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  1. It's still working. I got a notification last month that I had been near someone who had since tested positive and I had to self isolate. I can only put it down to a recovery truck driver who recovered my car after I hit a pothole and the useless space saver spare wheel wouldn't inflate. We stayed more than 2m apart and wore masks, but it must have recorded him being in the same space as me (my car) at similar times.
  2. I've been showing symptoms for a couple of days so I went to a Drive-thru test centre this morning, very, very impressed with how organised it is. Just a waiting game now.
  3. Yes, I have always found Sky willing to negotiate. Shame they don't give you the best price in the first place really. Having said that, they have made over £4k extra from the OP in 20 years, they are a business, after all.
  4. The OP posted this on the Bailey Facebook group Looking at the picture again, it looks like the motor mover has copped some of it too, or could have been rubbing on the tyre? Could that have been the cause of the blowout?
  5. I hate to tell you, but you are correct, as from April 2020. Her name has also changed back to Sirena Seaways.
  6. The Pont Avon started sailing between UK, France, Spain and Ireland again at the end of June, but you are right, she has been at Le Havre South since 3rd November. Baie de Seine is currently transiting the Baltic, heading for Tallinn. Having spent some of March and all of April in Poland, she seemingly started trading again in May. Sorry to go off topic, I find this type of thin interesting.
  7. Or it was looped around a detachable tow bar and that became detached from the car, just another possibility. Either way, I agree it hasn't operated the handbrake. If you look at 17 seconds in, it also looks like the stabiliser / hitch handle is up. I always do a lift test before driving, and this is why.
  8. As others have said, I would stay well clear of the website. I certainly would want to see it before purchase, also have a service and damp check report, at the very least. If you decide you don't want it, I don't imagine it will be as easy as telling them so, they collect and give you a full refund, contrary to what they probably have you believe.
  9. First caravan was bought privately, the second was from a dealer. They had a van we liked in terms of layout (main requisites are end fixed bed and mid bathroom) so we traded in the old one. The dealer is close to us and have storage facilities which are cheaper than our previous storage facility. It ticked all the boxes, but we did do a lot of research first. Very happy with our decision.
  10. We do the same as you, but our caravan is in storage, albeit only 10 mins away. Last year, the very, very warm August Bank Holiday weekend, I managed to forget all my shorts, other than the ones I was wearing. Rather than returning home I bought some more, which was rather more difficult than expected. Apparently it was the end of the season and the shops had switched all their stock.
  11. To circulate the heat, at a guess. Our caravan oven doesn't have one though.
  12. Yep, use ours all the time, as well as the grill. Made some fantastic meals.
  13. That's a little tricky at the moment, I haven't seen any dealers with good stock, quite the opposite in fact.
  14. What difference does uneven ground make?
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