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  1. For that sort of mark up I think most people should try
  2. HD not really important on a tv of that size
  3. Leave mine under toilet locker as easier to get to
  4. Charliefarlie your figures are correct. Twice now I have had spot checks and both times they had a cursory look around the car and van at the usual (tyres, mirrors, electrics, breakaway cable) but the main thing was the weight of caravan and of car and train weight. Once that was all ok they waved me off and on to next vehicle
  5. I'll stick with my deisel for the foreseeable thanks
  6. I agree but the ice was a vast improvement on both whereas the electric motor is born out of a supposedly greener future. I say supposedly because of the battery issue and the not so clean generated electricity
  7. Don't think electric motors will ever replace internal combustion engines
  8. All tyres sold in uk have to pass certain safety checks so even budget brands are safe. Only time you need super spec tyres are on a race track
  9. I think seat belts airbags and abs come before tyres as more important safety items
  10. Must say have been driving now for 40 years and have never given tyres a second thought by which I mean when worn out or fail mot I just buy mid range tyres and off I go. I have never come across mot fail by anything other than tread wear and I don't do a lot of milage (5000) so I have either been lucky or you have been unlucky.
  11. I wouldn't bother with a service in a van that old, it's an unnecessary expense I would just enjoy your trip in April and sort any problems as they crop up.
  12. Hi everyone, my name is mark and this is my first post on this forum. Me and the wife have been caravanning for years and I use to post on caravan club forum but it is dying a death so thought I would try this one, so hope to get to know posters on here and join in on many a subject, thanks
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