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  1. I erected as instructed. I used the tensioner as I was told to use one. It seems that the aluminum sides on the Buccaneers are way too soft and awning poles can cause damage. Dealer is coming to view end of the week. I was following advice from my dealer to use a tensioner.
  2. I know there is some old threads and posts in here about this but wondering what people's advice is. Caravan (Buccaneer Aruba) is just over six months old and Isabella Ambassador Dawn is about two months old. We are on a seasonal pitch and travelled down to Hampshire for a couple of weeks so took down the Isabella for the first time. After erecting the awning following the instructions and YouTube videos to the letter, the roof poles have all left dents in the side panel on the Aruba. We used an Isabella roof pole tensioner (as recommended) so in summary. We bought what we were told was the best awning. We erected it as instructed and it's damaged our new caravan. I'm angry. I'm gutted. And I don't know what to do for the best. Can anyone help me please? Many thanks in advance Michael.
  3. A great result today. Paul you are a star. I can highly recommend Tourershine. A pleasure doing business with. The Aruba looks better than the day we picked it up.
  4. Got this booked for our Aruba on the 4th!!! Looking forward to it. #ocd
  5. We got 20% off at the Lawns show in September. And a list of manufacturer problems as long as your arm at delivery time. But we love our Aruba!!
  6. Great move. We are loving our new Aruba. A few on going issues. Still working through the list with Catterick Caravans. Another week or two to see how well they deal with it and I’ll be back on here with a full review and insight.
  7. I think so. We were trying all of the various positions. Might need to test again. I’m sure it’s user error.
  8. A good map, a good sat nav and a calm and determined attitude!!! Good advice so far. ..Wine, must have wine.
  9. Cheers GB. I’m surprised we stayed as calm as we did to be honest. We are planning our next trip right now. Couple of weeks time. I’m already keeping an eye on the forecast!!!
  10. Yes sorry. It’s Leisure World/Catterick Caravan. They have been very good so far. Let’s see if the sort the one or two snags out.
  11. Sorry. Yes the Range Rover internal system and Waze.
  12. Hope. No pizza or tea. They have been very good to deal with though. So I’ll let them off! Cheers. We already love it. Can’t wait for the next trip. With a map. Lol. Thanks Graeme. Cheers. Winter tyres are definitely on the list!!!! Agreed. I think I said to Mrs CD at the time that this was character building. ..or was it that is was a right royal ****ing mess? Ha. Alls good that ends well.
  13. Sat Nav in the car. I want ant one of the specific caravan ones and I have read mixed reviews for both the TT and Garmin units. How does yours perform? Ever got you into a difficult situation or totally reliable?
  14. I was having trouble running the water from the internal tank without the water thing plugged in on the outside. What was I doing wrong? If if you don’t plug in the aqua roll but the internal tank is full is that not workable? Seems strange.
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