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  1. I kept my Truma handset and isolator key in the storage bag that containes the hitchlock. Kept under the boot bottom panel with a few other caravan bits. I forgot to take the batteries out at the end of last season and the batteries had started to corrode. Fortunately I was able to salvage the handset. Lesson learnt. Such items are all now kept in caravan specific drawer in the house.
  2. I have the smooth ones. We only use hardstanding pitches and the ground can sometimes be well compacted. One or two of the rock pegs occasionaly get bent but soon straighten out after a few belts with a lump hammer! The ones that came with the awning bent as soon as you hit them and were even useless on grass.
  3. Bought a second box of 20 rock pegs off Amazon. The metal pegs that came with the Ventura Trinus awning were absolutely pony and trap!
  4. We leave the blinds up and draw the curtains. When the van is in use we never close the curtains anyway. I would prefer to keep the blinds in good condition as we use them.
  5. Eversure have a 3* DEFAQTO rating.
  6. I haven't had any dealings with them. They are brokers I think. My insurance is due on the van soon so I checked out reviews for Eversure on Trustpilot. Unfortunately a lot of reviews are given by people who have only purchased insurance and not had to make claims. A company's test of customer satisfaction can only be made when claims are made and dealt with. Having read the reviews I think I'll give them a miss.
  7. Just bought a Smokey Joe Premium off ebay. New for £50 including postage. Fancied cooking on coals. Less than 5kg and only takes up a small space. Good for two but could cook enough for four on. Looking forward to trying it.
  8. We are now into our second year as caravanners. The first major thing we learnt is to check and double check whilst hitching up and setting up. To help with this I would reccommend making up an idiots guide to, Hitching up/arriving/setting up/departing/shutting down the caravan. We go through the lists every time and in the right sequence. Forgetting to do something could be quite costly! Correct distribution of weight is also important. You will find lots of useful information and tips on here and some good video's on youtube. Good luck!
  9. I have made a couple of claims over the years but have never scrimped when it came to taking out a policy. I would rather pay extra with the knowledge that any claim I may have to make will be sorted out as trouble free as possible. My caravan is worth £25k with contents which is a lot of money to jeopardise for the sake of a few pounds. That doesn't mean to say that I would always go with the most expensive, but shop around, check the small print and also check reviews for how claims are dealt with. The old adage, "You get what you pay for" is very true.
  10. I posted a message about Ripe on another thread. I got an online quote from them which was very competative and seemed to cover everything I wanted. I checked the policy documents which you can find on their site. They state that their claims are handled by Davies Group. I searched "Davies Group reviews". Guess what? Nearly all of the reviewers gave them1* and for many that was because 1* was the lowest you could give to post a review. One person did give them 5* for being the worst claim handlers though! Before taking out any Insurance I would always check out who the underwriters and claim handlers are. Ripe? I won't be insuring and I'm out! Trustpilot reviews:- 92% bad 1*
  11. I had a look at the new insurance from Ripe. The quote came out very reasonable and I might have been interested but then I checked the policy documents. Claims are dealt with by Davies Group so I checked their reviews. Eek! The vast majority were one star out of five and one star had only been given because you have to give at least one star to post a review. One person had given them five stars for being the worst claim handlers. So there you go, it allways pays to check the small print!
  12. The Trinus covers the front side window only very slightly and there are plenty of other windows to open. Also has just a single inflation point
  13. We have a Platinum 640. Bought a Ventura Air Trinus. It's part of Isabella so good quality. 4x2.6m. A very good size and easy to put up using a Kampa Gale electric pump. Got a Kampa carpet off Amazon £50 which fits and matches well. Had it for one season and looks very nice.
  14. Used the handpump for our Ventura Trinus 4 x 3.5m awning. Seemed to take an age to inflate and a lot of huffing and puffing. Bought a Kampa Gale off ebay £45. One of the attachments fitted the Ventura. Set it to the required inflation 8psi and after a couple of minutes job done! Brilliant!
  15. Read about TV reception issues in the newspaper this morning concerning Freeview. Atmospheric high pressure conditions, West of England and Midlands. If you have not experienced problems before then it was probably that.
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