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  1. Thanks DACS, I haven noticed mine has lost the time or date but I'll check the next time I go out in the car.
  2. Same here, I have a Nextbase 422 and had it fitted by Halfords. All that and a rear view camera came to £140 I think. As G&L says, it turns on and off with the car. In addition, if it feels a sudden movement while parked up it will turn the camera on and record. It automatically saves files if it feels a sudden change in moment it locks the file and I believe it can be set up to call the emergency services in the event of an accident and the driver is unresponsive. https://www.nextbase.com/en-gb/dash-cams/422gw-dash-cam/
  3. This might help: https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/130041-awning-rail/
  4. Whether you will have to interfere with the gears really depends on the car and type of roads. I used to tow with a 2L VW Tiguan and I used to have to manually change gear sometimes (particularly as it used to pull away in 2nd gear when in 'drive'). Now I tow with a 3L Touareg and I never touch the gears, push the go pedal and it does what it needs to. I'm sure you will be absolutely fine.
  5. Joe1002

    Basic toolkit

    Cable ties, they solve everything. Joking aside, I keep a small tool kit with an adjustable spanner, pliers, screwdriver etc. I keep cable ties, fuses and a multi-meter in the car permanently.
  6. If you type in MT0111 rather than MTO111 (Zero not an 'o') then a few results come up, albeit in chrome rather than black. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Caravan-Motorhome-Whale-Long-Spout-Crome-Mixer-Tap-MT0111/202704708450?epid=2308807702&hash=item2f32246362:g:BhYAAOSwde1c~~CW http://www.worksopcaravans.co.uk/product/whale-elite-tap-mt0111-chrome/ https://www.becingoldmells.co.uk/prod3.php?prod=427&catname=CARAVAN+EQUIPMENT+(TOURING)&subcatname=Taps+%26+Parts&prodname=Whale+Elite+Faucet+Mixer+Tap+long+Spout+(MT0111)
  7. That is generalising statement and is simply not true! The problem often arises when the policyholder hasn't read the policy documentation, the contract between themselves and the insurer, and become upset when an insurer applies a term, warranty or exclusion contained in that very contract. It wouldn't be a good business model for insurers to pay out every claim, regardless of the policy wording, would it? Many insurers, when a valid, covered claim is made, will settle promptly.
  8. I disagree. I was forced to take my B+E test in very short order, but I was excited by the 'challenge'. I enjoyed the couple of hours of training. I took the test in an area completely alien to me but after the first few minutes I relaxed and enjoyed it. I'm not sure what the percentage is between those who don't want to take the test vs those of us who have, happily, but I know a number on here have without complaint. Ours didn't either, but they probably guessed for the outfit I traded in, coupled with the tow car was over 3,500kg and therefore would have the appropriate licence, rightly or wrongly
  9. From your last picture here it looks as though the wheel is off the ground. Indeed, going back to your first post it looks like that too. Apologies if you haven but you should not lift the van with the corner steadies, there are just steadies, not jacks. They only need to be down enough to give the van stability - some go by the saying of "Down to the ground then one time round". Once the steadies reach the ground give the handle one more full turn.
  10. It was down to £1.08 and petrol £1.01 at my local Morrisons when I got the shopping yesterday. I have a near full tank and it's the first time the car has moved in two weeks. Hopefully the prices stay low when we are allowed back out to the wild.
  11. I was sick of the rubbish plastic one which came on our new bailey so went for one of these, we are very happy with it. We don't have a motor mover and we find it much easier to push with this jockey wheel.
  12. Our service isn't due until August, will see what the situation is nearer the time but thanks for the heads-up.
  13. Could it be the remote battery needs replacing?
  14. Hi & welcome. I understand fixing damp is a fairly labour intensive operation and can be pretty expensive if you pay someone to do it. Personally, I would stay clear of it, there will be others out there for you.
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