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  1. Agreed. Many will moan and bluster but few would go as far as taking legal action - unless the whole thing blows up into a nose to nose row. It's probably in your interest to smile and be polite, even if he isn't. How about the other neighbours? Are they OK with the van, or just keeping quiet to avoid causing an upset?
  2. My car came with a space saver, so it's perfectly OK to drive on the space saver- provided that you comply with the stated limitations. One of those limitations says "Do not tow". Would I get away with it if I ignored that & towed with a space saver? Maybe, Quite likely. Dirty Harry said it all. 'You've got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky?
  3. What do you call a 'connector' which has, within its body, both male and female fittings? "In the trade" we started calling these "Plockets" - since they were neither one nor t'other, but both at the same time.
  4. Wattage/Current calculations have been done to death here, so I won't go through that again. In the real world of caravanning, I find the biggest variable in trying to manage the current I draw from (say) a 16 Amp supply is the water heater. If the hot water is up to temperature, the water heater isn't drawing any current at all. However I only have to run the tap - to do some washing up say - and the water heater starts to draw 2 kW or 8 Amps - which is a big slice of the available 16 Amp. Using the kettle, microwave or some other equipment involves me throwing the switch, so I know that I'm drawing current. The water heater does its own thing and doesn't tell me when it's on or off. P.S. The battery charger also draws an amount of current which varies all the time.
  5. SWMBO keeps a large padded envelope & puts the microwave plate in that when in transit. We also have some grey foam pipe lagging off-cuts which are put onto the edge of the oven shelves, to stop them rattling around. Our version of your clock is that one of the cooker control knobs falls off quite regularly. That means a hunt for the knob and the tiny spring clip that (is supposed to) hold it in place.
  6. Alternatively, instead of giving a link like https://www.amazon.co.uk/Massager-Shoulder-Electric-Shiatsu-Massage/dp/B00A215QZQ (the example given above). You could just suggest they go to the Amazon website and stick B00A215QZQ into the search box at the top of the Amazon page. That way no-one will have any worries about what might happen if they click on some 'strange' link. For Ebay you can do the same with the Item Number e.g. 382981672781
  7. Yep. For winter use. Blue bottle - bad! Red Bottle - good!
  8. "Yunhigh-uk Engine Heater 1500W 220V-240V, Preheater the Engine Coolant, Warm Up the Car Interior, Fast Heating in Winter for Truck, Tractor, Camper, Caravan, Motor home" Strange. I've never had a problem with the engine coolant in my caravan.
  9. Looking at the sort of distances you're talking about, the advice from this (mainly) UK based forum would be Move to a smaller country. (Even Perth to Brisbane is only 4,300km) Seriously, my experience isn't too far from what others have said - consumption about 50% more than non-towing consumption - but as you get to (& above) 60mph the car's thirst will increase noticeably.
  10. As ValA said, it's pretty easy to take the train & then bus to (just short of) the top of Vesuvius. The Circumvesuviana train is a really handy way to get to Herculaneum, Pompeii & Vesuvius. Pompeii can get really crowded. We 'happened' to go there on (IIRC) the first Sunday in the month when entry is free - but it was so crowded that they wouldn't let us in until enough of the morning visitors had left - nearly 2 hours hanging around outside on a boiling hot day with no shade (and this in early May). As others have said, we liked Herculaneum rather better than Pompeii. We stayed in Sorrento a really pretty place which we liked much more than Naples. Amalfi is a nice place to visit, but the coastal road to it scared the pants off of me - despite being on a bus.
  11. When the heater in our elderly caravan stopped working, we just bought a cheap fan heater & used that.
  12. Correct. You can also half-unzip the two front panels down to waist height like on that Trio awning shown up there <points vaguely to an earlier post by Jaydug>
  13. A couple of years before your timescale, a friend had the car you mentioned - Hillman Avenger. You could stand there and watch it rust.
  14. There'll be someone from Newcastle along in a minute, asking to borrow some suntan lotion.
  15. I think you're failing to see the big picture here. Integrate the tug and living compartment into a single coherent structure. (What should we call it??? Let's think of something which links a motor with a homelike environment...) Motor...home? Nah!
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