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  1. We have just returned from our first trip away in our new Bailey Phoenix Platinum, purchased in March. The brakes are squealing whenever they are applied. I have just emailed the workshop at Chipping Sodbury and await their reply.
  2. Nothing to do with the awning. Would be interested to know where you got the fencing from?
  3. Just insured our new caravan. We are very similar to you. New caravanners and a brand new van (Bailey Phoenix Platinum 640) with the same security devises but no tracker and no NCD. £290 with Caravan Guard. Got the quote online and confirmed over the phone. Very clear information and very helpful. Collecting it next Tuesday!
  4. This is our first venture into caravans and spent a lot of time looking at the layouts of various models. We decided to go for the Bailey Phoenix Platinum 640. We liked the end bed layout and as I get up early it seemed ideal for not disturbing the better half too much! We also like the central bathroom as it's great if the kids/grandkids stop over. Another major factor in choosing the 640 was that the shower cubicle is seperate. We didn't like the idea of a one piece shower/sink/toilet. As previously mentioned, with the internal doors open you still get the feeling of spaciousness. Some models with the same or similar layout seem to have compromised on the living area space with a smaller sitting area. The 640 has nice long sofas and being 6'1" I can stretch out on them. Overall this seemed to be the best layout for us but we were also influenced by the MTPLM. We are looking forward to picking it up in a couple of weeks time!
  5. Just getting some quotes for a new caravan. £480 from Towergate and £292 from Caravanguard. Still looking...
  6. Glad to hear that you like the van. Your first impressions are very helpful. Also that the dealer was very thorough during the handover. They will need to be as we won't have a clue when we pick ours up, being our first van. Camera and video at the ready! Still a few weeks before our 640 arrives but looking forward to it.
  7. Hi. We have a Trinus on order. Where did you gat the awning pads from? How much were they? Sorry, we are newbies!
  8. Thanks for that. We are expecting ours March/April and will be doing the same as you before bringing it back here. I would appreciate you letting us know how you get on with the caravan. We did the research online and chose it for a number of reasons but mainly because of the spec, price, layout and weight (1400kg towing limit). Tony (ex-job)
  9. My wife and I are looking forward to collecting our first caravan, a Bailey Platinum 640 from Chipping Sodbury. We are looking for a TV that will fit on the worktop on top of the fridge and also on the shelf in the bedroom. Anyone any idea what size TV will fit? We live in Lincolnshire so it's too far to take a look ourselves. Thanks!
  10. Very helpful. Thanks for the replies!
  11. My wife and I are awaiting the arrival of our first caravan (Bailey Phoenix) in March. I was thinking about protection for the caravan and was looking at front towing covers. I have been advised that they are not suitable because they may cause damage to the large high centre window on the front of the caravan. Does anyone use one? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  12. Paid a deposit on a Platinum 640 at Chipping Sodbury Caravans a couple of weeks ago. Their website has a list of all of the differences between their Platinum and the Phoenix 640. We also got the starter pack, motor mover and an awning. We were very pleased with the deal we got and the staff were very helpful.
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