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  1. Could be the pump has seized, the one on our old van used to every now and then.
  2. Ok, but the flip side is someone like me. I'm only a couple of years younger than you and when I found out I had to take an extra test I was quite excited about it and knew it would open up a lot more opportunities for me. I managed to pass in a completely unfamiliar area on the outskirts of London with only 2 hours training. It really isn't that difficult. I know others who felt the same as me. There are always two opposing schools of thought.
  3. That's to fill the on board water tank, you should also have a connector for an external water tank (aquaroll etc)/ the two small holes are an electrical plug socket, dip the pump in w container of water, put the outlet in the hole, plug it in and hey presto. You can of course fill the tank up with a hose., or use the external tank. Annoyingly I got rid of my van last week with one of those in it, I could have taken it as the dealer didn't want it but had no use for it on my new van so left it in. Edit: this is the pump https://www.caravanaccessoryshop.co.uk/product/whale-superfill-gp80-submersible-pump-kit/862
  4. Ah yes, it could well have been, the tow bar was already on the car when I bought it.
  5. Welcome Tim, relatively new here myself, but enjoying it.
  6. I'm reading this with interest, I have an air tent which I love for simpleness. I have recently bought a new caravan and I am not yet sure whether my poled awnings (porch and full) fit my new van. I have been debating an air awning, I can see the pro's and con's, your comments are really helpful, thanks.
  7. My old car (2009 VW Tiguan Rline) used to automatically switch the caravan or trailers lights on as soon at the ignition was on irrespective of the car lights being switched off. There was no way of turning the 'van or trailers lights off. I guess they thought is was a safety feature? My new Vw Touareg doesn't do that.
  8. Thanks Mr Plodd, worth keeping fir future reference if needed.
  9. In addition, as has been said before, if it's on your drive it's very clear to everyone when you are away....
  10. Are you asking a question or just making a statement?
  11. Nice one, thanks. I do need a new battery.
  12. Thanks all, the back of the door has 2 cubby holes with nets across the front but we never use them. I like the look of the Kampa one, I'll get one of those if Bailey don't come up trumps. Thanks again
  13. We are becoming ever frustrated by the lack of a bin in our caravan, I have looked on Prima Leisure and they sell a bin but I'm not entirely sure where it goes in the van. Does anyone have an thoughts? I'm thinking of one which attaches to the door. We often go away without the awning so putting one outside isn't an option. We have a Bailey Senator Arizona, 2005 model if that helps.
  14. We are heading to Crotoy next weekend, love in there. Of course our 6 year old son demands we get the steam train round to St Valery.
  15. I think you are correct, I am a member of some home brewing forums which are going the same way for the same reasons.
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