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  1. Doom and gloom, something you excell in. What a strange thing to say you are looking forward to chaos and disruption at the weekend.
  2. Never said disappear just learn to live with it. Like I already said the economy must come first or everything is doomed
  3. Nowhere in any post did I say to hell with anyone who died, all I am saying is we need to get the economy going and quickly. You obviously haven't seen the news lately but there are job losses everywhere and they also will not get back to normal any time soon. On the subject of dying I have lost a friend to suicide because of lockdown and a family member who is suffering from cancer and now because of the blinkered view of the nhs has little chance of recovery, so people are affected in different ways not just the virus. so Unless you know everything and everyone don't judge me thanks
  4. A lot of the things you mention are accidental and others can be the result of an unbalanced mind so nothing to do with stupidity, Says more about your way of thinking to be honest. I don't think you can handle the fact that most people have a different attitude to you and are willing to get back to some kind of normality. That doesn't make them idiots just realists and either you accept this or avoid them, simples.
  5. As I have already stated the economy must come first now or there will be no nhs or pensions or anything
  6. If so many people are sticking to the rules (and I am not saying they are not ) then why are people on here bleating on about idiots and morons in shops. As I have already said we need to get back to some kind of normal to save the economy. You don't need to call them anything PC just don't go round saying idiot and moron when you obviously don't know them
  7. Why do some on here call people thick stupid ignorant or any other insult they can think of just because they don't behave as they would like them to. People are now trying to get back to some kind of normality and if that means shopping without a two mile exclusion zone around them so be it. When out in the supermarket I see most people acting normally and going about their day without a thought to anyone around them but I don't stand there thinking what idiots or morons I just get on with my shopping. Things have to get back to some kind of normal for the sake of the economy or everyone will
  8. We also use skygo when in caravan and have also got sky mobile phones so we can also watch live sky tv without using up data as its included in data usage
  9. Just booked a cl on 5th July could only get 4 nights due to high demand and no facilities
  10. Brilliant news hope we are not swamped with doomsters on here, it's good news all round
  11. There is no restriction on travel now you can go anywhere in England as long as you come home same day. Although now I think you can stop overnight in someone else's home as long as they are in your bubble
  12. Still doesn't make it right should be one rule for all, if the police cant control them bring in the army
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