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  1. First caravan was bought privately, the second was from a dealer. They had a van we liked in terms of layout (main requisites are end fixed bed and mid bathroom) so we traded in the old one. The dealer is close to us and have storage facilities which are cheaper than our previous storage facility. It ticked all the boxes, but we did do a lot of research first. Very happy with our decision.
  2. We do the same as you, but our caravan is in storage, albeit only 10 mins away. Last year, the very, very warm August Bank Holiday weekend, I managed to forget all my shorts, other than the ones I was wearing. Rather than returning home I bought some more, which was rather more difficult than expected. Apparently it was the end of the season and the shops had switched all their stock.
  3. To circulate the heat, at a guess. Our caravan oven doesn't have one though.
  4. Yep, use ours all the time, as well as the grill. Made some fantastic meals.
  5. That's a little tricky at the moment, I haven't seen any dealers with good stock, quite the opposite in fact.
  6. What difference does uneven ground make?
  7. 6 nights at Low Farm, near Woodbridge in Suffolk 7 nights at Green Farm, Sudbury Our total: 24 nights Forum total: 260
  8. My comment wasn’t aimed at you, I was referring to it as directed by PMW.
  9. I checked your post: And I checked the chart as directed by you: It clearly says on the bottom line that if you have a manual B licence but use an auto for your +E test, presuming you pass, you can only tow with an auto.
  10. Me too, some people really shouldn't be on the road. If you haven't done anything wrong or illegal then it can't, surely.
  11. I don't have any experience of towing with one but I have read of some sites being funny about allowing vans on. You may be ok with a plain van (no company logos). May be worth some research.
  12. Another nextbase user here too, 512, it also has the rear camera attached to it. It has a red button to save recordings and does all sorts of other things. The picture is great too.
  13. Well done, the world is now your oyster, well it will be when Covid-19 goes away.
  14. I agree with all the comments here, the first thing the dealer does when taking in a p/x it to give it a good going over with a damp meter, so they certainly would have known. Personally, I wouldn't entertain any damp van, keep looking, you will find a dry one.
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