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  1. That update could have reset the movement sensor sensitivity to "High" - in which case it goes off if a fly farts in the next field. Just a thought.
  2. Further on the G2 shutdown topic, I came across this article: https://www.real-wireless.com/the-potential-impact-of-switching-off-2g-in-the-uk/ That states that there are (currently) only three G2 networks in operation, so if two are closed in 2025, the impact is all the greater. The article also notes that G3 will be shut down before G2, so there is no help to be had there.
  3. Time to revise the old saying? "He's never been in an accident, but he's would have seen lots behind him - if he had bothered to fit towing mirrors." They might not tow or need an off-roader, but they buy big tugs because it's part of the lifestyle they aspire to, "My Dear! Of course we must have the full towing package. How else would we get the polo ponies to Hurlingham?
  4. Thanks for that. The emailed link started off with https://creatorapp.zohopublic.com/dave (I haven't included any more since it must contain personal identifiers) If Swift - or Sargent - send me a link I expect it to point to either a Swift or Sargent domain. If it points to something quite different it looks like a phishing expedition. On 2G shutdown I found this: "Vodafone and EE have announced they will be shutting their 2G networks in 2025." That leaves 3 and O2 and they will probably have the same commercial interests which caused Vodafone & EE to announce closure. Since many campsites & storage facilities are in areas with poor coverage, the loss of 50% of the current networks will have a significant impact.
  5. I got an email today which purports to come from Sargent Support Team which says the data service on my 3 year old caravan has expired. It offered me a link to click on in order to renew, change or cancel my account. When I hovered to cursor over that link it looks about as dodgy as any link could be - there is zero chance of me using it. So I went to the Swift Command website to find some other way to look into renewing (I want the data service but not the tracking). I can't find anything. My question is: Why is a company which works in the security field offering such a dodgy-looking link as the route to renew a contract? P.S. In searching around, I came across this under "Help & Info" on the Swift Command Website. "The Swift Command system uses the 2G mobile network and as such is dependent on this network being available in the vehicles location for the system to operate." 2G?? The networks are in the process of shutting down their 2G service.
  6. They might say that, but I don't believe it. I can't quite get my head around the idea of an insurance company taking their eye off of the ball so badly that they, absent-mindedly, gave massive discounts to customers. They were demanding a 100% increase in premium from me without the slightest change in circumstances or risk. The only conclusion I can reach is that, for some reason, I was no longer the type of customer they wanted to keep although I can't think of any explanation for that.
  7. pepys1660

    Gas Levels

    Exactly. Except........ If you look at the aluminium collar it has TWO sets of numbers on it. One in the form "12 34" and another in the form "12/34" There are no units shown, no clues given. All you have to do is guess which one is the Tare weight (in pounds & ounces) - and which one... isn't. Calor say that the Tare weight of a 6 kg propane bottle (for example) will be somewhere in the range of 7.3 to 10.9 kg, so you might get lucky if one set of numbers, when converted into kg, gives an obviously silly answer. So, guess which one is the real number, then do a conversion from lb & oz to kg. Why can't everything in life be this simple?
  8. Yes. Same van as last year, same people. No claims. No change in any circumstances. Renewal quote was a small fraction more than DOUBLE last years premium. No explanation from ClubCare. Readers will be shocked to learn we are no longer insured with ClubCare.
  9. Do you have (or are you prepared to get) a suitable tow-car? If so, buying a caravan is the cheaper option (for buying, maintaining, insuring and depreciation). On average, a caravan offers more comfortable living space than a motorhome. Also, that tow-car is available for all your usual journeys - motorhomes are not ideal for a trip to the supermarket etc. That said, if you aim is to stay a night or two & then move on to new places, you may be better off in a motorhome
  10. Just to clarify that. This has been imposed in Paris only - not France.
  11. We can hope that whoever now becomes CMO is just as (or even more) competent in that role. Her resignation may give people a sense of virtue having triumphed, but if it puts an incompetent into the job, then who benefits?
  12. I am shocked at the hordes of people who attended the virtual Grand National. Don't these virtual people realise how many computer-generated individuals they are putting at risk? I too am IN TOTAL DISBELIEF (since it just wouldn't be the same in lower case).
  13. Nope. Not falling for this one. You're much too late for April Fools Day.
  14. I don't understand trolls. Do they wake one morning and decide they can't get enough scorn, contempt and derision in real life, so they go on line in order to seek some more humiliation?
  15. What an excellent opportunity to quote H. L Mencken. " For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong."
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