canada etc where it gets properly cold, ignore all the above!
  8. Weekend Traveller

    De-icing your car windscreen

    I buy a second hand car which is reputed to be very reliable (1998 VW Passat), I pay £600. 00 for it, I change the oil every 6000 miles, replace a few ball joints myself as needed, and it's still running perfectly four years and 80,000 miles later. You've got to love that. I live in the Pennines, guess what, it snows, so you buy two new winter tyres to fit to the drive axle every autumn. The car goes about as well as any because it's Nokian winter tyres have some serious grip. I often pass 4x4s stuck on hills with summer road tyres, 2x some grip works better than 4x no grip, I laugh as I drive past them . De icing is an easy problem to solve, keeping moving in arduous conditions is somewhat more demanding.
  9. I learned the hard way, single handed sailing, that all critical fasteners, subject to constant varying working loads need to be wired to be guaranteed to prevent loosening. As far as I'm aware on aircraft all fasteners on moving parts are wired to prevent this problem: https://aviation. stackexchange. com/questions/35769/whats-the-reasoning-for-safety-wire-on-aircraft-and-the-reasoning-behind-the-w I remember rebuilding an AEC bus engine which had wired big end and main bearing bolts, I was impressed!
  10. Weekend Traveller

    Best type of fasteners to use?

    Thanks for all your replies, apologies for my late response. I ended up gluing a strip of wood onto the wall then using swing downs as per Sam's suggestion. Thanks chaps!
  11. Weekend Traveller

    Traumatic S3002P gas heater

    https://www. leisureshopdirect. com/gas/caravan-gas-fires/truma-fires/trumatic-s3002-gas-heater-spare-parts#ppSpecs[iframes]/0/ Click on the first exploded diagram down. See item 34.
  12. Weekend Traveller

    Caravan showers, time to make them optional ?

    I still have one of these it's now 35 years young and still provides regular totally weatherproof service, the iconic Vango Force 10.
  13. Weekend Traveller

    Considering a towing course

    I wonder how many HGV or agricultural trailers are fitted with "movers" in case the driver can't cut the mustard?
  14. Weekend Traveller

    Caravan showers, time to make them optional ?

    I used to do offshore yachting and long tours on a motorcycle with a 2 man ridge tent, it is possible to live and be perfectly content without a shower or lots of other so called essential conveniences . I find the modern, self indulgent mindset of life being unbearable if we are not 100% happy is somewhat disturbing.
  15. Weekend Traveller

    Considering a towing course

    By far the best training is a day or two driving an HGV, it's not half as difficult as most timid drivers would imagine. Speak to your local driving school, they're a business, they'll take anyone out for a day if you cross their palm.