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  1. Don't rush, you might as well wait till near the end of month as you will lose April anyway. You can re-tax anytime online and it is instant
  2. Thanks, I won't be going out till Tuesday so I've put a note on my dash to remind me. Have just drove it back into my garage and it seemed to stop ok albeit from 5mph.
  3. To pass some time I thought I would have a go at replacing my own brakes. Ordered pads and discs all round and were delivered yesterday, been out on drive all morning fitting them. Not for the complete novice but very straight forward. Ticked another day off the calendar and saved myself a couple of hundred quid win win
  4. It's not a matter of do what you want but a case of we are not a police state, and I have met some police that will relish any extra powers
  5. At that size screen any tv will do a similar job. The manufacturers rightly so put all the latest tech into their large screen tvs
  6. But why when you have your own private,clean bathroom would you decide to use a public one
  7. You pay upfront for storage and everyone's van is going to be there longer this year so I'd think storage yards will be one of the safest businesses at the moment
  8. Insurance companies, the modern day highway man
  9. For that sort of mark up I think most people should try
  10. HD not really important on a tv of that size
  11. Leave mine under toilet locker as easier to get to
  12. Charliefarlie your figures are correct. Twice now I have had spot checks and both times they had a cursory look around the car and van at the usual (tyres, mirrors, electrics, breakaway cable) but the main thing was the weight of caravan and of car and train weight. Once that was all ok they waved me off and on to next vehicle
  13. I'll stick with my deisel for the foreseeable thanks
  14. I agree but the ice was a vast improvement on both whereas the electric motor is born out of a supposedly greener future. I say supposedly because of the battery issue and the not so clean generated electricity
  15. Don't think electric motors will ever replace internal combustion engines
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