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  1. We are heading to Crotoy next weekend, love in there. Of course our 6 year old son demands we get the steam train round to St Valery.
  2. I think you are correct, I am a member of some home brewing forums which are going the same way for the same reasons.
  3. On the towing test when coupling the trailer, once coupled to the vehicle you have to wind the jockey wheel down so as to lift the hitch which thereby lift's the car a little, proving it is connected properly. I do this every time I hook up my caravan.
  4. This is from my manual, I have a Bailey Senator of similar vintage to yours: "Please note that the 230V heating should be viewed as a supplementary system only. The grade II insulation accreditation was achieved using gas powered heating. When using the 230V system in conjunction with the 12V fan we recommend a setting of no more than 2 on the rotary dial." The rotary dial is on the right hand side of the heater. It does take a little while to get warm on electric, I find gas is much quicker and warmer.
  5. To further clarify, the 3,500kg is the maximum permissible mass of both the towing vehicle and the caravan, not the weight of them at the time of you driving (as I originally thought - had to take a test pronto before I picked up my caravan).
  6. That's because it was from last year. 25th March this year is a Monday.
  7. No, the Maximum Authorised Mass (so the maximum weight the vehicle and caravan can legally be when fully loaded, not necessarily the weight at the time of towing) have to be under 3,500kg if you passed your test after 1st Jan '97.
  8. What heater do you have? Do your other gas appliances work? Do you have operating instructions and a troubleshoot?
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. We are popping away in the ‘van tomorrow for a couple of nights to familiarise ourselves with it, can’t wait.
  10. Thank you, yes it was the layout that sold it to us. Really looking forward to getting back in to it. Thanks for your offer, PM sent.
  11. Hi, I've recently acquired a Senator Arizona but unfortunately it did not come with a manual. I'm fairly au fait with caravans but would still like one so I don't push the wrong button etc. Does anyone know where I can get hold of one? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi all, just a quick hello from a rather wet Essex. I've recently bought a Bailey Senator Arizona as we want to get back in to caravanning (both my parents and grandparents had one when I was young, I loved them). I'm looking forward to getting away in it very soon, for now I'm off for a look round the forum.
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